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Chester Dolenz
Played by Henry Jones
Occupation Scientist/Inventor
SMDM Day of the Robot
Run, Steve, Run
Return of the Robot Maker

Dr. Chester Dolenz, a.k.a. Jeffrey Dolenz, is the creator of humanoid robots that are designed to replace living people in order to steal government secrets. His doppelgängers are twice successful, first impersonating Fred Sloan, the inventor of an anti-missile defense system, and then OSI director himself, Oscar Goldman. But ultimately these robots meet their demise at the hands of Steve Austin, and Dolenz is imprisoned.

Day of the Robot[]

In an effort to steal an Anti-missile missile defense system, Gavern Wilson employs Dolenz to make a robot duplicate of its developer, Major Frederick Sloan. Fred is also an old Air Force buddy of Steve Austin. It's a relationship that proves detrimental to Dolenz as Steve becomes suspicious of the robot. When the deception is revealed, Steve must prevent the theft and battle the robot to the death. After the dust settles, Wilson is captured, Sloan is recovered, but Dolenz escapes.

Run, Steve, Run[]

Several months later, Dolenz emerges with a new employer, Mr. Rossi, and a new plan: build a team of robots to rob Fort Knox. But this time Dolenz wants to make bionic robots. As a means to this end, he and Rossi first monitor and then capture Steve Austin - intending to disassemble him. But Steve breaks free and subdues Rossi and his men. Dolenz, however, eludes capture once again and disappears.

Return of the Robot Maker[]

Dolenz returns once more, this time serving no master but himself. His latest scheme is twofold: steal a top secret energy source; the Brahmin Project, and destroy Steve Austin. His plan is set into motion with the creation of a robot doppelgänger of Oscar Goldman. The robot will steal the Brahmin files while setting a deathtrap for Steve. But Steve survives and the stage is set for another Cyborg vs. Robot battle. When the Oscar robot is defeated, Dolenz is finally taken into custody.


In his first appearance, the character is referred to simply as Dr. Dolenz. In his second appearance he introduces himself as Jeffrey Dolenz. In his third and final appearance he introduces himself as Chester Dolenz. No explanation for the change is given. The Bionic Wiki recognizes the retcon and refers to Dolenz as Chester in all articles.