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“African Connection”

S3 E6

Production 47432
Original Airdate: 29 October 1977
Jaime helps Harry fix The Princess.
Produced by
Arthur Rowe
Written by
William Schwartz
Directed by
Alan J. Levi
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Dan O'Herlihy as Harry Walker
Don Pedro Colley as Duma
Joan Pringle as Leona Mumbassa
Special Guest Star(s)
Raymond St. Jacques as Azzar
Kipp Whitman as Serrano
Marc Alaimo as Hopper
Charles Walker II as Rasan
Roger Til as Robaire
Renny Temple as Englishman
Ron Trice as Meko
Bob Minor as Major
Broadcast Order
Season 3
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"Rodeo" "Motorcycle Boogie"

In order to prevent a ruthless African dictator from remaining in power, Jaime must secretly switch a rigged computer element with one that will give fair results in an upcoming election.


Memorable Quotes[]

Harry: Nothing you can say or do is gonna get me off my butt, through that door, and out to my boat.
Jaime: Five thousand dollars.
Harry: You've got a deal.

Harry: Arrangements have a way of getting screwed up in this part of the world, cookie.

Harry: How about that? Well first a hangover saved my life and now a shot of booze gives me the strength of a bull elephant. My life must be changing.

Harry: Don't like to admit you're wrong, do you?
Jaime: Nope, it's been a problem since childhood.

Azzar: For my friends I offer food and shelter. My enemies are not deserving of my kindness. Now which are you?

Leona: Jaime, I want to thank you for all you have done, but... we will take it from here.
Jaime: Well... I really think I can do it better myself.
Leona: Why? Because you are white?
Jaime: No—
Leona: Blacks are tired of depending on whites to solve our problems! We have been betrayed too many times. We don't need outside help anymore.
Jaime: Leona, I'm not saying it because I'm white. I'm saying it because I have special qualifications.

Jaime: If it's all right with you, I will change my clothes and go back to work.
Leona: Yes, of course.
Jaime: (looks down at her dress in chagrin) Too bad. I was almost starting to feel feminine again.


  • Jaime's fear of snakes crops its head again (following "Angel of Mercy", "Doomsday Is Tomorrow" and others).
  • Unusually for Jaime, when faced with a firing squad, she tells Harry that she may be able to get out alive, but she would have to leave him to be shot.