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Aliases are false names used to conceal a person's identity. Given the clandestine nature of the OSI's work, both OSI staff as well as its field agents have occasion to use aliases.

Steve Austin[]

A List of Steve Austin's aliases.
Alias Episode

Bob Towers

Clark Templeton O'Flaherty

Max Stoffer

The Blue Flash

Steve Andrews


Steve Aimry

The Bionic Badge

Steve Brett

Fires of Hell

Steve Miller

The Infiltrators

Steve Parker

Target in the Sky

Steve Walters

Return of Deathprobe

Vaughn Austin

The Golden Pharaoh

Dr. Berman

The Privacy of the Mind

Dr. Mark Porter

H+2+O = Death

Phil Taylor


Mr. Starks

The Madonna Caper

Jaime Sommers[]

The aliases of Jaime Sommers

Miss Winters Fly Jaime

Jaime Windsor Assault on the Princess

Jessie 'Savage' Sommers In This Corner, Jaime Sommers

Jodi Lee Sommers Road to Nashville

Dr. Marguerite Perry Doomsday Is Tomorrow

Blondie Malone Rancho Outcast

Oscar Goldman[]

A list of Oscar Goldman's aliases

Oscar Bartholomew Winning Is Everything