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This timeline lays out the succession of Bionic movies and episodes in the sequence in which they originally aired. In contrast to the Chronology, which is a timeline of the fictional universe, this shows the rollout schedule of the shows and movies.

Any inquiry seeking an overview of the air schedule should find this useful, such as an examination of how the two shows played off of one another.


Indented entries indicate an episode of The Bionic Woman.

Bold entries indicate a new or changed time slot.

1973 - 1973 TV Movies[]

The first movie aired as ABC's Wednesday Movie of the Week at 8:30 P.M. In the Fall, the second and third movies would air as "Suspense Movies" Saturday nights at 8:30 P.M., a slot where the first movie was already rotating.

Spring 1974 – The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 1[]

The weekly series would debut Friday nights, and stay there for just over a year. Its initial time slot, at 8:30 P.M., would be moved in the Fall.

Fall 1974 – SMDM - Season 2[]

For The Seven Million Dollar Man, the show was moved 30 minutes later to 9 P.M., causing much consternation.

Spring 1975[]

For The Last Kamikaze the show would move to Sunday nights at 7:30 P.M.

Fall 1975 – SMDM - Season 3[]

The Return of the Bionic Woman would usher in a new timeslot for the show, moving a half-hour to 8 P.M. on Sundays. The show would remain in this slot until 1978.

Spring 1976 – The Bionic Woman: Season 1[]

The Bionic Woman debuted on ABC at 8:30 Wednesday night, where it would remain for its time on the network.
The new show's episodes are denoted here with an indent.

Fall 1976 – SMDM - Season 4 / TBW - Season 2[]


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Spring 1977[]

Fall 1977 –SMDM - Season 5 / TBW - Season 3[]

The Bionic Woman makes its big switch to NBC this Season, and with it comes a move to Saturday at 8 P.M.

  • September 11 - Sharks Season 5 premiere

Spring 1978[]

For the first time since 1975, The Six Million Dollar Man would leave Sunday nights, moving to Mondays at 7PM for The Lost Island.


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The first Reunion Telefilm aired on NBC, Sunday at 9PM.


The second Reunion Telefilm also aired on NBC, Sunday at 9PM.


The final Reunion Telefilm aired on CBS, Saturday at 9PM.