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Carl Franklin
Played by Michael Burns
Family Dr. Franklin, father
BW Fembots in Las Vegas
Fembots in Las Vegas (Part II)

Carl Franklin is the brilliant but vengeful son of Dr. Franklin.


After his father's arrest during the aftermath of the first fembot crisis, Carl came to visit his father in prison every month and they spent as much time together as regulations would allow. He learned everything he could from his father but as time went on the senior Dr. Franklin started becoming ill as Carl’s visits suddenly stopped. Before he had the chance to stand trial for his crimes, Dr. Franklin succumbed to his illnesses and died in prison.

Major Spoiler[]

Not recommended for readers that have not seen “Fembots in Las Vegas (Part II)”:

Carl Franklin died while a child. Dr. Franklin at some later date Reincarnated his son as a robot complete with emotions and a soul.