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Calvin Billings
Calvin Billings
Played by Quinn Redeker
Occupation CAPCOM, Johnson Space Center
SMDM The Rescue of Athena One (as Capcom)
Burning Bright

As Capcom in The Rescue of Athena One[]



Calvin Billings was CAPCOM (Capsule Communicator, the liason between the Astronauts and Flight Control) at the Johnson Space Center during "The Rescue of Athena One", for both the initial launch of Astronauts Woods and Osterman, as well as the subsequent launch of Colonel Austin and Flight Surgeon Wolf.

Burning Bright[]

Shortly thereafter, Billings is responsible for making a judgement on Astronaut Josh Lang, and consults with Steve Austin on Lang's condition.


Although credited as Calvin Billings in "Burning Bright", and as "Capcom" (sic - more properly CAPCOM) in "The Rescue of Athena One", "Capcom" redirects here, as Billings is clearly meant to be the character from 3 episodes before.

Given that he’s a Capcom, it can perhaps be inferred that he’s one of Austin’s fellow astronauts.