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Alexi Koslov
Played by David McCallum
Occupation Rocket Engineer, Soviet Agent
SMDM Wine, Women and War

Alexi Koslov (Russian: Алексей Каслов, Aleksey Kaslov) is a Rocket Engineer, who befriended Steve Austin when the Soviet government invited the crew of Apollo 19 to Moscow.

Later, Koslov is sent to the Bahamas, where arms dealer Arlen Findletter claims to offer both Russian and American missiles for sale. Koslov and Katrina Volana are tasked with determining if Findletter possesses the missiles, and if so to do something about the threat.

When Steve Austin arrives in Paradise Cay, Koslov knows something is afoot, but cannot believe Steve has been duped by his own government, leading to an unfortunate conversation.

Koslov leaves Steve captive with Katrina while he meets with Findletter. He learns that Soviet missiles are in the possession of the arms dealer, as are American Polaris missiles.

After Austin escapes, Katrina and Alexi are abducted by Findletter, who accuses them of colluding with Austin. They are taken to Findletter's remote hideout, and when Austin arrives, Koslov is killed while trying to escape. He would not go unavenged, however, as Steve would ensure that neither Findletter nor his cache of arms would ever threaten the world again.