The Charlton logo in use at the time the two bionic comics were published (it didn't appear on the magazine, however)

Charlton Comics or, more formally, Charlton Comics Group, was a low-budgeted, independent producer of comic books and magazines in the United States starting in 1946. Once a major player in the comic book industry, Charlton was waning by the 1970s, and kept afloat in part by publishing a series of comic books based upon licensed TV and film properties, such as Space: 1999, Emergency! and various Hanna-Barbera cartoon series. Charlton also published two short-lived comic books based upon The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. In addition, Charlton published a black-and-white illustrated magazine (similar in format to publications such as Warren's Vampirella) aimed at older readers based upon The Six Million Dollar Man. These publications included artwork by a number of noted comic book artists, including Neal Adams and John Byrne.

Charlton folded in 1986 although a number of characters created for the company, such as the superheroes The Question, Captain Atom and Blue Beetle, were later revived by DC Comics. As for the bionic duo, there was an aborted attempt in the mid-1990s to return them to comics (see Bionix), after which Dynamite Comics began publishing a few series of comic books based on the characters starting with The Bionic Man in 2012.

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