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Cheryl Osborne
Ina Balin
Played by Ina Balin
Occupation Scientist
Family Carl Osborne, father
SMDM The Most Dangerous Enemy

Cheryl Osborne is a scientist developing a chemical method to increase intelligence. She was working for the OSI on an isolated facility on Dove Island. Her research was limited to testing on animals.

Dr. Osborne had limited success with a serum named Psycactin-3. Although the serum did increase intelligence and strength, negative side effects included paranoia, dehydration, photophobia, and death.

Dr. Osborne's father, Carl Osborne, was also a scientist but he sold his research to "the other side," presumably the Soviet Union. Dr. Osborne was ashamed of her father's crimes and preferred to work in isolation to avoid judgment from others.

Dr. Osborne's companion is a chimpanzee named Billy. She found Billy in Tanzania.

After leaving Dove Island, Cheryl Osborne was equipped with an OSI lab in the United States and continues her research.