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Carlton Harris
Played by Dennis Patrick
Occupation CEO, owner of multinational corporation and government contractor
Family Donald Harris, son
SMDM The Return of the Bionic Woman (Part II);
Welcome Home, Jaime
BW Welcome Home, Jaime (Part II)

Carlton Harris is an American National who owns a conglomerate of businesses, including an oil refinery on the free island of Melanique in the Caribbean. He is involved in several illegitimate business ventures, including arming a group of militants in return for oil holdings.

According to Oscar Goldman, Harris is a "bad guy" but the government and OSI have had difficulty bringing Harris to justice.  Three OSI agents were killed trying to infiltrate Harris' organization in order to obtain proof that Harris is involved in illegitimate dealings, including the sale of government secrets.  Harris is shrewd enough to cover his illegitimate business dealing with his legitimate business dealings. Harris further insured his protection from the authorities by winning various government contracts.

Harris is quite dashing, and considers himself a "lady killer". His son is Donald Harris.

Harris first encounters Jaime Sommers during her first aborted mission for the OSI following her resurrection and subsequently learns her bionic nature, resulting in a second encounter with the Bionic Woman.

Harris attempted to kindnap Jaime and sell her bionic technology to his foreign buyers.  The intervention of Harris' son allowed Jaime to capture Harris.  Jaime's investigation and infiltration of Harris' organization produced evidence that led to Harris' indictment for murder.


Harris (explaining the secret of success to Jaime Sommers): Always know who your competition is, or your enemies are, and then, uh, stay one step ahead of them.