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Carlos Delgado
Played by Michael Salcido
Occupation dropout student, juvenile delinquent, gambler, aspiring jet pilot
Family Margarita Delgado (sister)

Chico Delgado (brother)

SMDM Big Brother

Carlos Delgado is a 16-year-old young man who met Steve Austin through the Big Brothers organization.  Carlos lived in an impovershed neighborhood, presumably in Washington D.C., with his older sister, Margarita, and his younger brother, Chico.  Carlos' parents moved to the United States from Puerto Rico.  Although no mention is made of his mother, Steve notes that his father had died.


According to his criminal record, Carlos hot-wired his first car at age 12.  His other offenses included shoplifting. Carlos was serving detention at the Hastings Juvenile Home for attempted robbery of a grocery store.  This is when he met Austin and entered into the Big Brother program.

Carlos' series of thefts are due to his addiction to gambling.  At the time he met Steve Austin, Carlos owed $1,300 to another gambler in his neighborhood known as Smiley.  In order to settle his debt with Smiley, Carlos agreed to steal a shipment of drugs from a warehouse.  Steve's intervention prevents Carlos from carrying through with the crime.

Carlos has dreams of becoming a jet pilot.  Steve took Carlos up for a flight in a jet fighter and allowed him to pilot the jet.  This moment was a turning point for Carlos.  Steve encouraged Carlos to finish school and enter the Air Force.  Later, Carlos began taking pilot lessons.