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April armitage

April Armitage and her partner.

Played by Marcia Lewis[]

"Amazon" April Armitage is a lady wrestler at the Olympic Sports Auditorium. Her wrestling partner is often Esther Chambers, a.k.a., "The Mysterious Spider Lady", but during a championship bout title, her teammate was changed to "Battling" Betty Madison.


When questioned how she got into wrestling, April says did not have time to attend Nursing school like she wanted. She got a job nights and earned a license as a physiotherapist. April has dreams of owning her own health club and "helping those nice, rich ladies get into shape". April helps Jaime stop the plans of Mel Bigelow and as a reward, Oscar gives her the money she needs to make her health club dream a reality.


Armitage: (Joking about how she got into wrestling) Well, I wanted to be a model, for Vogue. But they kept sending my pictures back, so I thought this was the next best thing.


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