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“Carnival of Spies”

S4 E18

Production 45101
Original Airdate: February 13, 1977
SMDM 418 Carnival Steve Mirror
Steve in the carival mirror.
Produced by
Allan Balter
Teleplay by
Robert E. Dennis
Directed by
Richard Moder
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Lloyd Bochner as Ulrich Rau
Michael Strong as Herman Lower
Gloria Manon as Madame Shara
Cheryl Miller as Kim
Wes Parker as Walden
Ed Faulkner as Wessler
H M Wynant as General
Dave Shelley as Barker
Bob Minor as Hercules
Peter Weiss as Schmidt
Broadcast Order
Season 4
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"The Infiltrators" "U-509"


Professor Ulrich Rau, an East German scientist credited with designing their ground-to-air weapon system, fakes a heart attack and slips away from a high level scientific conference, just a few days before the test flight of the United States' new B-1 bomber. Surprisingly, Rau heads for a traveling carnival that has set up operation within a few miles of the bomber's testing site. Mystified by Rau's choice of entertainment, Steve attempts to cut through a tight web of security presented by the close-knit carnival people in order to learn Rau's mission. He finds that the carnival is a disguised ground-to-air missile site.


Real World[]

  • In December of 1976, a member of the show’s crew was prepping for filming “Carnival of Spies” at the Pike amusement park (now long gone) in Long Beach, California. While moving around what was thought to be a mannequin made of wax hanging in the “Laff in the Park” funhouse, one of the dummy's arms fell off. The fallen limb revealed bones that lead to an investigation and autopsy of the “body”. With the help of (in)famous “coroner to the stars” Thomas Noguchi, the corpse was discovered to be that of Elmer McCurdy, a hapless bank robber of the early 1900s. After being shot to death in 1911, he had a rather busy afterlife. For over 60 years, Elmer McCurdy went on display at haunted houses, wax museums and amusement parks, earning more money dead than when he was alive. He was finally laid to rest in Guthrie, Oklahoma, next to a more successful and more famous outlaw, Bill Doolin. McCurdy was buried on April 22, 1977, just one day before Lee Majors’s 38th birthday.


  • The gold Ford used to shuttle Rau to the carnival site is also used by US Agent Marteen in "Vulture of the Andes." It is distinctive because of the large dent in the driver's side rear door.