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Location of Bagaria in Eastern Europe (speculative)

Bagaria is a fictional nation with politics that place it in opposition to the United States during the Cold War.

Orin Thatcher went into hiding at the Bagarian Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal. His plan was to meet Prof. Kosoyin who is, like Thatcher, working on a defense against biological attack. Kosoyin is a Bagarian and Thatcher agrees to meet Kosoyin in a neutral location such as the Bagarian Embassy in Portugal.


Cold War Europe

Bagaria is presumably a member of the Eastern Bloc nations. Bagaria would be opposed to the United States and NATO in the Cold War. (Lost Love).

Known Bagarians[]

  • Andrei Markos - chargé d'affaires of the Embassy.
    Markos - Bagaria


  • Professor Kosoyin - Orin Thatcher's rival and later colleague in developing the defense against biological attacks.
  • Emil - Assistant to Markos

Details About Bagaria[]

When Steve Austin and Barbara Thatcher arrive at the Bagarian Embassy, there are two flags hanging over the entrance that are very visible as the limosine pulls up. The flag on the left should be the Portuguese flag; the colors and patterns seem to match. The flag on the right is unknown. It has three colors: orange, dark blue, and olive drab. Presumably this is meant to be the Bagarian flag.


Bagarian Flag on right