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The Bionic Chronology – A Timeline of The Bionic World



Cosmological events before The Bionic Chronology


The Milky Way Galaxy (image from The Pyramid)

The Milky Way Galaxy – Image from The Pyramid

The Moon and the Desert - The sun

The Sun – Image from The Moon and the Desert

Kill Oscar (Part II) - Planet Earth

Planet Earth – Image from Kill Oscar (Part II)

The Moon - From Dark Side of the Moon

The Moon – Image from Dark Side of the Moon


Extraterrestrial life in The Bionic Universe


  • 2.5 million years agoMinonee's civilization must depart from the Andromeda Galaxy before then to reach Earth in "Straight On 'Til Morning" (assuming travelling at near to the speed of light, expansion of universe not taken into account).
  • Andromedans have different individual special abilities. However, because of their inherent radioactivity, their touch harms Earth people, and vice-versa ("Straight On 'Til Morning").
  • 700,000 years ago – A living meteorite – a basic life form which infects ultrasonically – lands then, to be buried under the permafrost ("The Vega Influence").
  • Earth people will try to mine on asteroids in "Dark Side of the Moon".
  • 200,000 - 45,000 years ago – Modern humans evolve in Africa. They migrate to Eurasia, through Bering Strait to North America, and then to South America – to be explored in "The Bionic Boy".

Straight On 'Til Morning - The Andromedans

Straight On 'Til Morning – The Andromedans

The Vega Influence - The Living Meteorite

The Vega Influence - The living meterorite

The Lost Island - Zanans

The Lost Island – Zanans trapped on Earth

Sanctuary Earth - Cloned Uloan soldiers

Sanctuary Earth – Cloned Ulonan soldiers

  • Around 8000 BC - 1000 BC – The peaceful Zanans have no weapon on their planet since then. The location of planet Zana is unknown.
  • A group of Zanans will be trapped on an island, and have no immune defense against microorganisms causing diseases on Earth. They will protect themselves with a force field in "The Lost Island".
  • 6000 BCKy's people land on Earth and teach humans to construct Illizi Cave Drawings (since 6000 BC), Hieroglyph (since 3400 BC), and Mayan Jaguar Gods (dates uncertain, "The Pyramid").
  • Ky's people are most likely coming from another galaxy in the Virgo Supercluster.
  • Around 3022 BC – Ky's people depart from Earth, leaving Ky behind as a sentinel.

The Pyramid - Relics2

The Pyramid – Ky's people teach Earth people to construct cave drawings, hieroglyph, and Mayan Jaguar Gods

The Pyramid - Relic

The Pyramid – Ky himself teaches Earth people to construct Nazca Lines and Stonehenge

  • 3022 BC - 1500 AD – Ky himself teaches Earth people to construct the Stonehenge (3100 BC - 2000 BC), Nazca Lines (400 AD - 650 AD), and Easter Island Statues (1250 AD - 1500 AD).
  • Jaime Sommers will help Ky to warn his people not to reach Earth to prevent explosion of their spacecraft. Otherwise, Earth people will face imminent destruction.
  • Planets Zhorla and Ulo are on the other side as the Solar System, in the Milky Way Galaxy ("Sanctuary Earth").
  • The Zhorlans and Ulonans are enemies at times. Uloans clone soldiers, who communicate by mind-reading.
  • Pon is a planet of legal sanctuary, on the same side as the Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • In the laws of Zhorla and Ulo, Earth is not a legal sanctuary. Jaime Sommers will protect a Zhorlan Princess on Earth temporarily despite such.

The Secret of Bigfoot - First formal encounter with the aliens

The Secret of Bigfoot (Part II) – Shalon's group of alien scientists meet Steve Austin

  • Shalon's group of alien scientists will set up a colony within the San Andreas mountain region to research on Earth. They will build an electronic robot Bigfoot to protect themselves ("The Secret of Bigfoot").


The Bionic Chronology – 15th Century and Before


The Bionic Boy - A relic of the Red Clay Indians

The Bionic Boy – Relic of the Red Clay Indians found

  • The Red Clay tribe of indigenous Indians, being the missing link between Indians in the North and South Americas, is postulated to exist. These Indians are the first rulers of the southwest. Their burial ground, supposed to be in the mountains around Kanab, Utah, is yet to be found ("The Bionic Boy").
  • Ojai the valley – The valley is inhabited by Chumash Indians.


16th and 17th Centuries


The Ghosthunter - Rebecca Putnam

The Ghosthunter – Rebecca Putnam

  • Ojai the valley – The Chumash Indians call the valley Ojai, which derives from the Chumash word awhaý meaning Moon.



18th Century



The Secret of Bigfoot – Alien scientists


  • A group of alien scientists set up a colony within the San Andreas mountain region. They use a Time Line Converter to alter their own individual progression through time (two years), relative to their surroundings (250 years) ("The Secret of Bigfoot").
  • The legend of Bigfoot begins.


Indian Legends



The Night Demon – the Masau'u

To Catch the Eagle - The Eagle's Touch

To Catch the Eagle – The Eagle's Touch

To Catch the Eagle - Silver Cloud

To Catch the Eagle – Silver Cloud

  • On Cougar – In Payute, Taneha means golden demon. Cougars are evil spirits. They make themselves invisible and that's how they destroy their enemies ("Taneha").
  • On Good and Evil – First, man created the universe. The ideal state is that all parts has its power for good and evil, maintained in balance. This balance may be upset intentionally by ghosts, witches, and people who do evil, or unintentionally by persons who break some religious taboo ("The Night Demon").
  • On Masau'u, the Night Demon – The Masau'u is a Satanic figure. He protects the rest of the dead. However, once aroused, he might harm the living. Therefore, I cast thee into the lower regions, making you guardian of the dead. Thy coat is black, the color of the fear that clutches men's hearts. ("The Night Demon")
  • On Sasquatch – A creature of legend roams the timberline. Foreigners call him the Bigfoot, but the Indians name him Sasquatch, which is from the Halkomelem word sæsqʼəts ("The Secret of Bigfoot").
  • On To Catch the Eagle – Upon approval by the council, the man will endure three tests, and be allowed to enter the forbidden land. He lives there with the spirits of death, until he captures the Itza-Chu (eagle) and is given its life, or dies. The man is given no food and no water. He is forced to live by his wits ("To Catch the Eagle").
  • On White WolfThen said the Creator Po-shai-an-kia to the White Wolf, "You are stout of heart. Therefore I make thee master and guardian of the East, for thy coat is white and gray, the color of the dawn and the day" ("The Night Demon").

The Price of Liberty - The Liberty Bell

The Price of Liberty – The Liberty Bell


  • The Liberty Bell is cracked for the first time. It is re-cast in Philadelphia by a Mr. Sven Bergman who has just arrived from Stockholm ("The Price of Liberty").


  • Jul 04 – The Declaration of Independence is adopted by the Continental Congress of America.
  • Jul 08 – The Declaration is publicly read. The Liberty Bell rings ("The Price of Liberty").


19th Century


Doomsday Is Tomorrow - Dr Elijah Cooper as in 1977

Doomsday Is Tomorrow – Dr. Elijah Cooper as in 1977


  • Ojai the valley – A cattle ranch is established. The valley becomes part of the Rancho Ojai.


  • Ojai the town – The town in the valley is laid out, and named Nordhoff.



The Bionic Woman - Jim Elgin reading The Ojai Valley newspaper

The Bionic Woman – Jim Elgin as in 1975 reading The Ojai Valley newspaper

The Bionic Woman - Helen Elgin as in 1975

The Bionic Woman – Helen Elgin as in 1975

20th Century



Note: This speculation is based on the year of birth of the actor Ford Rainey.



  • Helen (maiden name unknown), the future Mrs. Austin, mother of Steve Austin, then later Mrs. Elgin, is born.
Note: This speculation is based on the year of birth of the actress Martha Scott.
  • A plate has been with the family of Helen for generations ("Beyond the Call").



World War I (1914-18)


The Pyramid - Fort MacArthur

The Pyramid – Fort MacArthur

Canyon of Death - Andrew recounting how his grandfather wins World War I

Canyon of Death – Andrew recounting how his grandfather wins World War I

  • Jul 28, 1914 – Austria-Hungary invades Serbia. World War I commences.
  • Oct 31, 1914 – Fort MacArthur is created as a training center during the World War I (referred to in "The Pyramid").
  • Ojai the town – Owing to anti-German sentiment during the World War I, some German and German-sounding place names in the US are changed. The town Nordhoff is renamed Ojai in 1917.
  • Since then, Ojai is used to indicate both Ojai town, California, the home town of Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers, and the Ojai Valley, the larger area in which the town is situated.
  • During the World War I, the grandfather of student Andrew fights and contributes to the victory of the Allies ("Canyon of Death").
  • Nov 11, 1918 – The armistice. World War I concludes.



  • Ojai the town – A fire destroyed much of the downtown. A new downtown is built, with a bell-tower and a pergola opposite the arcade.


Martin Balsam, Martin Brooks and Alan Oppenheimer

Martin Balsam (left), Martin E. Brooks (center), and Alan Oppenheimer

Note: The 11-year range is due to the different years of birth of the three actors who played him – 1919 for Martin Balsam, 1925 for Martin E. Brooks, and 1930 for Alan Oppenheimer.


James and Ann Sommers

Welcome Home, Jaime – James and Ann Sommers


  • A group of aliens from the peaceful Planet Zana lands on an island in the Pacific. They use power pods from their space ship to set up a force field to prevent intervention by Earth people, as they have no immunity against infectious diseases on Earth. Their energy source will last for about 50 years ("The Lost Island").



The Solid Gold Kidnapping - William Henry Cameron

The Solid Gold Kidnapping – William Henry Cameron as in 1973




World War II (1939-45)


The Last Kamikaze - Japanese soldier in World War II

The Last Kamikaze – Japanese soldier in World War II

Iron Ship and Dead Men - Sam Goldman

Iron Ships and Dead Men – Sam Goldman

Iron Ships and Dead Men - Duke

Iron Ships and Dead Men – Duke as in 1977

The Last Kamikaze - Tomas Francisco Gabella

The Last Kamikaze – Tomas Francisco Gabella

U-509 - Henry Bulman

U-509 – Henry Bulman

Oscar Goldman as in 1977

Oscar Goldman as in 1977

African Connection - Harry Walker

African Connection – Harry Walker as in 1977

The Deadly Missiles - J.T

The Deadly Missiles – J.T. Connors as in 1976

The Price of Liberty - Dr

The Price of Liberty – Dr. Robert Meyer as in 1976

Black Magic - Aunt Tess

Black Magic – Aunt Tess as in 1976

The Coward - Christopher Bell as in 1974

The Coward – Christopher Bell as in 1974

Divided Loyalty - Boris as in 1975

Divided Loyalty – Boris as in 1975

  • Sep 01, 1939 – Adolf Hitler directs the German invasion of Poland. World War II commences.
  • General Douglas MacArthur (US), General George S. Patton (US), Oscar Goldman (US), Sam Goldman (US), J.T. Connors (US), Carl Austin (US), Dr. Samuel Abbott (US), John Belson (US), Robert Meyer (US), Christopher Bell (US), Harry Walker (US), Duke (US), Henry Bulman (UK), Dmitri Muskov (USSR), Boris (USSR), Gabella (the Philippines), Kuroda (Japan), and Aoki (Japan) serve their countries respectively.
  • Sep 03, 1939 – France and UK declare war on Germany.
  • Late 1939 - early 1941 – Germany forms the Axis alliance with Italy.
  • Jun, 1941 – Germany invades USSR.
  • Aug 19, 1941 – The German submarine U-509 launches ("U-509").
  • Dec 1941 – Japan joins the Axis.
  • Dec – Sam Goldman, the elder brother of Oscar Goldman, is serving in the Navy in Hawaii ("Iron Ships and Dead Men").
  • Dec 07, 1941 – Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.
  • Dec 07, 1941 – Sam Goldman has received a quarter of a million dollars from his commanding officer, and is to pass the money to a double agent at 8:00 AM. Sam is to meet the agent on the destroyer Handerson being repaired ("Iron Ships and Dead Men").
  • Dec 07, 7:54 AM – Sam boards the Handerson.
  • A civilian dockworker Duke happens to be alone with Sam on the deck.
  • Dec 07, 7:55 AM – The Japanese attacks.
  • Sam and Duke must leave the deck, and the closest cover is a hole in the bulkhead.
  • Sam and Duke hide themselves in the bulkhead hole. Sam is killed by a bullet into his back and straight out.
  • Duke discovers cash of thousands, may be half a million, of dollars, in the case brought by Sam. Duke picks it up and runs, but is soon hit on his leg. Duke throws the case of money into a pump hole.
  • After the attack stops, and smoke cleared, Sam is nowhere to be found, and so is the cash ("Iron Ships and Dead Men").
  • Dec 08, 1941 – US declares war on Japan.
  • Dec 22, 1941 – The Japanese attacks the Philippines.
  • 1941-42 – General Douglas McArthur plays a prominent role in the Pacific Theater, defending the Philippines against the Japanese (referred to in "The Deadly Missiles").
  • Gabella (the father of Tomas Francisco Gabella), is one of the most famous Philippine Scouts during World War II ("The Last Kamikaze").
  • Tomas Gabella is raised in the Philippines during the World War II. He learns Japanese, and will later be of help in recovering lost Japanese soldiers ("The Last Kamikaze").
  • Some time during World War II, Henry Bulman and his troops, Her Majesty's Royal Navy, are caught in shallow water off Sicily. The Germans bomb them for seven hours ("U-509").
  • 1941 – Off the Tunisian coast, Henry Bulman's submarine sinks four enemy troop transports in four hours. 15,000 men are drowned ("U-509").
  • Some time during World War II, Oscar Goldman is involved in underwater demolition operations to block a harbor entrance quickly. He uses NPB 427s – magnetic picket mines ("Sharks (Part II)").
  • 1942-43 – The European Axis troops are defeated in North Africa, decisively in Stalingrad.
  • The Princess, an armored truck run by Harry Walker in an African country, goes all the way through World War II ("African Connection").
  • 1942-44 – General S. Patton led the Seventh Army in the Mediterranean and France and the Third US Army in the European Theater of World War II.
  • J.T. Connors fights with General S. Patton. Connors will receive an American flag from General Patton later ("The Deadly Missiles").
  • Some time during World War II, Robert Meyer becomes the top demolition man for the Allies ("The Price of Liberty").
  • During World War II, Grand Tooley is used as an air corp base ("The Vega Influence").
  • 70 miles outside the capital of Burdabi lies a Spitfire base, used in the World War II ("The Thunderbird Connection").
  • 14-inch naval guns are installed at Fort MacArthur for potential conflicts with the Japanese Imperial Fleet should California be under attack (mentioned in "The Pyramid").
  • Aunt Tess of the Carstairs family is convicted of black-marketing during the war ("Black Magic").
  • Feb 1943 – A plane My Little Girl is dispatched to Chungking, with pilot being Captain Carl Austin, the father of Steve, and the co-pilot being Christopher Bell. On board is a secret agreement between the Nationalist Chinese and the Russians.
  • Halfway across the Himalayas, the plane and its fighter escort are attacked by zeroes. The plane never makes it. It is believed that Carl bails out when the attack starts, leaving the crew to die ("The Coward").
  • 1943 – With a series of German defeats in Eastern Europe, the Allies invades Italy. Italy surrenders.
  • Jun 06, 1944D-Day. The Western Allies invades northern France.
  • 1944 – USSR regains all of its territorial losses, and invades Germany and its allies.
  • Boris might have fought against Germany then ("Divided Loyalty").
  • 1944-45 – US defeats the Japanese Navy and captures key Western Pacific islands.
  • Oct 1944 – Japan begins sending out Kuroda with some 4000 Kamikaze on suicidal attacks on Allied fleets.
  • Before diving, Kuroda hesitates, misses a ship he is targeting, and crash-lands in a Pacific jungle island near to the Philippines ("The Last Kamikaze").
  • Aoki, the navigator of Kuroda, commits Seppuku ("The Last Kamikaze").
  • Some of the Kamikaze ride on Mitsubishi A6M Zero (Japanese zero) which attains the legendary reputation as a dogfighter, achieving the outstanding kill ratio of 12 to 1 when first launched. Even in the 1970s, it is a revered killer aircraft ("Nightmare in the Sky").
  • Apr 1945 – Submarine U-509 is transporting six Nazi war criminals to South America. She goes down off Nova Scotia when a patrol plane damages her steering. It is believed that she is crammed to the gunnels with a highly toxic nerve gas ("U-509").

The Last Kamikaze – Kuroda as in 1975

Operation Firefly - Dr

Operation Firefly – Dr. Samuel Abbott as in 1974

Operation Firefly - John Belson

Operation Firefly – John Belson as in 1974

Doomsday Is Tomorrow - Dmitri Muskov

Doomsday Is Tomorrow – Dmitri Muskov as in 1977

  • 1945 – The Western Allies and USSR invade Germany.
  • Apr 16 – May 02, 1945 – Battle of Berlin.
  • Apr 30 – Adolf Hitler commits suicide to prevent capture by the Red Army.
  • May 08 – Germany unconditionally surrenders.
  • 1942-45 – Dr. Samuel Abbott is involved in the Manhattan Project producing atomic bombs ("Operation Firefly").
  • 1945-46 – Dr. Samuel Abbott starts to know his personal assistant John Belson ("Operation Firefly").
  • Aug 06, 1945 – US drops uranium gun-type fission bomb Little Boy at Hiroshima.
  • Aug 09 – US drops plutonium implosion-type fission bomb Fat Man at Nagasaki.
  • Aug 09-20 – USSR invades Manchuria against the Japanese. Dmitri Muskov, Russian, is nearly killed in a minefield. This scene will haunt him for many years ("Doomsday Is Tomorrow").
  • Aug 15 – Owing to the atomic bombings and the Soviet invasion of Manchuria, Japan surrenders. Kuroda is left in the Pacific jungle island ("The Last Kamikaze"). World War II ends.
  • Sep 02 – The surrender ceremony of Japan is held.
  • Nov 1945 – Post-war investigation. A report reveals that there is no nerve gas on board the U-509. The gas is a ruse to keep the Allies from attacking her. The validity of this report is yet to be established ("U-509").
  • Some time after the World War II, Duke leaves beautiful Hawaii and establishes Duke's, an eponymously-named wharf bar in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California ("Iron Ships and Dead Men").
  • US and USSR emerge as the two victorious super-powers, setting the stage for the Cold War.
  • 1951-66 – Post-war investigation. Oscar spends 15 years in Navy Intelligence trying to prove the innocence of his brother Sam who disappears with a quarter of a million dollars during the attack on the Pearl Harbor ("Iron Ships and Dead Men").
  • 1975 – Kuroda is found. To him, the World War II finishes only by then. He contemplates Seppuku to preserve his Samurai Bushidō honor ("The Last Kamikaze").
  • Jan-Feb 1975 – Kuroda is re-united with his family, after 30 years of separation ("The Last Kamikaze").
  • 1976 – The rebels of Burdabi led by Akhmed Khadduri protecting Prince Hassad from being killed by Air Marshal Mahmud Majid are still using rifles which are World War II surplus ("The Thunderbird Connection").


  • A Mr. Willie Jones, Chicago, Illinois, is clinically dead for 29 seconds and then revived. Eight months later, he, as a six feet tall gentleman, drowns in four feet of water ("Dead Ringer").


  • Uri Gargon is born in Moscow ("Love Song for Tanya").
  • A man starts to work in the Funambules Theater, Los Angeles. 37 years later, he will be asked by Oscar Goldman as to whether there ever exists a Madame Marka, mentalist, psychic, who is supposed to be performing nightly in the theater ("The Ghostly Teletype").


Childhood of Steve

Welcome Home, Jaime – Childhood of Steve

Note: The production designer on the episode "The Ghostly Teletype" made an error on the date of Steve's birth on his driver's license giving the date of birth in 1942.


  • Oscar is likely to be in college then. He befriends Bert Carrington. Carrington later believes that he himself is better than Oscar in just about everything – he is better in school, in sports, with women, except when it [comes] to money ("The Midas Touch").


The Bionic Badge - Greg Banner

The Bionic Badge – Greg Banner as in 1976.

  • An organization in the nuclear black market starts selling nuclear weapons all over the world. This organization will be headed by Arlen Findletter ("Wine, Women and War").
  • Greg Banner becomes a cop. On his first week of patrol, he is so nervous that he pulls the trigger on his pistol once before he even takes it out of the holster ("The Bionic Badge").
  • Banner has been on the force for three weeks before he makes his first arrest – a strong arm robbery on a funny, little fruit stand ("The Bionic Badge").
  • Since then and for the next 30 years, Barlow the butler of the Carstairs family will not be given one day off by Cyrus Carstairs ("Black Magic").



Cold War (1947-91)


The Moving Mountain - Moscow

The Moving Mountain – Moscow

Love Song for Tanya - Steve and Tanya

The Eastern Bloc meets the Western Bloc – Tanya Brevski and Steve, in Love Song for Tanya

Doomsday, and Counting - Col.Vasily Zhukov in Washington D.C.

The Eastern Bloc meets the Western Bloc – Col.Vasily Zhukov in Washington DC, in Doomsday, and Counting

Doomsday, and Counting - Oscar Goldman and General Koslenko

The Western Bloc meets the Eastern Bloc – Oscar Goldman and General Koslenko, in Doomsday, and Counting

The Western Bloc meets the East Bloc - Countess Lysandra Korischeva and Steve in The Modonna Caper

The Eastern Bloc meets the Western Bloc – Countess Lysandra Korischeva and Steve in The Madonna Caper

The Moving Mountain - Andrea Mestrova and Steve

The Eastern Bloc meets the Western Bloc – Major Andrea Mestrova and Col. Steve Austin in The Moving Mountain.

The above lists are non-definitive. Some episodes featuring "foreign power" or "foreign agent" are included. The Part IIs for two-episode titles are omitted.

Dr Franklin and Carl Franklin

Kill Oscar – Dr. Franklin as in 1976 (left), and Fembots in Las Vegas (Part II)son Carl Franklin as in 1977

Childhood of Jaime01

Deadly Ringer – Childhood of Jaime



  • Apr – Henry Bulman is discharged from Her Majesty's Royal Navy. Later, the UK government ruins his family's business with massive takeovers. His family, his wife, his friends, and his self respect are all gone ("U-509").
  • Jun 22 – Jaime Sommers is born. She will be The Bionic Woman.
  • Around 1949Leona Kantu is born ("African Connection").


  • Arleen Hart is born to Marion Liler Hart and Samuel Gordon Hart. After Marion's death, Samuel will raise Arleen as a tomboy, teaching her how to ride a motorcycle and use a gun ("Jaime's Shield").
  • Early 1950'sThe Cold War [is] very hot, and there [is] a lot of paranoia in The country. [OSI agents are] all afraid that the country [is] being undermined by foreign agents ("Jaime's Mother").
  • 1950s – Ann and James Sommers are working as secret agents covering themselves as college professors ("Jaime's Mother").


Korean War (1950-53)


Road to Nashville - Muffin Calhoon as in 1976

Road to Nashville – Muffin Calhoon as in 1976

The Price of Liberty - Doug Witherspoon

The Price of Liberty – Doug Witherspoon

  • Jun 25, 1950 – North Korean forces invade South Korea. The Korean War commences.
  • Oscar and Muffin Calhoon (future OSI agent) are working in intelligence together some time during the Korean War ("Road to Nashville").
  • The son of Doug Witherspoon, the future Philadelphia bomb squad captain, dies in the Korean War ("The Price of Liberty").
  • Jul 27, 1953 – An agreement is reached. The fighting ends.


Jaime in Early Childhood

Jaime's Mother – Ann, James, Jaime Sommers, and Puzzles (left); Jaime in early childhood

  • Oscar joins the Navy Intelligence, partly related to his wish to investigate the death of his brother Sam during the attack on the Pearl Harbor ("Iron Ships and Dead Men").
  • Chris Stuart, the double of Ann Sommers, first sees Jaime Sommers. Ann lets Stuart take care of Jaime sometimes. Ann will later tell Stuart that she will buy a locket for Jaime ("Jaime's Mother").
  • Trish Hollander is born ("The Golden Pharaoh").
  • Robert Meyer graduates from the MIT. He will then pursue further studies and attain doctorate in Cal Tech ("The Price of Liberty").


Childhood of Jaime02

Deadly Ringer – Childhood of Jaime

Graduation of Jaime

Deadly Ringer – Graduation of Jaime

  • Jim Elgin starts dating the widow, Helen Austin, Steve's mother. Steve eventually takes a liking to him and asks Jim to propose to his mother because Steve is tired of being stuck home every Saturday night with the babysitter while Helen and Jim are out on a date ("The Bionic Woman").
  • The date of their wedding is unknown. It should be in late March or early April, given that their anniversary is in a couple of weeks as on Mar 07 ("Big Brother").
  • Emily Patterson is born, and would be an eminent computer programmer ("Date With Danger").


  • Some time during middle school, Steve meets Jaime. Jaime dares Steve to eat one of everything in the cafeteria, and Steve gets pretty sick ("Welcome Home, Jaime").
  • Some time later, Steve sticks a lizard onto the back of Jaime as she is swinging in the park ("Welcome Home, Jaime").
  • Some time in his childhood, Steve camps with friend Ted Sullivan, who has been bitten by a rattlesnake, applies first aid by Ted himself, and walks away ("The White Lightning War").
  • Steve graduates from middle school.
  • Steve goes to a high school in Ojai, 20 miles from a small town Norris ("Population: Zero").
  • The Bull Frog Mine, Nevada, has not been actively worked on since then ("The Midas Touch").


Vietnam War (1955-75)


Beyond The Call - Major John Cross

Beyond the Call – Major John Cross, recipient of various medals during the Vietnam War for valor above and beyond the call of duty, as in 1977

The Deadly Missiles - J.T

The Deadly Missiles – J.T. Junior

Task Force - Sgt David Harraway as in 1976

Task Force – Sgt David Harraway as in 1976

Bionic Showdown - General McAllister as in 1989

Bionic Showdown – General McAllister as in 1989

Beyond The Call - Kim Cross

Beyond the Call – Kim Cross

Beyond The Call - Mother of Kim Cross

Beyond the Call – Mother of Kim Cross

  • 1963 – Steve spends several months flying choppers during the Vietnam War until his chopper is shot down.
  • Some time during the Vietnam War, J.T. Junior, the son of J.T. Connors, is an Air Force pilot, and is decorated eight times in Vietnam ("The Deadly Missiles").
  • J.T. Junior is sitting on the runway, waiting for his senior to give take-off orders, when he is unfortunately killed in Vietnam. J.T. Connors has told the brass that the particular airfield is vulnerable ("The Deadly Missiles").
  • Some time during the Vietnam War, David Hallaway serves with the Air Force. He loses his stripes inciting a riot at a night club in Saigon.
  • Hallaway is made a sergeant a year later. Caught selling airplane parts, he is court-martialed. Steve sits in the board that convicts him ("Task Force").
  • Some time during the Vietnam War, General John McAllister orders an air strike against his own position, because it is being overrun by the Viet Cong and there is no any other way out ("Bionic Showdown").
  • 1975 – Major John Cross is on a covert mission in Vietnam when the South Vietnamese army collapses. He leaves his beautiful Vietnamese wife and daughter, Kim, in a village which he promises would be protected by a US armored unit.
  • However, the tanks fail to get an order to move up, and there is a Viet Cong mortar barrage. Kim's mother dies in her arms. It is believed that Kim dies with her mother ("Beyond the Call").
  • Apr 30, 1975 – Fall of Saigon. The Vietnam War concludes.
  • Major John Cross is awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for deep penetration into enemy territory, and various other medals for valor above and beyond the call of duty, and for his meritorious service to his country ("Beyond the Call").
  • 1976 – Several US Vietnam War veterans will join a mercenary gang in "Task Force".


One of Our Running Backs Is Missing - Larry Bronco and Pamela Bronco

One of Our Running Backs Is Missing – Larry and Pamela Bronco as in 1975


  • Jan 01 – Steve [wakes] up with a stomach ache ("Danny's Inferno").
  • Andre, Russian politician, head of a spy network, establishes the Bainbridge School for Girls which is actually the headquarters of his network. The school will house the finest espionage unit Russia has ever sent to the US ("Love Song for Tanya").


  • By then, the father of Dr. William Cole has already been an All Around Champion Cowboy ("Rodeo").
  • By then, Jaime should know J.T. Connors, the future head of Connors Aerospace Industries ("The Deadly Missiles").
  • Jaime then aged eight is already an accomplished horsewoman ("Rodeo").


Space Race (1957-75)


The Moon and the desert - The longest Moon walk

The Moon and the Desert – The longest Moon walk

  • Oct 04, 1957 – USSR launches the Sputnik 1 artificial satellite. The Space Race begins.
  • 1958 – NASA is formed. Dave McGrath has been with the program since then ("Deadly Countdown").
  • Apr 12, 1961 – USSR launches Yuri Gagarin into orbit around the Earth on Vostok 1. He becomes the first human in space.
  • 1965 – Steve Austin joins NASA.
The Moon and the desert - Rocket launches

The Moon and the Desert

  • Jul 20, 1969Neil Armstrong, US, becomes the first human to walk on the Moon.
  • Dec 07, 1972, 12:53 AM – Steve Austin blasts off for the Moon aboard Apollo 17, and walks on it four days later. He performs a series of successful experiments, and sets the record for the longest single Moonwalk at 7 hours, 37 minutes ("The Moon and the Desert").
  • 1972 – Steve sets his sights on the Space Shuttle, and becomes the chief design officer and the chief test pilot of a lifting body prototype designed to test a spacecraft's ability to reenter atmosphere and land like an airplane.
  • 1972-73 – The Soviet government invites a crew of Apollo 19 to Moscow. Alexi Kaslov is one of the hosts and gets to meet Steve ("Wine, Women and War").
  • May 14, 1973 – The Skylab is launched and put into service. Steve will visit her twice, in "The Rescue of Athena One" and during the "Doomsday Is Tomorrow" crisis of Jaime.
The Moon and the Desert - Lifting body

The Moon and the Desert – Lifting body


  • Jaime has Mrs. Langford as her fourth grade teacher ("Welcome Home, Jaime").
  • 1958-61 – Dave McGrath is commended by President Dwight D. Eisenhower ("Deadly Countdown").
  • Walter Jensen, famous anthropologist and amateur yachtsman, and his schooner Shara are lost in the Pacific Ocean. Rudy Wells and associates search, to no avail ("The Lost Island").
  • Jensen with his boat reaches the shield of the Zanans, during an electrical storm. Somehow the storm neutralizes the shield, and he gets through. He lands on the island, badly injured. He is found by the Zanans, who are afraid to go near him ("The Lost Island").
  • Jensen is left for three days and nights. A Zanan lady cannot stand to hear his cries of pain any longer. She goes to him, feeds him, and takes care of him. They are in isolation for one year. Da Nay is later born to the couple, with minimal immunity against infectious diseases on Earth ("The Lost Island").
The Lost Island - Walter Jensen and Da Nay as in 1978

The Lost Island – Walter Jensen and Da Nay as in 1978

  • Dec 31 – Steve and Jaime kiss for the first time at Steve's senior class New Year's party. Jaime and all the guys tease Steve about robbing the cradle ("The Bionic Woman").
Note: It might seem odd that Steve, a high school senior, kisses Jaime who is only nine years old at the time. However, it is revealed in "The Return of the Bionic Woman (Part II)" that this is not far from the truth – Steve: "Hey, look, you're talking to the guy who fell in love with her when she was eight years old."
  • Jaime: That [the kiss] was serious. Steve: You're right. Jaime: And I never have forgotten that kiss. ("The Bionic Woman").
  • Tracy, the only niece of the Carstairs family, runs away to join the circus. She has not been seen by the Carstairs since then ("Black Magic").


  • Steve and Larry Bronco play their last game together in a championship game of their senior year, against rival Stowe High School ("One of Our Running Backs Is Missing").
  • At the night before they go over about midnight, they hang signs in front of Stowe, about how bad they are going to beat them. Larry stands on Steve's shoulders to hang the biggest sign right over the entrance of Stowe.
  • Steve is so sore the next day that he can hardly play. The Stowes get so riled up that they beat Steve and Larry 60 to nothing ("One of Our Running Backs Is Missing").
  • Walter Krueger, a comedian at a nightclub in Chicago, witnesses a murder. He moves to Ojai and changes his name to Harry Anderson, and operates Harry's Service Station ("A Thing of the Past").
  • Steve's school bus has been driven by Harry Anderson ("A Thing of the Past").
  • Steve graduates from high school.
  • Steve goes to college.
  • Steve plays football in college. In one game against Georgia Tech, he carries the ball for 250 yards in one game, a record of the year ("The Bionic Boy")
  • Steve plays college football against Frank Gifford, the favorite athlete of Andy (Andrew) Sheffield ("The Bionic Boy").
  • In college, Steve Austin rooms with John Perry for at least two years, and writes a song ("The Song and Dance Spy").
The OSI Headquarters

The OSI Headquarters

  • Steve soon earns masters degrees in aeronautical engineering, geology and history. He has attended classes at MIT, and has taken advances science classes at other universities ("Operation Firefly").
  • Steve develops passions in wrestling, judo, aikido, gymnastics, fencing, and the Spanish guitar ("Operation Firefly").
  • Steve probably studies in the US Air Force Academy at some point (a compliment from the pilot of a rescue aircraft in "Survival of the Fittest").
  • Oscar Goldman joins OSI. He is based on the headquarters of OSI in Washington, DC.
  • The Ballistic Missile Early Warning System is in place, as part of the Military Early Warning System later ("The Deadly Missiles").
  • Andy Sheffield is born ("The Bionic Boy").


  • Dr. Franklin begins his employment at the OSI ("Kill Oscar").
  • Dr. Leon Jackson, US scientist in solar energy, meets and falls in love with a USSR lady scientist during an international conference. He will soon defect to the Russians and marry the scientist ("Divided Loyalty").
  • Carlos Delgado is born ("Big Brother").
  • 1960s – Gangster Raines is in upstate New York ("A Thing of the Past").
  • 1960s – Several private corporations are working on the use of ultra-high-energy coherent wave converted into a steer-able beam to target on aircrafts. However, no weapon system is materialized, as the prototypes are too unreliable and bear problems of overloading ("The Deadly Test").


  • Apr 16 – OSI undercover agents James and Ann Sommers, Jaime's parents, are killed (presumably murdered) in a car accident. On the day of the accident, Ann Sommers gives Jaime a locket ("Jaime's Mother").
  • Chris Stuart keeps on being a secret agent. She will soon work for the other side ("Jaime's Mother").
Jaime's Mother - Chris Stuart

Jaime's Mother – Chris Stuart as in 1976

Note: The production designer on the episode "Jaime's Mother" made an error on the dates on James' and Ann's headstones, giving their dates of death as 1966.
  • Helen and Jim Elgin become the legal guardians of Jaime Sommers, then aged 12.
  • When Helen and Jim Elgin are out of town, Bill Elgin, the brother of Jim, will have an eye on Jaime ("Claws").
  • Puzzles, family dog of the Sommers, comes to the ownership of Mrs. Noah.
To Catch the Eagle - Little Deer as in 1977

To Catch the Eagle – Little Deer as in 1977


  • Prince Hassad of Burdabi, would-be throne successor, is born ("The Thunderbird Connection").
  • Gary Emerson is born ("The Wolf Boy").
  • The man who has been working in the Funambules Theater since 1940 is now promoted to be a manager. He will be handling all bookings for musical acts in the theater over the coming 15 years. 15 years later, he will be asked by Oscar Goldman as to whether there ever exists a Madame Marka, mentalist, psychic, who is supposed to be performing nightly in the theater ("The Ghostly Teletype").


Cuban Missile Crisis (Oct 14-28, 1962)


Kill Oscar (Part III) - Admiral Richter

Kill Oscar (Part III) – Admiral Richter as in 1976

  • Oct 14 – A US U2 aircraft takes photos over Cuba, which depict sites for medium-range and intermediate-range ballistic nuclear missiles under construction. The Cuban Missile Crisis commences.
Bionic Ever After - US Ambassador John MacNamara in Nassau

Bionic Ever After – US Ambassador John MacNamara in Nassau as in 1994

  • Steve flies reconnaissance missions over Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis ("Target in the Sky").
  • Oscar Goldman serves as Executive Officer for Intelligence under the command of Admiral Richter during The Cuban Missile Crisis. They spend four days and nights on duty during such crisis ("Kill Oscar (Part III)").
  • According to the US Ambassador John MacNamara in Nassau, the air raid alarm in the US Embassy is changed to a fall-out alert during the Cuban Missile Crisis ("Bionic Ever After?").
  • Oct 28 – An agreement is reached between US and USSR. The crisis is over.
  • Admiral Richter and Oscar then go out and get drunk together ("Kill Oscar (Part III)").



Fred Sloan MCU

Day of the Robot – Fred Sloan as in 1974

Note: The first pilot telefilm contradicts this by establishing Austin as a civilian, but his background is improvised to include an Air Force career in the subsequent pilot films.
  • During his career in the Air Force, Steve befriends Fred Sloan ("Day of the Robot").
  • Kelly Wood starts her training to be an astronaut ("The Rescue of Athena One").
  • Leah Russell enters Oxford at the age of 17 ("Deadly Countdown").
  • Princess Aura is born in the distant Planet Zhorla ("Sanctuary Earth").
  • Some time in 1964-66 – Steve is attracted to Jenny Fraser, also being an Air Force pilot. Jenny enters, and wins, a hang gliding contest in Hawaii. They have wine together later, and both will remember the date of that particular wine. This is the last time of Steve seeing Jenny. Three days later, Steve will fly to Alaska doing a magnetic survey. Jenny has not waited for Steve's return, as she has to participate in an air show in Paris ("The Cheshire Project").


Senior Prom of Jaime

Deadly Ringer – Jaime's Senior Prom

The Bionic Woman - Jaime Sommers in high school

The Bionic Woman – Jaime Sommers in high school


  • In high school, Jaime has always hated beauty pageants ("Bionic Beauty").
  • Apr 14 – Jaime's Senior Prom is entitled Aladdin's Lamp at Ojai High School, as seen in Jaime's scrapbook in "Deadly Ringer".
  • Jaime graduates from high school. Chris Stuart attends her graduation ("Jaime's Mother").
  • Jaime enrolls at Carnegie Tech majoring in education while playing tennis.
  • Jaime learns Indian Folklore from an expert in the field Thomas Bearclaw in the Carnegie Tech ("The Night Demon").
  • Jaime befriends Leona Kantu, coming from an African country, in college ("African Connection").
  • Chris Stuart attends the first tennis tournament of Jaime. Jaime takes the center court match 6-0, 6-0 ("Jaime's Mother").
  • Arleen Hart turns 16. Her father Samuel reveal[s] himself as a supreme chauvinist. He sends Arleen to a boarding school in Connecticut to learn how to become a lady. After boarding school, there comes College, Graduate School, then an unbearable job as a research assistant in a law firm ("Jaime's Shield").


  • Dr. Robert Meyer develops high blood pressure and experiences a severe heart attack. He is laid up for 18 months ("The Price of Liberty").
  • Trish Hollander starts gambling, as [gambling gets her] off the farm ("The Golden Pharaoh").
  • Elsie Crandall is born ("A Bionic Christmas Carol").
  • Terrence Quinn meets Boris Slotsky for the last time since then. The next meeting will be ten years away in 1977 ("Over the Hill Spy").


  • Dr. Robert Meyer regains what is left of his health. He turns jobless owing to a cutback in the space program ("The Price of Liberty").
  • Steve sees Barbara (maiden name unknown) for the last time, until they meet seven years later ("Lost Love").
  • Barbara falls in love with her future husband Orin Thatcher ("Lost Love").
  • Puzzles the dog has not been catching a jack rabbit since then ("Jaime's Mother").
  • Since then and for the coming decade, there will not be a more brilliant piece of computer manipulation comparable to such done by Benny Jeffries, Campus Food Service, South Coast University, California ("All For One").



Carnegie Tech

Welcome Home, Jaime – Carnegie Tech, where Jamie studies teaching

  • Dr. Rudy Wells is already working on bionics in the OSI. Dr. Franklin is investigating robots and the weather control machine. They compete in the allocation of funds to respective projects. Dr. Franklin's employment at the OSI is terminated after too many continuing conflicts with his superior, Oscar Goldman. Dr. Wells takes over the development of the weather control device. Dr. Franklin will have to seek funds from elsewhere to continue his research ("Kill Oscar").
  • Jaime graduates from Carnegie Tech.
  • Leona Kantu graduates from Carnegie Tech, and returns to her African home country. She starts teaching school, as an elementary circuit rider – five villages everyday over a 40 mile circle. She then meets and marries the opposition leader Kampa Mombassa, 20 years older than her ("African Connection").
  • The couple fights Azzar together. When they begin beating him with words and ideas, Azzar has Mombassa murdered. Most of his tribe is soon exterminated ("African Connection").
  • Late 1970 - 71Max, a German Shepherd, is born (four months before bionic operation) ("The Bionic Dog").


The Return of the Bionic Woman - Heart of Jaime and Steve on a tree

The Return of the Bionic Woman (Part II) – Hearts of Jaime and Steve engraved on a tree

Population - Zero - Dr

Population: Zero – Dr. Stanley Bacon as in 1974

The Solid Gold Kidnapping - Contessa de Rojas

The Solid Gold Kidnapping – Contessa de Rojas

Bionic Showdown - Kate Mason as in 1989

Bionic Showdown – Kate Mason as in 1989

  • Steve and Jaime meet up for last time until they are reunited four years later ("The Bionic Woman (episode)").
  • A government research project H-432 has been running for some time, involving an experimental weapon design with ultrasonic waves for infantrymen with battery pack. Owing to failure to solve power problems, the project is then abandoned. The Chief Project Officer is Dr. Stanley Bacon ("Population: Zero").
  • Steve sees UFO-like lights during a space shot. It turns out to be a robot drone sent from the Andromeda Galaxy to explore the system before the arrival of Andromedans ("Straight On 'Til Morning").
  • Benno Reichert, Austrian born, is naturalized then. He is a show horse trainer and an ex-cavalryman. He has no known political leaning except Morgan vs Palomino ("The Cross-Country Kidnap").
  • Max nearly burns to death in a lab fire losing all four of his limbs. Rudy Wells is testing his bionic prototypes. Max is just the strong-willed animal that the OSI is looking for. Max is bionically operated on ("The Bionic Dog").
  • Max is equipped with a bionic jaw and four bionic limbs rendering him capable of running up to 90 miles hour-1. He becomes the fastest living animal on Earth. Furthermore, according to Wells, every bionic part of Jaime's and Steve's, except for Jaime's ear and Steve's eye, is tested on Max first ("The Bionic Dog").
  • The total cost is a million, thus his full name Maximillian.
  • A solid titanium kennel which costs almost as much as Max does is constructed to house him ("The Bionic Dog").
  • Project Fusion, a research project involving breaking down water into hydrogen and oxygen with pure research and practical development, commences. At least eight billion dollars will ultimately be spent on this project ("The Winning Smile"; "H+2+O = Death").
  • The wife of William Henry Cameron, a high-level US diplomat, dies ("The Solid Gold Kidnapping").
  • Kate Mason has been paralyzed since then, due to a congenital disease causing muscular deterioration (likely to be one of the spinal muscular atrophies, in "Bionic Showdown").
  • Feb 28 – Evel Knievel sets a new world record by jumping 19 cars with his Harley-Davidson XR-750 at the Ontario Motor Speedway in Ontario, California ("Motorcycle Boogie").
  • Some time in 1971-72Roger Grette and Jaime are romantically involved immediately prior to Jaime's pro tennis career. Jaime breaks off the relationship in favor of her career, without a word ("The Bionic Dog (Part II)").
  • 1971-72 – William Henry Cameron starts to have a relationship with Contessa de Rojas ("The Solid Gold Kidnapping").
The Bionic Dog (Part II) - Roger Grette as in 1977

The Bionic Dog (Part II) – Roger Grette as in 1977

Deadly Music - Jed Kimball

Deadly Music – Jed Kimball as in 1978

  • 1971-74 – Jaime meets Jed Kimball at a Washington party. They dance all night. They drive down to Chesapeake Bay and sail all day. They then drive to Annapolis and have dinner at a little old inn with pewter plates ("Deadly Music").
  • Jul 1971 – Jan 1973 – Three projects in the Office of Scientific Operations (OSO) cost too many lives, too much money, and [are] unnecessarily risky ("The Six Million Dollar Man").
  • Late 1971 – Early 1972 – The [Father of Andy Sheffield|father]] of Andy Sheffield is made foreman of the grading crew ("The Bionic Boy").
  • Cissy Crandall is born ("A Bionic Christmas Carol").
  • DecBob Crandall buys his family some Christmas ornaments. He falls short of being able to repeat the gesture over the four coming years ("A Bionic Christmas Carol").
  • Dec 24 – Karen, Steve's ex-wife and Michael's mother, dies from pneumonia, in the little town called Placid Ville with a population of around 104. It is snowing when Steve gets there. The whole town turns out to say how sorry they are, even though Karen has only stayed in the hotel for one night ("Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman").
  • Steve leaves Michael in the care of his sister-in-law, Michael's Aunt Mary in Seattle, Washington ("Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman").


Détente (1971-79)


The Madonna Caper - An exhibition of Russian masterpieces during the détente

The Madonna Caper – An exhibition of Russian masterpieces during the détente

The Moving Mountain - Leonid Brezhnev (framed picture)

The Moving Mountain – Leonid Brezhnev (framed picture at the right upper corner). The photo features General Simeon Norbukov.

  • The détente is a period of thawing out or un-freezing in roughly the middle of the Cold War.
  • 1971 – Détente becomes the foreign policy of US president Richard Nixon towards USSR.
  • Nov 1973 – US international negotiator William Henry Cameron is taking a negotiating trip to Peking ("The Solid Gold Kidnapping").
  • Jan 1974 – Oscar Goldman engages himself in direct conversation with the Russians. However, some parties would not like such talks to proceed, and plan to murder Oscar ("Survival of the Fittest").
  • Mar 01, 1974 – Soviet Col. Vasily Zhukov proposes a joint US-USSR nuclear powered manned mission to Mars ("Doomsday, and Counting", see above).
The Moving Mountain - Major Andrea Mestrova

The Moving Mountain – Major Andrea Mestrova

Bionic Showdown - General Dzerinsky and Oscar

Bionic Showdown – General Dzerinsky and Oscar

  • Feb 1976 – As a gesture of promoting friendship and trust, a Soviet troupe tours the US. The star of the troupe is gymnast Tanya Breski. Steve Austin protects her during her stay in the US ("Love Song for Tanya").
  • Jan 1978 – Oscar and Russian diplomat Dmitri Zhukov (upon consulting his party and his government) agree to take the same stance in negotiating between two Middle East powers ("The Antidote").
  • Feb 1978 – An exhibition of Russian masterpieces of fine art is taking place at the National Gallery in Washington, for cultural exchange and much more. The news goes: In an unprecedented expression of openness and trust, [the USSR] has given new meaning to the concept of Détente by allowing viewers an intimate look at [her] people, traditions, mind and heart ("The Madonna Caper").
  • Oscar Goldman states that If we don't get that painting, we might be back in a Cold War..., indicating a quite notable state of détente then ("The Madonna Caper").
  • Mar 1978General Simeon Norbukov and Oscar Goldman team up their agents Andrea Mestrova and Steve Austin in tracing a mobile launcher developed by the USSR and missiles developed by the US from a terrorist group ("The Moving Mountain").
  • Dec 24, 1979 – The Soviet war in Afghanistan starts. The détente ends.
  • 1989 – Oscar meets Russian General Dzerinsky, and both believe that previous conflicts should give way to détente again ("Bionic Showdown").


  • Oscar has since been trying to track down an international master criminal Quail who is taking the lead in black market arms and gold smuggling. Quail has his base in a neutral country. Oscar has tried through diplomatic channels, but has not been successful so far ("The Last of the Fourth of Julys").
  • Creigton from the Creighton Industries has a design of lifting body of his own for some time. He offers Carl Amison money and a position to kill the HL-10 project both in 1973 and 1974 ("The Deadly Replay").
  • Since then, Oscar has been warning Lisa Leitman, computer programmer of the OSI, that she is in danger of being kidnapped, to the point that her private life is intruded upon ("The Cross-Country Kidnap").
  • Dr. Charlie Lund commences his investigations on the mechanisms of ESP ("The E.S.P. Spy").
  • Carlos Delgado hot wires his first car ("Big Brother").
The Bionic Boy - Father of Andy Sheffield

The Bionic Boy – Father of Andy Sheffield

  • An old college professor tells the father of Andy Sheffield that a burial ground of the Red Clay tribe might be up on the Haunted Mountains. This father starts looking for the burial ground, and is convinced that the burial ground is in one of the caves in a part of mountain called the Eagle's Point. His neighbors start calling him Mr. Happy Hunting Ground ("The Bionic Boy").
  • Andy Sheffield plays his last tackle game before the rockslide accident ("The Bionic Boy").
  • Tim Sanders has won four consecutive Grand Prix motor races. He then suffers a near-fatal crash in Indiapolis. Since then, he has not been able to find a sponsor ("Winning Is Everything").
  • Magician Murdoch, pal of Steve, starts trying out magic tricks in a bar ("The Ghostly Teletype").
  • Country music dean Buck Buckley starts to feel that there [is] nobody to write songs for. His music gets old. He is on his way down. The conception of a Country Opera revives his music creativity. He starts to write the music for the opera ("Road to Nashville").
A Bionic Christmas Carol - The Crandall family with Santa Claus

A Bionic Christmas Carol – The Crandall family with Santa Claus as in 1976

The Privacy of the Mind - Dr

The Privacy of the Mind – Dr. George Berman

The Winning Smile - Dr

The Winning Smile – Dr. Emil Losey

  • Laurie Boylin, daughter of Dr. Boylin the scientist on the Grand Tooley, sustains an accident, and loses her hearing ("The Vega Influence").
  • Max can run up to 90 miles per hour, making him the fastest animal alive ("The Bionic Dog").
  • Bob Crandall has been working as the accountant for his uncle Horton Budge. He embezzles money from Budge to pay for wife Nora's medical bills. Budge finds out and realises that it does not make sense to send Bob to jail. He rehires Crandall as his chauffeur, and will deduct a major part of his salary plus interest, until the debt is paid. In order to further punish Bob, Budge keeps Bob on call constantly, whether he is going to be needed or not ("A Bionic Christmas Carol").
  • Some time around 1972Emil Laslo, well known ghost hunter and illusionist throughout Europe, should have started his investigations at the People's Institute for Parapsychology inside East Germany by then ("The Ghosthunter").
  • Some time in 1972-73 – Dr. Wells spends seven months in an OSI site known as the Still ("Kill Oscar (Part II)").
  • Some time in 1972-74 – Tritium and plutonium are reported lost in shipment from England to India ("Nuclear Alert").
  • Some time in 1972-74 – Neurophysicist Dr. George Berman has been working on biocybernetic communication. He has developed a computer that could tune into brain waves and organize thoughts into patterns. However, he could go no further. He wraps up his previous work in biocybernetic communication, and starts anew to investigate pain control ("The Privacy of the Mind").
  • Some time in 1972-74 – Jaime plays against Chris Evert ("Welcome Home, Jaime").
  • J.T. Connors becomes the first sponsor of Jaime when she makes a start in being a tennis pro ("The Deadly Missiles").
  • Some time in 1972-74 – Steve has several great tennis matches with Dr. Emil Losey ("The Winning Smile").
  • Some time in 1972-75 – Larry Bronco buys a ranch close to his hometown out in Ohio. His brother Joe is running for him while he is playing football ("One of Our Running Backs Is Missing").
  • Jun 18 – Andy Sheffield and his father encounter a rockslide accident while searching for Indian relics in the Haunted Mountains. His father is killed. According to later newspaper coverage in July, Andy will have both legs paralyzed. His father will take the blame for getting his son involved in his apparently futile mission with a tragic conclusion ("The Bionic Boy").
  • Jul – Dr. Stanley Bacon has been missing since then. Urgent search is being under way ("Population: Zero").


The Six Million Dollar Man/The Moon and the Desert


The Bionic Era begins

  • Aug – Dr. Rudy Wells, a medical doctor and a scientist, meets Steve Austin for the first time ("The Moon and the Desert"). He will be the personal doctor of Steve throughout his NASA missions.
The Moon and the Desert - Dr

The Moon and the Desert – Dr. Rudy Wells

Ojai roadsign

The Bionic Woman – Welcome to Ojai, home of American astronaut Steven Austin

  • Dec 07, 12:53 AM – Steve Austin blasts off for the Moon aboard Apollo 17, and walks on it four days later ("The Moon and the Desert").
Note: "Wine, Women and War" identifies this mission as Apollo 19, while "The Moon and the Desert" version of the pilot refers to the mission as Moonshot XYZ.
  • Steve performs a series of successful experiments, and sets the record for the longest single Moonwalk.
  • Dec 17, 2:24 PM – Apollo 17 returns to Earth.
  • Steve Austin becomes a celebrity, as evidenced by a road sign near Ojai highlighting his name "Steven Austin".
  • At some point after the Apollo 17 (or 19) mission (but before the crash), Austin and his crewmates visit Moscow, where Austin meets Alexi Kaslov ("Wine, Women and War").
Note: "The Moon and the Desert" depicts that the Apollo/Moonshot XYZ and the lifting body test pilot missions are 20 months apart, and that Steve makes two more trips to the Moon during these 20 months.
  • Throughout this time. Dr. Wells is constantly checking for any signs of malfunction of Steve, physically or mentally.
  • Wells describes Steve as bearing a body of superior physical strength and a mind of incredible perseverance.
  • Steve returns to Edwards Air Force Base. He sets his sights on the Space Shuttle, and becomes the chief design officer and the chief test pilot of a lifting body prototype.

The Six Million Dollar Man - Oliver Spencer proposing the Cyborg Project

The Six Million Dollar Man – Oliver Spencer proposing Project Cyborg

Note: The "pilot film" depicts this meeting as occurring simultaneously with Austin's crash.
  • The classified files of Project Cyborg will be stored at Subterranean Level 2, Vault 7, of Rudy's laboratory ("The Seven Million Dollar Man").


  • While Steve Austin is test piloting an experimental lifting body, a malfunction causes a crash. The malfunction is caused by sabotage ("The Deadly Replay").
  • Austin's injuries are so severe that he loses both legs, his right arm and is also blinded in one eye. Injury to his spinal column is also suspected.

Six Million Dollar Man - Opening sequence - Accident

The Six Million Dollar Man – Opening sequence

  • Steve has been clinically dead for 52 seconds ("Dead Ringer").
  • Steve is put into electro-sleep, a technology borrowed from the Russians, for more than 36 hours.
  • Specifically, an electric pulse is generated directly into Steve's skull through electrodes. The pulse matches the alpha rhythm. The body, in effect, resonates with the impulse. As long as the current is kept going, he will sleep, and will not feel any pain.
  • Dr. Rudy Wells and his associate Dr. Jason Havilland are developing a new technology known as bionics ("Bionic Ever After?").
  • Oliver Spencer, who has recently proposed Project Cyborg to the OSI's board of directors as a means of reducing agent casualties, is able to authorize the funding to take a severely injured Austin and rebuild him with bionics.
  • Rudy Wells is ordered to perform the procedure on Austin. The surgical procedures together with the rehabilitation and training take several months, though the exact length of time is not specified.

Six Million Dollar Man - Opening Sequence - Operation

The Six Million Dollar Man – Opening sequence

  • The costs for the procedures are at least the title-giving Six Million US Dollars as in 1973. Spencer estimates that half a million to a million dollars a year thereafter would be needed to sustain the facilities and to maintain the operation.
The Moon and the Desert - Oliver Spencer

The Moon and the Desert – Oliver Spencer

  • After the operation, Steve is equipped with a bionic left eye bearing a 20.2: 1 zoom lens along with night vision function, a bionic right arm with the equivalent strength of a bulldozer, and bionic legs allowing him to run up to 60 miles hour-1. The energy source comes from nuclear powered electrical generators.
  • Steve has authentic fingerprints on his bionic right arm ("Steve Austin, Fugitive").
  • It is later reviewed that the bionic skin of Jaime does not tan ("Mirror Image"). Steve's bionic skin is therefore unlikely to tan also.
  • Regular quarterly psychological evaluation is necessary after the procedures at least up to November 1974 ("The Seven Million Dollar Man").
  • Oscar likes his agents to keep a low profile. Steve therefore does not make contact with his son Michael since then ("Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman").
Note: The lifting body is controversial. It is M2-F2 according to footage of the crash in "The Six Million Dollar Man (Pilot)" and in the subsequent opening credits of the regular TV series, HL-10 according to "The Deadly Replay", and M3F5 according to the original novel Cyborg and the reunion movie "Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman".


The Moon and the Desert – Test run of Steve

Note: According to "Second Chances", a story in Issue #3 of The SMDM comic book, a future version of Steve Austin, propelled back in time, attempts to prevent his past self from taking part in the fateful test flight. He is prevented by Oscar Goldman and Dr. Rudy Wells, who convince future-Steve to allow matters to run their course (establishing that Goldman and Wells were made aware of the crash before it happened as a result). The canonicity of the comic books is up for debate.
Note: "The Return of the Bionic Woman" includes a line of dialogue that Austin has been bionic for "about three years" as of that episode; the episode aired in September 1975, so if it was set around the time of broadcast (as suggested below) then Austin's bionic surgery may have actually occurred in the latter part of 1972.
Note: "Wine, Women and War" and the subsequent series improvise some of these events to make Oscar Goldman the individual responsible for authorizing Steve's bionic surgery. In this version, Senator Ed Hill is the one Oscar approaches to get the funds ("Pilot Error"). Dialogue during the opening credits depicts Goldman addressing a group of unidentified men indicating that the capability to create a cyborg now exists and Austin "will be that man".
Note: Dr. Rudy Wells states in "Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman" that when he makes Michael Austin bionic, he has replaced ten ribs with battalion substitutes, "like in [Steve's] body". Rib replacements are however never mentioned in Steve's bionic surgery elsewhere.
The Moon and the Desert - Nurse Manners and Steve

The Moon and the Desert – Nurse Manners and Steve

The Moon and the Desert - Steve firing a gun

The Moon and the Desert – The first mission, to Saudi Arabia

The Moon and the Desert - Steve throwing grenade

The Moon and the Desert – The desert

  • Steve employs his bionic power for practical use for the first time while rescuing a young child from the scene of a traffic accident. Upon seeing exposure of Steve's electronic parts, the mother of the rescued child asks "What are you?" Steve casts doubts on his identity as a cyborg.
Note: This event could be a direct mirroring of the event of Jaime being asked "What is that? What are you?" after saving a girl and then upon exposure of her electronic parts, in the last regular TV episode of the Bionic Woman "On the Run".
  • One of the most powerful men in Israel has been kidnapped by terrorists. He is a vital link to any negotiated settlement in the Mideast. The first mission of Steve is to rescue him from a terrorist camp in Saudi Arabia's Empty Quarter. Austin parachutes down many miles from the camp and proceeds to run the distance, his newfound stamina sustaining him through the heat.
  • However, when Steve reaches his destination he learns that the hostage has been dead for several weeks. After he is taken prisoner, he begins to work out an escape plan with another hostage.
  • Austin and the second hostage manage to escape the camp by stealing an aircraft. Having sustained damage, he is reunited with Jean before being put into electro-sleep once again in order for Wells to repair the damage to his bionics.
  • Back home, Spencer confirms to Wells that Austin has been sent on a combined test/suicide mission to see if he's able to hack it as an agent. If he fails, Spencer says, they can always build a new bionic man.
  • It is highly likely, from the conversation of Oscar and Steve in "The Seven Million Dollar Man", that Oscar is alerted to the trial-and-error nature of this first assignment of Steve.
  • Spencer later asks Dr. Wells whether it is possible to keep Steve asleep indefinitely. Wells expresses immediate distaste of the idea.
  • Oscar Goldman is appointed director of the OSI, succeeding Oliver Spencer.
  • Major Fred Sloan has developed an anti-missile missile defense system to intercept short-range missiles, necessitating as little as three minutes advance warning of an approaching enemy missile. Early performance of the system is erratic. Major Sloan spends one year in 1973 and designs a microwave circuit card, which is the activator, and a separate ignition unit. Unless the activator card is plugged in, the ignition unit is useless. The system is then failsafe ("Day of the Robot").
  • Oscar ruins a ski vacation of Lisa Leitman, computer programmer of the OSI, owing to security issues ("The Cross-Country Kidnap").
  • Harry Green, a long-time friend of Oscar, has since then been building a laser weapon for the US military. An underground testing facility is also being in construction ("The E.S.P. Spy").
  • Dr. Ellis Hatch starts developing a cryptograph analyzer. Plugged into the right computer, the analyzer is expected to break any code in the world. It will cost nearly $40 million, and should be invaluable to NATO's defense once it is proven to work ("The Jailing of Jaime").
  • Dr. Hatch soon realizes that his results are not that agreeable. He starts making fake progress reports ("The Jailing of Jaime").
  • Steve and Dr. Wells abandon an OSI site known as the Still ("Kill Oscar (Part II)").
  • According to Petey Regan, Frank Boylin and himself do their first security armored car job in Philadelphia then. This turns out to be a lie later ("Rancho Outcast").
Sharks - Morgan Grayland

Sharks – Morgan Grayland

  • Max has since then been confined to West Coast lab kennel for observation ("The Bionic Dog").
  • Some time in 1973-76 – It is likely that during this period, Morgan Grayland is still in the Navy. He is working to manipulate the behavior of sharks. The authorities do not share his vision. A diver is later mangled off Key West where Grayland investigates, and maintains that it is not one of the sharks being manipulated by him. However, they authorities do not believe him, and Grayland is court-martialed ("Sharks").
  • Jan-Sep – Steve has been involved in no NASA activities of any substance ("Wine, Women and War").
  • Jan-Sep – Steve is in the same building with Oscar Goldman on 11 separate occasions ("Wine, Women and War").
The Seven Million Dollar Man - File of Barney Hiller

The Seven Million Dollar Man – Barney Hiller is 32 years old when being operated upon.

  • MarDr. Erica Bergner starts letting one of her experimental rats to try out a particular maze. This rat needs eight months to learn. Some of the brain cells of this rat will later to be implanted into the brain of another rat, who would know the maze immediately without any further learning processes ("The Solid Gold Kidnapping").
  • Apr 03 – One hundred kilos of fissionable material is smuggled out of Kiev ("Nuclear Alert").
  • May 01 – Barney Hiller has attained championship in the Indianapolis 500 and 24 Hours of Le Mans. He crashes his race car and loses both arms and legs (18 months prior to "The Seven Million Dollar Man" episode). At some point afterward, Oscar Goldman authorizes the creation of a second cyborg.
  • May-NovThe Company, an international crime organization, has been following the various US ambassadors throughout the world ("The Solid Gold Kidnapping").
  • May-Nov – OSI checks all personnel at all embassies, to no avail. Security is doubled, tripled ("The Solid Gold Kidnapping").
  • Jul – The Soviet Sebring sinks. Her missiles are channeled to be sold by Arlen Findletters later ("Wine, Women and War").


Wine, Women and War


(Sep, 1973)

Wine, Women and War - The underground arsenal

Wine, Women and War – The underground arsenal of international black market arms dealer Arlen Findletter

  • Arlen Findletter, international black market arms dealer, is trying to peddle American and Russian Polaris type missiles. A Russian rocket expert arrives in the Caribbean to talk to Findletter. It is not known if a US Polaris type missile is already in the hands of Findletter.

Wine, Women and War - Tamara and Steve

Wine, Women and War – Tamara and Steve

  • After a mission to steal an arms dealer's catalog in South America goes wrong, resulting in the death of lover Tamara, Col. Steve Austin is resentful when Oscar Goldman tries to get him to go back into the field.
  • Harry Donner, US Air Force officer and friend of Steve, lures him to a vacation home in the Bahamas. Soon, Austin meets up with a Soviet colleague Alexi Kaslov in the resort.
  • (As narrated by Kaslov) – At the night when Arlen Findletter, nuclear weapons dealer, has his ship mysteriously blew up, Steve is seen leaving the zone by means unknown (by submarine).
Wine, Women and War - Wine

Wine, Women and War – Wine,

Wine, Women and War

Wine, Women and War – Women and

Wine, Women and War - War

Wine, Women and War – War

  • (As narrated by Kaslov) – Steve arrives at the Bahamas aboard a flight on which an office in Washington specifically requested a seat next to the Soviet Undersecretary of Special External Security.
  • (As narrated by Kaslov) – Once in Bahamas, Steve's lodgings are conveniently [placed] next door to Soviet mission.
  • These events turn out to be arranged by Donner, who is actually working for Oscar Goldman. Oscar pushes Austin in the direction of arms dealer Arlen Findletter, effectively making Austin continue the mission.
  • Kaslov assigns Soviet agent Katrina Volana to keep Austin out of the way while Kaslov negotiates an arms deal with Findletter. Steve soon finds his way out.
  • Upon realizing Donner's duplicity, Austin punches him in the mouth, but then agrees to work the mission, alongside another OSI agent, Cynthia Holland.
  • Kaslov, blind-folded, is brought by Findletter to what might be the world's largest underground arsenal. Steve follows by hiding at the back of the car. It is soon revealed that Findletter has the SCRB sole-flying missile and the Polaris missile amongst other missiles stolen by Kaslov to be re-sold to the US and the USSR.
  • Donner, believing Austin being an amateur when it comes to the spy game, conducts his own investigation into Findletter.
  • However, Austin soon points him on the right path and tasks him with warning a US Poseidon submarine that its crew is in danger of dying from a poisonous gas planted by Findletter.
  • Steve damages the main electric supply to the underground base of Findletter, and stops the poisonous nerve gas from being released in the submarine.
  • Sep 12 – Steve finds Findletter. His friend Alexi is killed. Steve causes a nuclear detonation, and kills Findletter and all his men, with revenge for his lover Tamara and friend of his Alexi in mind.
Note: This is one of the few circumstances in which Steve kills many people in one go. In the TV series, Steve and especially Jaime are portrayed as trying their best not to kill anyone.


The Solid Gold Kidnapping


(Nov 17, 1973)

The Solid Gold Kidnapping - The Company

The Solid Gold KidnappingThe Company

The Solid Gold Kidnapping - Steve in Mexico

The Solid Gold Kidnapping – Steve in Mexico

The Solid Gold Kidnapping

The Solid Gold Kidnapping – Cameron and the Chairman

  • US Ambassador Scott to Mexico is kidnapped in the Yucatán Peninsula with the ransom price being a million and half dollars. Steve successfully saves the ambassador.
  • The leading US international negotiator William Henry Cameron is taken from a Paris hospital by the crime organization The Company. The ransom demand is $1 billion in gold. Roger Ventriss, a gang member, is murdered by an embittered colleague Julian Peck, and this leads to the only potential lead.
  • Dr. Erica Bergner has developed a new method of transferring brain cells – and therefore memory – from one human to another. She offers to be the recipient of cells from the dead Ventriss in the hope that this will lead to her identifying where Cameron has been taken.
  • Steve and Dr. Bergner travel to Lucerne, Switzerland in response to images that Dr. Bergner has seen following the cell implant. Steve expresses his objections for the reductionism of the approach of Dr Bergner. He stresses that he is more than the sum of [his] parts, implying that as a cyborg, he is still possesses strong and integral individuality.
  • Meanwhile, The Company uses Heathrow Airport, as a staging ground for the transport of a $1 billion gold ransom. Oscar and OSI agent Mel Bristo temporarily station there. From Heathrow, the billion is transported overland to Dover, then Calais, France before making a longer journey across the European continent.
  • Dr. Bergner's implant soon leads them to meet the Contessa de Rojas at a Casino. The Contessa has been the link between the kidnapping gang and Cameron.
  • Back at Dr. Bergner's lab the rat test subject begins to suffer and fail, and Rudy Wells pleads with Oscar to let him warn Dr. Bergner that she may be next.
  • Aboard a ship, The Chairman of The Company plays chess with Cameron, who comes to suspect that he will never be released. Meanwhile Mel Bristol bird-dogs the gold, but The Company makes a switch – they have Cameron and the gold.

The Solid Gold Kidnapping - Contessa de Rojas and Steve

The Solid Gold Kidnapping – Contessa de Rojas and Steve

  • Later, Dr. Bergner begins to suffer side effects to the brain cell transplant but she is eventually able to lead Steve and Oscar to a freighter. Here Steve locates Cameron and frees him. He also captures the Chairman of The Company.
  • 1973-74Viktor Cheraskin, a pilot with the Russian Air Force, starts inventing an anti-equilibrium device which will render foot soldiers dizzy and faint, long enough to be captured and disarmed without being injured. His aim is to develop a humane way to stop bloodshed in war. The project will cost 30 million dollars ("Walk a Deadly Wing").
  • 1973-75 – The OSI makes a duplicate of Colonel Austin's hand, with authentic fingerprints, for some experiments that OSI is doing in space technology. The duplicate hand will soon be stolen ("Steve Austin, Fugitive").
  • Late 1973 – Two attempts are made to get the activator of the anti-missile missile defense system ("Day of the Robot").
  • Late 1973 – Blueprints for the atomic furnace mechanisms were reported missing from Paris ("Nuclear Alert").
  • Late 1973 - early 1974 – Steve is in space with the Russians. During this time, Oscar is negotiating with the Russians on something else. A lot of countries would like to stop these negotiations, which they could by killing Oscar ("Survival of the Fittest").


  • A treaty is in place agreed upon by all the major powers that that no weapons are to be supplied to either side in any confrontation between the new African nations ("Little Orphan Airplane").
Eyewitness to Murder - Prosecutor Lorin Sandusky and body guards

Eyewitness to Murder – Prosecutor Lorin Sandusky and body guards

The Last Kamikaze - Peregrine bomb

The Last Kamikaze – Prototype of Peregrine I

Return of the Robot Maker - Dr

Return of the Robot Maker – Dr. Chester Dolenz

  • Lorin Sandusky, a very special prosecutor, is preparing to present evidence to the grand jury of racketeer Victor Ritchie ("Eyewitness to Murder").
  • International master criminal Quail delivers a laser weapon to politician Mr. Ives. The weapon is deadly, silent, accurate to a distance of 3,000 miles, and without a trace of how it operates or who pulls the trigger ("The Last of the Fourth of Julys").
  • Interpol agent Violette starts to infiltrate the organization of Quail ("The Last of the Fourth of Julys").
  • Dr. Wells and his associates are achieving major breakthroughs at their research center on bionic implants at Mountain Springs, Tennessee ("The Pal-Mir Escort").
  • OSI is alerted that 800 pounds of their plutonium are being smuggled out ("The Seven Million Dollar Man").
  • OSI is preparing to launch a lunar probe ("Straight On 'Til Morning").
  • Oscar disrupts a promising romantic affair of Lisa Leitman, computer programmer of the OSI, owing to security issues. Oscar has to check him out, and he finally [checks] him right out of [her] life ("The Cross-Country Kidnap").
  • Scientist Orin Thatcher is working to perfect a gas formula that would purify the atmosphere in the event of a biological warfare attack ("Lost Love").
  • Orin Thatcher meets Prof. Kosoyin at a symposium in Vienna ("Lost Love").
  • A weapon developing company proposes a Peregrine bomb to the US military ("The Last Kamikaze").
  • Since then, master tapes of top secret information have been stolen and duplicated by an espionage ring. The stolen tapes are sold globally. Transactions always took place in cities where John Perry is playing ("The Song and Dance Spy").
  • The Brahmin Project, regarding a new concentrated energy source developed by the military, should have been running since then. The project base is located in Fort McAllister in Virginia. Since the facility is completed, the military has been running computer-simulated attacks against its defense. The facility can withstand attacks from Green Berets, Sherman tanks, and rockets ("Return of the Robot Maker").
  • Jaime Sommers plays at the charity tennis tournament of Joseph Wrona at his estate ("The Bionic Woman").
The Bionic Woman - Joseph Wrona

The Bionic Woman – Joseph Wrona

Road to Nashville - Buck Buckley

Road to Nashville – Buck Buckley

  • Harvard Medical School graduate Dr. Darwin Jones starts his medication exercises with monks in Tibet. One of the traditional tests in the monastery is walking on burning charcoal ("Biofeedback").
  • A lion named Neil almost has to be killed, as he is considered too wild to fit into the circus. Neil would start to attack upon hearing a trainer's gunshot. Susan Victor adopts him and tames him with a technique known as affection training, assisted by schoolgirl Katie ("Claws").
  • Country music dean Buck Buckley finishes writing music for his Country Opera. During the night before the band is supposed to go into the studio and record the music, somebody breaks in and steals everything. Two months later, it comes as a Rock Opera. Enough alteration of the music forbids Buck from suing for his copyright ("Road to Nashville").
  • Buck starts drinking. He meets Tammy Dalton. One week later, Tammy gives Buck a little tin star. She said That's what you are, Buck. A Star ("Road to Nashville").
  • Buck falls for Tammy. Tammy gives Buck someone to write things for, and starts working with him as his producer ("Road to Nashville").
  • Tammy then moves an entire recording studio into the spread of Buckley when the house is built, as they cannot get the same acoustics in a new studio ("Road to Nashville").
  • Penn Mathers gives Tammy $100,000. With such, Tammy produces an album for Buck. Six months later, they are number one on the charts ("Road to Nashville").
  • 1974-76 – Buckley and Tammy produce six gold albums in these two years. All albums incorporate high-pitched codes of secret information. Information can also be transmitted through the radio ("Road to Nashville").

African Connection - Leona Mombassa

African Connection - Leona Mombassa

  • Some time in 1974-76 – General Azzar launches an unsuccessful coup aiming to take over the government in an African country, the failure likely to be related to exiles getting away to plot against him. He learns that a government must seem to be legitimate so as to be effective, and that it must appear to be truly representative of the people's will ("African Connection").
  • A chimp at the zoo sustains an injury and has both legs paralyzed. Dr. Wells starts research on an implantation technology ("The Bionic Boy").
  • Lisa Galloway starts being the secretary of plastic surgeon Dr. James Courtney, founder of the Courtney Medical Clinic, Methesda, MD ("Mirror Image").
  • John Breuer with his scientist wife Valerie and son Ricky moves from England to the US. Valerie will still retain a UK accent three years later ("Max").
  • NASA is developing undersea earthquake sensors ("Act of Piracy")
  • An office at Parker Street appearing to be such of Oscar begins to run ("The Midas Touch").

Stranger in Broken Fork - Dr

Stranger in Broken Fork – Dr. Angie Walker

  • Dr. Angie Walker is working on a new way of treating depressed mental patients. Her ex-boss, Dr. Freeman, who in charge of the experiment, gets a federal grant and purchases several large homes in various out-of-the-way areas, including one in Broken Fork, Utah. Patients are housed in these homes. Dr. Freeman drops by every week and picks up progress reports ("Stranger in Broken Fork").
  • When Senator Ed Hill is flying into the Luke Air Force Base, the airplane seems to stall at 140 knots at full power. The number four engine is out. Hill and his co-pilot Tom Jeffers do not call it. The vessel crashes. Hill makes it but Jeffers dies. A Board of Inquiry will soon be formed to explain why. Steve will sit in the Board ("Pilot Error").
  • Lithanium is being investigated by Bert Carrington, Mining And Research Division, as a prospective source of energy ("The Midas Touch").
  • Dr. Louis Craig charts a sea terrain near to the shores of Santa Ventura ("Act of Piracy").
  • Victoria Webster, graduate of the University of Texas majoring in journalism, is working at a small independent station KNUZ ("The Peeping Blonde").
  • Steve visits Edwards Air Force Base to serve his Air Force Reserve duty ("The Deadly Test").
  • Owing to a budget cut, OSI terminates the employment of Lester Burstyn ("The Bionic Criminal").
  • Spring – Jaime plays in the finals of Wimbledon ("The Return of the Bionic Woman (Part II)").


The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 1


Population Zero - Steve in Space Suit

Population: Zero – Steve orders a space suit from NASA (with his name imprinted) to explore Norris.

  • Jan 18"Population: Zero" – A high frequency device immobilizes all population in a small town. A Dr. Chris Forbes utilizes narcosynthesis in order to elict the memory of what occurred from the residents. Steve demonstrates the zoom function of his bionic eye for the first time. He also realizes that his bionics are impaired by low temperatures. He encounters Dr. Stanley Bacon, former Chief Officer for a government research project, for the first time.
  • Jan 25"Survival of the Fittest" – Oscar and Steve are trapped on an isolated island in the Pacific, after an accidental air crash. There are a number of survivors and Oscar, fearing that some people do not want his talks with the Russians to succeed, is convinced that one or more of them want to kill him.

Survival of the Fittest - Steve makes arrangements after an aircraft crash

Survival of the Fittest – Steve makes arrangements after an aircraft crash

  • The fear of Oscar soon materializes when a renegade Air Force Major Ralph Cromwell and Navy Commander Ted Maxwell lure him deep into the island. When Oscar is subsequently shot Steve desperately seeks help to save him not knowing that a third traitor is present within the group. Steve soon realizes that his bionic equipments can be used as cautery for a surgical procedure to save Oscar. A mirror remake of this episode – "Fly Jaime" – will air two years later.
  • Feb 02"Operation Firefly" – Steve searches for wireless laser inventor Dr. Samuel Abbott kidnapped and held ransom. Susan, the daughter of Dr. Abbott residing in El Capote, Spain, lends Steve a hand with her Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP). They initially believe that Dr. Abbott is in Madrid, Spain. They travel later to Florida Everglades. Dr. Abbott wrongly put his trust on John Belson, whom he has known for almost 28 years.
  • Feb 08"Day of the Robot"Dr. Chester Dolenz makes his debut in the show, producing a robot duplicate of Major Fred Sloan who has developed the anti-missile missile defense system. Steve encounters a robot for the first time. Major Sloan makes his first and last appearance in this episode, as he will appear as robot only in flashback in "Run, Steve, Run" two months later.

  • Feb 1974 - Apr 1975Dr. Chester Dolenz remains uncaptured ("Run, Steve, Run").
  • Feb 22"Little Orphan Airplane" – The pilot of a US plane catches on photograph weapons and men being supplied to one side of an African country Katara in civil war, which is a direct violation of the existing treaty. The plane went down. Steve travels via Nairobi, Kenya, then Mgunda, to Katara to retrieve the film to be shown to the United Nations. He locates the pilot Josh Perkins, and the damaged plane with the help of Sister Anneti and Sister Terese, and must repair the plane for takeoff before local mercenaries can stop him.
Little Orphan Airplane - Sister Anneti and Sister Terese

Little Orphan Airplane – Sister Terese (left) and Sister Anneti

  • Sister Anneti, happens to be a big fan of Dale Robertson starring in a TV series Tales of Wells Fargo, and timely adopts a plot in the TV series to deal with the local mercenaries in order to protect Josh and Steve. After the conflicts, Steve arranges Sister Anneti to meet up with Dale Robertson in person as a token of thanks.
  • Mar – A crashed plane uncovered by an earthquake is detected by a weather satellite. The pilot should be Carl Austin, father of Steve Austin. The site is two miles from the Chinese border. Secret documents should still be there. If Chinese Communists get hold of the papers, it could destroy the delicate balance of peace between Russia and China then ("The Coward").
  • Mar 01"Doomsday, and Counting" – Steve accompanies friend of his Colonel Vasily Zhukov to save Vasily's fiancée under the ruins of a self-destructing nuclear weapon installation in the USSR. Russian scientist Irina Leonova makes her debut.

Doomsday, and Counting - Three minutes left

Doomsday, and Counting – With technical information relayed to him by telephone from General Koslenko and through the use of the Geiger–Müller counter in his bionic arm, Steve short-circuits and destroys the computer with only two seconds to go before detonation.

  • Mar 08"Eyewitness to Murder" – In this debut appearance of John Hopper, Steve witnesses a murderer walking away with solid alibi. This murder attempt is actually made on special prosecutor Lorin Sandusky who will present evidence against racketeer Victor Ritchie. Only with keen observation through his bionic eye does he discover that Hopper is blessed with an identical twin brother.
Solid alibi

Eyewitness to Murder – Appearing live in a local talk show, John Hopper bears a solid alibi.

The Rescue of Athena One - Major Kelly Wood

The Rescue of Athena One – Major Kelly Wood

  • Mar 15"The Rescue of Athena One" – In this first appearance of Major Kelly Wood, she becomes the first woman in space. However, a blast damages her ship Athena One. She docks the crippled space capsule with the orbiting Skylab, then waits for the arrival of a rescue team and doctor. However, the explosion has jammed the capsule’s hatch, trapping Woods and Major Osterman inside. Steve realizes that zero-gravity impairs his bionic powers. Calvin Billings (Capcom), capsule communicator of the space center, makes his first appearance.
  • Mar 29"Dr. Wells is Missing" – Wells, while presuming to travel to Austria to receive an honorary doctorate degree from his alma mater, is held captive in Mondsee, Austria, by Alfredo Tucelli, a businessman and crime lord. Dr. Wells is pressed to release the secrets of bionics. Help from one of his equipments is round the corner.
  • Apr 12"Burning Bright" – Astronaut Josh Lang finds himself capable of communicating with dolphins in an aquarium after he encounters an unearthly electromagnetic field in space. He fails, despite the help of Steve, to let go an unpleasant childhood memory of his, leading to a tragic outcome. Josh can be said to be the second person in the SMDM/BW series with ESP, as he can perceive the thoughts of Calvin Billings and a Deputy Sheriff. We might say that his powers after the electromagnetic exposure go beyond ESP, as he also controls motor power functions of others. Calvin Billings reprises here.
  • Apr 19"The Coward" – Steve travels to retrieve secret documents from an aircraft crash site in the Chinese border, and to investigate whether his biological father Caption Carl Austin does bail out of the aircraft during the Second World War. Steve is initially assisted by the experienced local climber Chin-Ling, and later by a tribe leader who discloses the facts of his father's final days to him. Helen Elgin, Steve's mother, makes her first appearance here.
The Coward - Steve believing that his father did bail out

The Coward – Steve believing that his father did bail out

Run, Steve, Run - Captured by Dr

Run, Steve, Run – Captured by Dr. Dolenz

  • Apr 26"Run, Steve, Run" – Steve encounters two nemeses – Dr. Dolenz, the robot maker, and Dr. Stanley Bacon, former Chief Officer for a government research project – again. The bionic powers of Steve are being investigated before he is to be terminated.
  • Apr 1974 - Jan 1975 – Dolenz remains uncaptured until "Return of the Robot Maker".
  • MaySuzie Lund enters a rodeo in Canab ("Run, Steve, Run").
  • Jun 30"The Last of the Fourth of Julys" – Steve is torpedoed to the shores of the facility of Quail, who sets about to employ a satellite-controlled laser to eliminate a political party gathered in Paris.
There are various time points in this episode. Oscar clearly mentions that Tomorrow is the first of July after the various training programs of Steve. We thus put the date of the episode at Jun 30.
  • Jul - Sep – Scientists David Tate and Nicole Simmons take a cell regeneration serum developed by themselves, and commence their cryogenic sleep in their space capsule. Their planned duration of cryogenic sleep is one year ("The Pioneers").


The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 2


The Bionic Woman (Part II) - On plane back to Ojai

The Bionic Woman (Part II) – On plane back to Ojai

  • Sep 13"Nuclear Alert" – Steve and atomic bomb scientist Dr. Clea Broder are abducted and brought on board an aircraft together with an atomic bomb to be delivered to a foreign nation. Apart from retrieving the bomb, Steve also has to race against time as the Air Force is intercepting the plane.
The Pioneers - David Tate

The Pioneers – David Tate with overdose of a serum

Pilot Error - Airman Jill Denby

Pilot Error – Airman Jill Denby

  • Sep 20"The Pioneers" – David Tate and Nicole Simmons have their space capsule crashed, and awaken from their cryogenic sleep, only to find that excessive serum dosage renders David in a hyperactive and aggressive state.
  • Sep 27"Pilot Error" – Steve is blinded by splashing of gasoline in a small plane with Senator Ed Hill as the pilot. Upon forcing to land on a isolated island, Steve works with Hill to repair the plane. They clear a runway and they take off. Steve must fly literally blind, using his fingers on the dials, the eyes of Greg Hill the son of Ed Hill, and an air-traffic controller named Denby. It is revealed that Ed Hill is the one Oscar approaches to get the six million dollars to render Steve bionic.
  • Oct – Scientist Orin Thatcher has been assumed to be killed in a plane crash at sea since then. It is said that Thatcher is on his way to a conference in Lisbon when his plane goes down. All the OSI can find is wreckage. Thatcher has with him all of his notes and top secret information ("Lost Love").
  • Oct – John Hopper dies in prison ("Steve Austin, Fugitive").
  • Oct 1994 - Jan 1995 – Orin Thatcher is actually at the Bagarian Embassy ("Lost Love").
  • OctCheryl Osborne, daughter of scientist Carl Osborne who has sold scientific secrets to the Russians, starts her research in an intelligence-enhancing drug, in Dove Island. Dr. Wells has known her since she was a little girl, and has worked with her father ("The Most Dangerous Enemy").
  • Oct 04"The Pal-Mir Escort"Salka Pal-Mir, the prime minister of Eretz receives a bionic heart transplantation, rendering her the third human and the fourth living being (after Max the bionic dog, Steve Austin, and Barney Hiller) to have any bionic implant.
  • Nov 01"The Seven Million Dollar Man" – Steve Austin meets Barney Hiller, the world's second bionic man, who encounters difficulties to make the best use of his bionic powers. Nurse Carla Peterson becomes the love of Hiller.

  • Nov 08"Straight On 'Til Morning" – Steve offers his hands to a peaceful alien family trapped on Planet Earth. They are unaware that because of their inherent radioactivity, their touch can do great physical harm to human beings, and vice-versa. Steve befriends the alluring Minonee, while her father, mother, and brother die from their contact with humans. Minonee and Steve can touch without harm – with Steve's bionic hand.
  • Nov 15"The Midas Touch" – Doubts are casted on Oscar who seems to be shifting gold from a government mine to his own disposal. His close friend Bert Carrington seems to be planning to smuggle the gold. Does Oscar really have the Midas touch? Julie Farrell debuts as the then secretary of Oscar.
Deadly Replay - Steve finally conquers his fear

The Deadly Replay – Steve finally conquers his fear.

Act of Piracy - Steve trapped in the diving bell

Act of Piracy – Steve trapped in the diving bell

  • Nov 22"The Deadly Replay" – The lifting body HL-10 reprises. Oscar and Steve suspect intentional interventions leading to the initial crash. Steve believes that the replay can proceed, with the objective of tricking those responsible into revealing themselves.
  • Dec – The weapon developing company has been able to complete a working prototype of Peregrine I at their South Pacific Laboratory. The bomb is aboard a plane which crashes into a Pacific island. The bomb can be detonated by a small explosion or the intense heat of a fire ("The Last Kamikaze").
  • Dec 13"Stranger in Broken Fork" – A bionic mishap renders Steve partly amnesic. He wanders in the Colorado mountains, and meets clinical psychologist Dr. Angie Walker. Angie establishes a recovery home for psychiatric patients, much to the resentment of neighboring countrymen. Steve subsequently assists Angie to win the trust of these fellows.
  • While in amnesia in "Stranger in Broken Fork", Steve gets an exposed view of his electronic right forearm, and asks the question "What am I?" which echoes the "What are you?" he is asked in 1973 ("The Six Million Dollar Man and the "What are you?" Jaime is asked in 1978 ("On The Run").
  • Late 1974 - Early 1975Peggy Callahan attains a Master's degree in political science ("Steve Austin, Fugitive").
  • Mid-Dec – Steve starts travelling in an advanced oceanographic research vessel (12 days and 12 nights before "Act of Piracy").
  • Late Dec – The government of Caribbean nation Santa Ventura abruptly breaks off diplomatic relations with the US. The entire US Second Fleet is on its way to face the crisis ("Act of Piracy").
  • Late Dec"Act of Piracy" – Steve is lending a hand to earthquake scientists Dr. Louis Craig and Sharon Ellis to take deep sea measurements in the ocean. However, their ship is captured, and the diving bell of Steve is cut apart while he is deep down in the open sea. The first use of Code Snow White by Oscar. Julie Farrell last seen here.
Note: "Act of Piracy aired on Dec 06. However, Steve wishes Julio, a member of the anti-government forces in Santa Ventura, Merry Christmas. We thus postulate that this adventure occurs in late December.

The Peeping Blonde - Victoria Webster

The Peeping Blonde – Victoria Webster

  • Dec 20"The Peeping Blonde" – Reporter Victoria Webster films Steve demonstrating his bionic powers, and follows Steve and Oscar on a vacation in the California desert of Baja to explore further. Amateur archeology is disclosed as an interest of Oscar.
  • Dec 24 – Steve has day-before-Christmas lunch with Oscar ("A Bionic Christmas Carol").
  • 1974-77 – Dave McGrath, Administrator of NASA, is commended by President Gerald R. Ford ("Deadly Countdown").
Note: Ford presides until Jan 20, 1977, long before the "Deadly Countdown" crisis.


  • It is highly likely that Victoria Webster is then working in a major broadcasting company in Washington, as refereed by Oscar ("The Peeping Blonde").

The Cross-Country Kidnap - Lisa Leitman

The Cross-Country Kidnap – Lisa Leitman

  • Owing to security issues raised by Oscar, Lisa Leitman, computer programmer of the OSI, is not buying any ticket to the annual CIA Ball ("The Cross-Country Kidnap").
  • Arnold Blake is an ex-Green Beret gone sour. He has been operating in Asia, on a free-lance basis for a number of years, as a hit man, courier, and enforcer ("The Cross-Country Kidnap").
  • OSI agent Barney Barnes develops a set of gadgets for Steve – a bulletproof glove, an attaché case which houses three bombs with each bomb flying off in a different direction and exploding at different times, and, Le piece de resistance, a bulletproof vest ("Return of the Robot Maker").
  • Dr. Chester Dolenz has produced another robot for which [every] human detail has been painstakingly reproduced. [The] robot eats and drinks, [as Dolenz have] installed an incinerator to burn up all of the fuels and foods ingested by the body. [The robot] blinks, [and] can even simulate breathing ("Return of the Robot Maker").
  • The Omega Project investigating the most advanced laser technologies with holographic targeting is being run by the OSI ("Look Alike").
  • Jarecki, a Yugoslavian with super ESP abilities, is experimenting with power boosters attached to his brain, so that he can read someone's thoughts as far as five or six miles away. He tries to get asylum in the US, but is kidnapped by Dr. Randolph ("The E.S.P. Spy").

The E.S.P

The E.S.P. Spy – The debut of the powers of Audrey Moss

  • The California research laboratory where Harry Green is working has got the tightest security. The employees are changed every three months at the underground testing facility. Harry Green begins to think about a laser pulse regulator a couple of times, but never puts it down on paper ("The E.S.P. Spy").
  • If one Logan does not solve the rotation velocity problem on the microwave probe, Oscar is thinking about firing him ("The E.S.P. Spy").
  • Oscar would like to have his budget increased to 15 million. Otherwise, the high resolution holography project is going to be cancelled ("The E.S.P. Spy").
  • There exists around four to five known super extrasensory perceptives in the whole world ("The E.S.P. Spy").
  • The grandmother of Audrey Moss is in Los Angeles. She bowls 210 regularly and is a vegetarian ("The E.S.P. Spy").
  • Helen and Jim Elgin have seen Gone with the Wind five times by then ("The Bionic Woman").
  • Two underworld families are doing business, one with some top classified materials stolen, the other with some top military equipment stolen ("The Return of the Bionic Woman").
  • Dr. Michael Marchetti hits 90% success for cryogenic procedures with the rhesus monkeys ("The Return of the Bionic Woman").
The Return of the Bionic Woman - Dr

The Return of the Bionic Woman – Dr. Michael Marchetti

The Return of the Bionic Woman (Part II) - Carlton Harris and Jaime

The Return of the Bionic Woman (Part II) – Carlton Harris and Jaime

The White Lightening War - Rattlesnake bite

The White Lightning War – Rattlesnake bite

  • Carlton Harris, an American national with a huge oil refinery on the free Caribbean island of Melanique is arming a group of militants who in return, will give him more oil holdings as soon as they take power. The Melanique government will soon ask the US to intervene. However, US cannot punch on the face of Harris as he is on foreign soil ("The Return of the Bionic Woman (Part II)").
  • Jaime beats Billie Jean King at Forest hills ("Welcome Home, Jaime").
  • Karen Stone begins teaching in the Ventura Air Force Base school ("Welcome Home, Jaime").
  • Elizabeth, the wife of Dr. Alan Cory, dies. She used to have telekinetic abilities. When she knows that she is dying, she promises Cory that she will try to contact him from beyond the grave. Since then, Dr. Cory has become very temperamental and very secretive ("The Ghosthunter").
  • Oscar is asked to cut the OSI budget by $570,000 ("The Wolf Boy").
  • Kutan's Prime Minister Chadal is planning to kill Prince Sakari. With the Prince killed, Chadal can take over the country easily when the King dies ("The Deadly Test").
  • A very highly placed general has become privy to OSI's bionic experiments. He looks to the time when US might need 100 bionic men, all bionically deactivated in peace time, and reactivated in the event of a national emergency ("The Bionic Criminal").
  • A micro-processing unit assembled on a single silicone chip is developed. No bigger than a grain of rice, it contains 5,400 transistors, and is capable of performing 100,000 operations a second ("The Blue Flash").
  • Gordy, husband of Middy, is working for Beau Willis out to the big refinery. He does what he is told, until two agents start getting killed. The word gets out that there is a third agent, namely Ted Sullivan. Gordy goes to Sulllivan, telling everything he knows. They get caught together. Gordy is then bit by a rattlesnake, and dies. Before dying, Gordy tells Middy to keep on fighting Willis ("The White Lightning War").
  • The son of Gordy and Middy is in college in Atlanta. ("The White Lightning War").
  • Dr. Burns is investigating telepathy of twins. She tests twins Margaret Wagner and Davey Wagner when they are ten years old, and finds that their responses correlate at 100% ("The Ghostly Teletype").
  • Dr. Brandes defects to the US, contributing mainly to the Delta Circuit module of the Delta Satellite Project. Technological advancement is one of the reasons why she defects ("In This Corner, Jaime Sommers").
  • Dr. Brandes will be put under two guards at all times, and four when she is outside ("In This Corner, Jaime Sommers").
In This Corner, Jaime Sommers - April Armitage stops Dr. Brandes (lying) from escaping.

In This Corner, Jaime Sommers – April Armitage stops Dr. Brandes (lying) from escaping.

The Last Kamikaze - Kuroda contemplates Seppuku

The Last Kamikaze – Kuroda contemplating Seppuku

  • Dr. Emil Losey, a scientist working on a hydrogen fusion generator, retires. He soon kicks a major breakthrough while working secretly ("The Winning Smile").
  • It is likely that Irina Leonova is developing the Venus Space Probe ("Death Probe").
  • John Cross leaves his wife and daughter in Vietnam ("Beyond the Call").
  • The father of Lyle Cannon dies ("The Night Demon").
  • Dr. William Cole is working on an ABM Project, he takes time off for the Pendleton Round-Up. A bronc tosses him on his head. The concussion sets the program back seven weeks ("Rodeo").
  • The brother, husband and son of OSI scientist Valerie Breuer are killed after a plane crash. They could have been saved if they have carried an advanced homing device ("Max").
  • 1975-77 – Valerie Breuer invents the Maxicomp Computer for Max. This device can soon monitor all the vital signs of Max, and indicate his exact location up to 50 km away. However, it is possible to jam the homing device on Max's leg by high frequency waves and negative feedback ("Max").
  • 1975-77 – In the Calgary Stampede, Dr. William Cole sustains a busted arm, which slows the Alpha-Six Studies ("Rodeo").
  • Jan – Oscar commences establishing a cover to spy on Marius Stenger, an international dealer of counterfeit bills, arms, and military secrets ("The Ultimate Imposter").
  • Jan – Oscar sends agents to a Pacific Island to recover the nuclear warhead Peregrine I lost in a plane crash. The agents are attacked as they approach the crash. The only survivor of that plane crash reports that he sees a wild man in a Japanese uniform taking the warhead from the plane ("The Last Kamikaze").
  • Jan – US Consul Frederick Collins starts to negotiate with the Independent Balinderry Army, Unit 10, with the hope of returning peace to the Dominion of Balinderry, an island country ("Outrage in Balinderry").
  • Jan 10"The Cross-Country Kidnap" – Lisa Leitman pioneers a computer program to communicate with a network of international agents. When she rides a horse in an cross-country match anticipating entry into the Olympics, Steve is assigned as her bodyguard.
  • Around Jan 11 – A plastic surgery is performed on a John Dine, a well educated man who has been the captain of the boxing team at Princeton, to create an impostor of Steve Austin ("Look Alike").

Lost Love - Barbara Thatcher

Lost Love – Barbara Thatcher

  • Jan 17"Lost Love" – Steve's romantic heart beats for his ex-love and now presumably widowed Barbara Thatcher, some six months before arrival of his true love Jaime into the scene.
  • Jan 19"The Last Kamikaze" – Steve is sent to retrieve a nuclear warhead in a Pacific jungle island near to the Philippines. He has Tomas Gabella who knows the area well and knows Japanese as his guide. Steve will soon meet Kuroda – a Japanese Kamikaze pilot who is convinced that World War II is not over.
  • Jan 26"Return of the Robot Maker" – Dr. Dolenz resurfaces one last time with a new robot duplicate of Oscar Goldman in tow. Goldman is kidnapped and replaced with the robot impostor (the first time Goldman being replaced by a robot). The robot successfully steals several OSI top secret files until Steve solves the case and defeats the robot. Dolenz is finally taken into custody by the authorities.

Return of the Robot Maker

Return of the Robot Maker – The sweaty Oscar and the sweatless robot. Note that the last photo depicts a steel bar to be featured in the 1977 version of the SMDM action figure.

  • Feb"The Bionic Woman" Prologue – Steve is sent to Europe to retrieve a stolen $20 bill printing plate that was stolen from the Denver mint. His mission eventually leads him to the Hungarian border where he observes a wealthy crime-boss Joseph Wrona and his right-hand man Timberlake as they purchase the money plate.

Bionic Woman Prologue - Wrona Looking at Steve

Prologue of The Bionic Woman – Wrona taking an unforgettable look at Steve

  • Upon the transaction, Steve pursues the Wrona's armored truck and eventually hops on back and breaks the strap lock around the case. The break in triggers a security alarm that only the driver and his passenger can hear. Wrona gets a good look at Steve through his night vision telescope and orders Timberlake to double back while Steve runs off with the case containing the plate.
  • They search for Steve but are unable to catch him due to his bionic speed. Wrona believes he's seen Steve's face before and swears he will not rest until he finds him and kills him.
Note: The events of this incident is seen during the opening prologue of SMDM "The Bionic Woman (episode)". During the latter half of "The Bionic Woman (Part II)" when Joseph Wrona finally catches up to Steve, he specifies that it's been seven months since he stole his printing plate.
  • Feb-Jun – The Secretary of the Treasury would like to present a plaque to Steve for his recovering the stolen $20 bill printing plate ("The Bionic Woman").
  • Some time in Feb-Sep – Kuroda starts to work in a Japanese shoe store owned by Shige Ishikawa ("The Wolf Boy").
Taneha - Finally captured by Steve

Taneha – Finally captured by Steve

The E.S.P

The E.S.P. Spy – Audrey Moss and Steve

  • Feb 02"Taneha" – The first time in the show featuring a cougar – as the last golden cougar near extinction. Steve is called upon to help an old friend of his after livestock is being threatened and a ranger has been killed.
  • End of Feb – One of the satellites of the US takes an aerial photograph as it flies over the Ukraine. The photo depicts an exact duplicate of the design of Harry Green for the underground laser testing facility ("The E.S.P. Spy").
  • Feb 23"Look Alike" – Steve encounters a duplicate impostor and meets Agent Marcus Grayson. Sooner or later, he will realize that Grayson is hired by Oscar, and is on his same side. Steve and Marcus soon take on their adversaries in a boxing arena.
  • Mar 02"The E.S.P. Spy" – Steve meets Audrey Moss, the third person with ESP in the series, and teams up with the young telepath to find the people responsible for stealing confidential information regarding a subterranean laser weapon.
  • Apr 20"Outrage in Balinderry" – While at a NATO briefing in Brussels, US Consul Frederick Collins learns that his wife has been kidnapped by forces purported to be associated with Unit 10 of the Independent Balinderry Arm. Stewardess Julia Flood liaises with Steve to save the wife of Frederick. They will soon be captured following a raid on a secret meeting.
  • Apr 26 – Peggy Callahan receives several door locks sent by her mother. She duly asks the janitor staff to install all in her apartment ("Steve Austin, Fugitive").
  • Apr 26 – Callahan starts to serve the OSI as Oscar Goldman's secretary. She will serve the longest term in the SMDM/BW series in the capacities of not only a secretary but also a loyal and dependable comrade of Oscar, Steve, and Jaime. Her birthday is April 07 (from driver's license in "Which One Is Jaime?", year of birth unknown).

Peggy Callahan in Kill Oscar

Peggy Callahan – Much more than an average secretary for Oscar

Note: The episodes "Outrage in Balinderry" and "Steve Austin, Fugitive" were both produced and set before the events on "The Bionic Woman" but for reasons unknown, they were broadcast after "The Bionic Woman", which falsely gave the impression that Steve got over Jaime's death too quickly.
  • Jun – Oscar starts to notice that secret information is leaking out from the OSI. It's gone through several intermediaries. It's gotten into the wrong hands. It's obviously an inside job ("Clark Templeton O'Flaherty").
  • Jun – Oscar checks all personnel that's worked with OSI for the past year. He will soon notify the Secretary ("Clark Templeton O'Flaherty").



The Bionic Woman (Two-part episode)


  • Jun – An Air Force plane crashes, killing both pilots who are known to Steve ("The Bionic Woman").
  • Jun – Jul"The Bionic Woman" – Steve Austin relocates back to Ojai and buys Marsden Ranch which holds fond memories for him, including those of fishing at the creek near the property before the old man Marsden passes away. . He meets up with his mother Helen Elgin and step-father Jim Elgin (who makes his appearance in as late as this episode). Steve and Jaime are reunited after four years of no contact.

  • Joseph Wrona screens photos of all Interpol agents, none of whom found to be resembling his foe ("The Bionic Woman).
The Bionic Woman - Wedding news in the Ojai Valley News

The Bionic Woman – Betrothal announced in the Ojai Valley News

  • Steve: Now, about that kiss we were talking about. Jaime: What about it? Steve: No more footballs. Jaime: No...' ("The Bionic Woman").
  • Steve: It's been fun, Lots of laughs, Jaime. It always is when friends meet again. But lately, it's gone flat for me, Jaime. I don't like seeing you now and then. Our friendship is finished that's true. But there's hope, a way to make it through. Because, sweet Jaime, I love you. I never want to say goodbye to you.
  • Jaime and Steve contemplate marriage. Jim Elgin, stepfather of Steve and legal guardian of Jaime, is expected to give the bride away. Helen Elgin, biological mother of Steve and legal guardian of Jaime, is helping with the wedding arrangements.
  • Jaime sustains a near fatal skydiving accident. Oscar approaches General Fuller for authorization to rebuild Jaime with bionic enhancements ("Canyon of Death").

Jaime - Accident

The Bionic Woman – Opening sequence

  • Dr. Rudy Wells administers the operative procedures.
  • The costs for the procedures are probably a little less than Six Million US Dollars, as, according to Oscar, [Jaime's] parts are smaller ("Welcome Home, Jaime").
  • After the operation, Jaime is equipped with a bionic right ear giving her amplified hearing such that she can detect most sounds regardless of volume or frequency, a bionic right arm capable of bending steel and throwing objects to great distances, and bionic legs allowing her to run up to 60 miles hour-1.

The Bionic Women - Opening sequence - Operation

The Bionic Woman – Opening sequence

  • Jul"The Bionic Woman (Part II)" – Before Steve returns the plate that is stolen from the Denver Mint, Janus Banakowski figures a way through computer technology to make a duplicate plate. He has delivered the plate to Joseph Wrona. After training, Jaime Sommers goes on her first mission for the OSI, to recover the plate.

  • Despite a fight with Wrona and his gang, the bionic couple do recover the plate. They fly back to Ojai to arrange their wedding.
  • Jaime develops spasm on her bionic arm, and severe headache. Rudy diagnoses a blood clot in her brain owing to bionic rejection. An elective operation is planned to remove the blood clot.
  • Jaime finds her headache intolerable, and flees from the hospital. Steve brings her back for emergency operation. Before a hole can be made on Jaime's skull, Jaime succumbs on table due to massive bleeding inside the skull.
Bionic Woman (Part 2) - Jaime succumbed

The Bionic Woman (Part II) – Jaime succumbs.

  • Unknown to Steve Austin, however, new cryogenic technology is used to keep her body functions active until the blood clot is repaired.
  • Jaime remains unconscious for months, during which time Wells and his team nearly lose her on five separate occasions. Wells and Goldman choose not to inform Austin of any of these.
  • Austin and his parents mourn the loss of Jaime, whose death appears to become public knowledge (based upon comments in "The Return of the Bionic Woman").
  • Aug – Oscar Goldman starts to protect Prince Sakari ("The Deadly Test").
  • Aug 09 – Barney Hiller, the world's second bionic man, marries Carla Peterson ("The Bionic Criminal").
  • Sep – The bionic legs of Steve should have accumulated 20,000 mileage by then ("The Return of the Bionic Woman").
  • Sep – Lester Burstyn has been going undercover since then ("The Bionic Criminal").
  • SepEd Carpenter, good friend of Steve, begins being on the docks. He manages to locate the Pier where microprocessors are to be smuggled in. With these chips, enemies can build mini-computers that could literally pick the brains of US's defense system computers ("The Blue Flash").
  • Mid-late 1975 – Lester Burstyn calls Barney Hiller, trying to manipulate his bionic parts or powers ("The Bionic Criminal").


The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 3



The Return of the Bionic Woman (Two-part episode)


  • Sep"The Return of the Bionic Woman" – Still grieving the loss of Jaime, Austin undertakes a routine mission but a freak accident causes massive damage to his bionic legs, forcing him to be airlifted to Wells' bionics facility in Washington where reconstruction takes place. Before falling unconscious for several days, Austin sees Jaime Sommers lying in a hospital room.

  • Based on dialogue in "The Return of the Bionic Woman" an undisclosed amount of time passes during which Austin recuperates; he is wheelchair-bound for at least a week. During his time in the wheelchair, he spots Jaime again but is unable to get Wells or Goldman to believe him.
The Return of the Bionic Woman - Steve and Jaime running

The Return of the Bionic Woman – Steve and Jaime running

The Return of the Bionic Woman - Steve and Jaime swimming

The Return of the Bionic Woman – Steve and Jaime swimming

  • Some time later, Austin regains the ability to use his legs and during a practice run once again spots Jaime and is finally able to convince his friends to tell him the truth. At this point (early September) Jaime has been conscious for only two days and it is discovered that she has sustained a certain level of amnesia. Specifically, the sensory, motor, and language regions of her brain are functionally intact, but some degree of damage has occurred to the temporal lobes of her brain, which govern memory.
  • Jaime and Steve kindle a new relationship as he mentors her in the use of her bionics. Dr. Michael Marchetti, meanwhile, develops a liking for Jaime.
Note: At some point during the preceding events, both Steve and Jaime are evidently relocated to another bionics facility in California, based upon its proximity within driving distance to Ojai and visible geographical features inconsistent with a DC locale; it isn't the Colorado Springs facility, as this is defined as a different location in "The Return of the Bionic Woman (Part II)".
  • Sep 21"The Return of the Bionic Woman (Part II)"
  • Steve: Sweet Jaime I'll love you forever. I know we'll never part. I love you like I've loved no other. Make room for me in your heart.
  • Austin and Jaime travel to their hometown Ojai in hopes of sparking memories, without apparent success as attempts by Jaime to remember her past life result in pain-memories of her blood clot. This forces Jaime to be briefly hospitalized at the local Air Force hospital where Wells and Marchetti have set up shop.

  • Jaime requests to be sent on an OSI mission and is sent into the field with Austin. The mission requires her to parachute jump for the first time since her accident. Her memory problems, however, cause her to fail the mission, but not before attracting the attention of industrialist Carlton Harris. Austin decides to step back from his relationship with Jaime, and she is sent to Wells' Colorado Springs facility for further recuperation. Jaime and Marchetti will end their relationship at a later date.
  • Oct 1975 - Jan 1976 – A class of students in the Ventura Air Force Base school manages to chew up four substitute teachers in this period ("Welcome Home, Jaime").
The Song and Dance Spy - John Perry

The Song and Dance Spy

Target in the Sky - Steve as lumberjack

Target in the Sky – Steve as lumberjack

The Bionic Criminal - Barney Hiller Using Left Bionic Arm

The Bionic Criminal – The bionic left arm of Barney Hiller in action

  • Oct 05"The Song and Dance Spy" – John Perry, the former college roommate of Steve, is now a famous entertainer. Oscar suspects Perry of being a courier of stolen government secrets, working for an international espionage ring. During a trip to the Far East, Austin sets out to clear his good friend's name.
  • Early Oct – Since then, Kelly Wixted has not been able to cough out salaries to all of her workers ("Target in the Sky").
  • Oct 12"The Wolf Boy" – Steve encounters Kuroda – the Second World War Kamikaze pilot rescued to the modern world – for the last time in this episode, when a boy presumably raised by wolves on an island Hoyoko in Japan is suspected to be son of a late US Ambassador in Japan.
  • Oct 19"The Deadly Test" – A subversive electronics system is set up outside Edwards Air Force Base, aimed at destroying student pilot Prince Sakari's plane, but mistakenly fells a jet piloted by student David Levy, who is from a hostile neighboring country. Steve is serving his Air Force Reserve duty. He replaces the Prince to determine the origins of the electronics system.
  • Mid-Oct – OSI agent Ben Cosgrove is on vacation in the mountains. He reports to OSI that he sees a SX-5 Radio Guidance Antenna sticking up on one of the trees near a lumber camp. He goes in for a closer look, and is then missing ("Target in the Sky").
  • Oct 26"Target in the Sky" – A plot is in place to install a missile plant near a lumbar camp, targeted at shooting Air Force Two. Steve learns that foreman Jeremy Burke is involved. Dr. Morton Craig arrives at the lumber camp just as the plane with key men in the President's cabinet on board, is due to fly over.
  • Nov 02 - "One of Our Running Backs is Missing" – Steve's high school pal and now celebrity ruby player Larry Bronco is captured before an important match. At stake are the lives of Larry and Steve and also unfair gambling outcomes.
  • Nov 09"The Bionic Criminal" – Barney Hiller's bionics are temporarily reactivated to assess the outcomes of reactivation-deactivation. In a rage, he believes himself having killed an automobile figure. His wife (Carla, his previous nurse) is captured as hostage. Barney resorts to engage in criminal activities.
  • Nov 16"The Blue Flash" – Steve becomes a longshoreman to follow the lead of a missing OSI agent. Being smuggled are ultra-sensitive detecting devices, which Steve can detect by moving his bionic hand over such, with a blue flash being beamed to his bionic eye. He soon retrieves the tins with the detectors, and rushes to take one tin to liberate a nice lady Mrs. Cook held hostage. Steve also lends his bionic hand to repair a damaged toy bike for son of Mrs. Cook, being too late to regret that more damaged toys are on their way for a bionic reconstruction too.
  • Nov 23"The White Lightning War" – Ted Sullivan, childhood friend of Steve, is killed by a snake bite as an agent. Steve braves to explore the small Georgia town Morgantown which is being monopolized by a Bo Willis. Assisted by a kind woman Middy, whose husband is previously killed by snake bite too, Steve fights against a snake bit gang smuggling moonshine, also known as white lightning, which extends connections all the way to Washington.

Divided Loyalty - Across The Gorge

Divided Loyalty – Across the gorge

  • Nov 30"Divided Loyalty" – Steve assists solar energy scientist Dr. Leon Jackson defected to Russia for a woman he has loved to return to the States. However, the scientist's son Alex refuses to leave initially. When he finally nods his head, Russian soldiers are on the way to block the passage. The trio has to walk in a dense pine tree forest, and cross a gorge with ropes and a grappling hook. Dr. Jackson develops post-concussion blindness during conflicts with the Russian army. This episode is mirrored by the BW episode "Escape to Love".
  • Dec 14"Clark Templeton O'Flaherty" – Steve helps an OSI janitor and handball partner Clark O'Flaherty to reclaim his reputation. O'Flaherty declares that he is an undercover agent working for a secret government agency known as OGA, which proves to be true. The bionic eye of Steve is put into a novel dimension of application here. We see the first triple agent in the series.
  • 1975-77 – Max has had 20 trainers in this period ("The Bionic Dog").
  • Dec 24 – Steve has day-before-Christmas lunch with Oscar ("A Bionic Christmas Carol").
  • Late 1975 – Callahan meets Dr. Gene Finney, a dental surgeon, at a party, and has been seeing him very often ever since. They are more or less engaged. Gene gives Callahan a pendant that belonged to his grandmother. Some time later, Dr. Finney also gives a dog as a present to Callahan ("The Winning Smile").

The Winning Smile - Dentition of Callahan examined for bug

The Winning Smile – Dentition of Callahan examined for bug

  • Late 1975 – Dr. Finney fills a cavity in Callahan's lower right molar ("The Winning Smile").
  • Late 1975 – The name of Kim, daughter of Major John Cross, appears in a list of war orphans. With some pressure on the Red Cross, Oscar manages to bring Kim over to reunite with her father Major John Cross ("Beyond the Call").
Note: In circa late 1975 to early 76, for reasons unknown, Rudy Wells records a recollection of the events surrounding Austin's crash, including detail of his prior Moon mission (referred to by Wells as "Moonshot XYZ") and his first OSO/OSI mission. This refers to the narration heard in the "Moon and the Desert" version of the pilot film, which ends with Wells stating that three years had passed since Austin became bionic.


Welcome Home, Jaime (Part II) - Donald Harris

Welcome Home, Jaime (Part II) – Donald Harris

A Thing of the Past - Harry Anderson

A Thing of the Past – Harry Anderson

  • Industrial designer Charles Butler is working on Project Rebound, a classified sonar device that the US Navy is building for its nuclear submarines ("Welcome Home, Jaime (Part II)").
  • During a civil war in Costa Bravo, a kid Julio's parents are killed by the guerrillas ("Angel of Mercy").
  • Harry Anderson should have been driving the school bus for the future class of Jaime by then ("A Thing of the Past").
  • There has not been a cougar in Ojai Valley for years. This is achieved only after over 20 years of effort ("Claws").
  • The Military Early Warning System (MEWS) is in place by then. The ballistic component is in place in 1959. The year of installation of the entire system in The Bionic World is unknown ("The Deadly Missiles").
  • J.T. Connor and Warren Rayker have developed a radar jamming device. They show the plans to people in the Pentagon. Experts in the Pentagon say that the system cannot possibly work ("The Deadly Missiles").
  • The Falcon Circuit suddenly disappears. It is a micro computer circuit that is of vital importance to the US National Defense system ("Bionic Beauty").
  • An OSI agent chasing the Falcon Circuit is found face down in the River Seine in Paris ("Bionic Beauty").
  • A type of individual self-contained atomic-powered flying suits is being developed by the US military. They have a flying range of 400 miles, can go from zero to 30,000 feet altitude, and have the power to outrun a helicopter. Soon, several practice suits will be found missing in the research laboratory ("Canyon of Death").
  • Foreign agents are eager to get hold of a Howlitt Report located in the OSI. Oscar believes that the report is too valuable to be in [his] safe, and that it should be reclassified "For Eyes Only" ("Mirror Image").
  • Dr. Alan Cory is being in charge of two important components of the Alpha Sensor project of the OSI. Eight million dollars are being invested ("The Ghosthunter").
  • Football star Frank Gifford is invited by Steve to Kanab, Utah, to coach Andy Sheffield ("The Bionic Boy").
Vulture of the Andes - Leslie Morales

Vulture of the Andes – Leslie Morales

  • Byron Falco is the number two man in the country San Lorenzo. He is a race car driver, sky diver, balloonist, and aircraft pilot. He escorts many international beauties. By then, Falco is involved in buying illegal arms to personally take over the government of San Lorenzo ("Vulture of the Andes").
  • A San Lorenzo team has entered the international sailplane meet being held in Furnace Wells in the California desert. Falco heads the team, and Leslie Morales is their chief pilot ("Vulture of the Andes").
  • The Delta Satellite developed by Dr. Brandes will soon be ready for testing. The very small integrated circuit for the main logic system is about to undergo complete calibration, and will be the brain to operate an entire surveillance satellite ("In This Corner, Jaime Sommers").
  • Mad Mary nearly suffocates in a cage in the Olympic Sports Auditorium for wrestling. The cage is supposed to go up to the ceiling, then lowers into the ring for a wrester to make a big entrance ("In This Corner, Jaime Sommers").
  • Lucky Harrison, owner of the cruise-ship Princess Louise, cannot go back to the US as he would have to face the court martial of the Navy for his offences while stationed on board the biggest carrier in the US Navy ("Assault on the Princess").
  • One of the ports of calls of Princess Louise is San Raton, close to the US but non-American ("Assault on the Princess").
  • A double agent the Ice Man steals two prototype energy cells, which bear sizes of flashlight batteries. He probably brings them on the Princess Louise. The ship is of foreign registry ("Assault on the Princess").
Sister Jaime - Mother Superior

Sister Jaime – Mother Superior

Jaime's Shield (Part II) - Bob Welton

Jaime's Shield (Part II) – Bob Welton

The Golden Pharaoh - Vice Consul

The Golden Pharaoh – Vice Consul. Gustav Tokar

  • The energy cells are harmless as long as they are refrigerated. Once they get warm, they will turn into time bombs, equal to 1,000 pounds of dynamite ("Assault on the Princess").
  • OSI agent Bill Womullun disappears just when he is about to relay important information to Oscar ("Road to Nashville").
  • Old Cyrus Carstairs has developed a high-speed alloy to be used in jet fighters, and is about to sell the formula to the OSI for 20 million dollars before he dies. One of the members of the Carstairs family has offered the formula for sale. Foreign powers are offering millions to purchase the formula ("Black Magic").
  • A batch of special industrial diamonds designed for classified use by the OSI worthy of three quarters of a million dollars is contemplated to be smuggled out of the US ("Sister Jaime").
  • A Bishop Parriott is believed by the Mother Superior in a small convent to be a the biggest chauvinist that ever lived, and be annoyed by sisters doing a better job of running a winery than the priests who ran it before. He would be looking for a scandal like the smuggling of diamonds and heroin as an excuse to take the winery away from the sisters and to dissolve the convent ("Sister Jaime").
  • The winery in the convent should be subject to one final inspection by the Bishop before it would become a permanent facility of the sisters ("Sister Jaime").
  • The Department of Agriculture holds a Biological Research facility in the Grand Tooley ("The Vega Influence").
  • The Santa Regina Police Department starts training women to be street officers in the Police Academy. An OSI agent overseas will soon report that a female enemy agent will enroll in the Academy. The identity and mission of this enemy agent is yet unknown ("Jaime's Shield").
  • After ten years' subservience, Arleen Hart finally finds the courage to stand up against her father, then Commissioner Hart of the Santa Regina Police Department, telling him that she would like to be a cop. Commissioner Hart [hits] the ceiling, and wouldn't even talk to the recruiting investigators for [Arleen]. Arleen has got a few friends in the records department who helps her out. She enrolls on her own behind his back as an Arleen Smith ("Jaime's Shield").
  • Foreign diplomat Premier Rinja Gabrin, the mother of world peace, is planning a trip to Santa Regina to be examined by an ophthalmologist. A foreign power intends to capture her for ransom. The kidnapping will also discredit the US, as it will be accomplished by the Santa Regina Police ("Jaime's Shield").
  • Dmitri Muskov meets Dr. Margueritte Perry in Paris ("Doomsday Is Tomorrow").
  • A satellite is sent up. The nation's Missile Defense Program depends on it. It will soon malfunction ("Deadly Countdown").
  • The relationship of US and a Middle Eastern nation Levanta are being far from close. One more bad incident could cause a break in relationships ("The Golden Pharaoh").
Nightmare in the Sky - Dr

Nightmare in the Sky – Dr. Martin Davis

H+2+O = Death - Theodore J

H+2+O = Death – Theodore J. Matheson

  • Carlos Delgado owes Smiley a gambling debt of $1,300 ("Big Brother").
  • The US government is spending $15 million to develop the XJ-7. This plane comes apart and goes back together promptly. Upon landing, and as soon as the engine cools, a six-men crew can dissemble it and put it into packing crates within ten minutes ("Nightmare in the Sky").
  • Dr. Martin Davis disappears with his plane. He soon focuses his efforts to build holographic images of planes and of himself ("Nightmare in the Sky").
  • A politician is soon to be elected the prime minister in the Republic Vorsana. He is likely to align his country to be with the capitalists ("Double Trouble").
  • Dr. Barto in New York City is developing a tiny brain implant which could control a man's behavior. The recipient will not be aware of the implant ("Double Trouble").
  • The Omega's ring of spies has inside help all over the US and all over the world. They are efficient and invulnerable ("H+2+O = Death").
  • Theodore J. Matheson is the head of EURAM Enterprises, one of the largest industrial complexes in Europe. His operations extend in every country. He owns a marine amusement park in Los Angeles where he keeps offices when he is on the coast ("H+2+O = Death").
  • Dr. Ilse Martin is a double agent, working for the Secretary as an OSI Security agent to watch over Oscar Goldman, while taking the cover of an agent for Omega as recruited by Kirov ("H+2+O = Death").
Fires of Hell - Alison Harker

Fires of Hell – Alison Harker the environmentalist

The Moving Mountain - Santos

The Moving Mountain – Santos

  • Development of the Cornet Project is near completion. This concerns a new generation of guided missiles three times the power of an ordinary missile and a guidance system that is virtually foolproof. The investment is nearly 30 million dollars ("Task Force").
  • Danny Lasswell sets up a laboratory in his garage. He will test a new rocket fuel he makes. He will attempt to make Di-nitrite Trioxide from a dry ice condenser to work as an oxidizing agent ("Danny's Inferno").
  • OSI is running tests of a new oil well recovery process in Stoney Creek Reserve. If it works, oil pools that have been commercially impossible can be reactivated, and old, played out wells that have been shut down for years can go back into production again ("Fires of Hell").
  • Torpedoes and nuclear missiles are stolen from the Boston Navy Yard. The FBI will later have a suspect, but the stolen weapons are never recovered ("Sharks").
  • OSI agent Joan meets an old Chinese mystic in the Far East. He put magic in her fingers in the craft of massage ("Target: Steve Austin").
  • Alexei Ivanovich Mestroff, father of the Russian agent Andrea Mestrova, is killed by Steve Austin in an attempt to penetrate the OSI armory. Mestroff is carrying experimental explosives. Steve surprises him. Mestriff runs, and it detonates ("The Moving Mountain").
  • Santos, an ideological terrorist, is working with Black September and the Japanese Vengeance Brigade ("The Moving Mountain").
  • Santos hijacks the Gatwick Airport, leading to eight killed, 23 wounded, and a 747 blown up. Santos gets away clean, with half a million British pounds ("The Moving Mountain").

The Moving Mountain - Andrea Mestrova

The Moving Mountain – Andrea Mestrova

  • Lyle Cannon is serving in the Mount Harding Observation Station. He studies holographic projection in the station. While processing satellite images, he discovers that precious Uranium ores exist below the Indian burial grounds of Thomas Bearclaw. He alters the images, tells others that his dad needs him back at the ranch, leaves the observatory, and launches his plan to acquire the land ("The Night Demon").
  • Max the bionic dog has been acting kind of lazy. Rudy and Oscar [attribute] that to maturity and age ("The Bionic Dog").
  • Kyler Industries propose that Oscar might fund the development of a Directed Energy Ray Weapon, a high-intensity fluoride beam that focuses and directs atomic particles at the speed of light, capable of destroying the Empire State Building from 23,000 miles out in space. Oscar tells Rod Kyler that it is too futuristic. Kyler is infuriated. The Russians have been investing millions in directed energy research, with alarming progress ("Fembots in Las Vegas").
  • Rudy Wells and Ray Fisk commence a project to set up a control center for the most sophisticated tracking system in the world, to be located underneath a barn in Southern California. The area has the highest incidence of UFO sightings in the world. The sensitive tracking system is thus put into the most strenuous test in tracking UFOs, if any, there ("The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming").
  • The organization of Mark Wharton knocks over the Navy payroll. They get away with over a hundred thousand dollars. A top-secret Navy codebook is transported in his armored car ("Hocus-Pocus").

  • 1976-77John Bernard establishes his beauty salon John Bernard's. He will use a shampoo laced with molecules that resemble sodium pentathol, an anesthetic agent, penetrating deep into the large pores of the skin on the scalp but not into the finer pores of the skin on his hands ("Brain Wash").
  • Early 1976, OSI agent Jenny is successful in establishing a relationship with Lorraine Stenger, the daughter of the criminal boss Marius Stenger ("The Ultimate Imposter").

  • Jan – Steve Austin visits Rome. During his time there he sends his parents a post card which will eventually arrive at the Elgin's homestead while Jaime is moving in.
  • Jan – A Golden Pharaoh statue belonging to Levant is trans-shipped from the Republic of Kalny before its US tour. A spectroscopic examination is performed at the US Embassy in Kalny, to the satisfaction of experts that it is genuine. The Vice-Consult then gets a call that there is a bomb going to explode in the embassy. All personnel are evacuated. It turns out to be a false alarm ("The Golden Pharaoh").
  • JanLyle Montrose, chemist, begins to serve a year in Federal prison because of income tax evasion ("The Ultimate Imposter").
  • Jan 11"The Winning Smile" – Dr. Gene Finney, the dentist fiancée of Callahan, has his eyes glued on hydrogen fusion data ("H+2+O = Death") exclusive to OSI personnel.


The Bionic Woman: Season 1



Welcome Home, Jaime (Two-part episode)


Bionic Woman Opening Sequence - Jaime as a Teacher

Opening sequence of The Bionic Woman – Jaime as the teacher

  • Jan 11 – "Welcome Home, Jaime" (BW episode) – Jaime Sommers undertakes another operation to restore some of her memory, thereby lessening the chance of memory-induced headaches. A file with her biography omitting the part on engagement with Steve helps Jaime to know more about the Jaime in the past.
  • Having completed her rehabilitation in Wells' Colorado Springs facility, Jaime returns to Ojai, where she teaches at Ventura Air Force Base in between OSI jobs. She teaches much regarding American history.
  • Jaime moves into an apartment above the barn that is located on Jim and Helen Elgin's ranch. Helen lures Jaime to browse an old scrapbook of Steve's, and Jaime is finally confronted with the fact that she and Steve have gone to the point of preparing for their wedding before the bionic rejection.

Welcome Home, Jaime - Tearing Book Sequence

Welcome Home, Jaime – Jaime breaks a telephone directory into halves.

  • Steve flies over San Antonio to Ojai to see Jaime.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of her students Gwen and Joey, and fellow teacher Karen Stone.
  • Oscar and Steve leave Ojai to organize Steve's next mission.
  • Jan 18 – "Hocus-Pocus" – Mark Wharton's organization heists an armored car with $100,000 in payroll along with the Navy's top code book. The code book will fetch a hefty price in the international market. Audrey Moss reappears and teams up with Steve posing as magicians – with bionic powers and ESP – to impress Wharton and gain his confidence in the hopes of getting a lead on a purloined book.

Hocus-Pocus - The gravity-defying magic box

Hocus-Pocus – The gravity-defying magic box

Welcome Home, Jaime (Part II) - Jaime dressed up to steal various gadgets for Carlton Harris

Welcome Home, Jaime (Part II) – Jaime dressed up to steal various gadgets for Carlton Harris

  • Jan 21 – "Welcome Home, Jaime (Part II)" (BW episode) – Jaime Sommers officially becomes a part-time OSI agent and one of her first missions pits her once again against Carlton Harris. Harris has discovered the bionic powers of Jaime. Jamie suggests to Oscar that she might arrange a falling out so that she can go to work for Carlton, who is suspected of selling government secrets.
  • While stealing secrets for Carlton in an effort to gather evidence against him, Jaime befriends the industrialist's son, Donald, who is bothered by his father's illegal activities. Jaime's student Teddy makes his debut in this episode, while Joey makes his final appearance.
  • Jan 22-25 – A car is stolen with the aim of causing a deliberate accident to USSR gymnast Tanya Breski visiting the US (around three weeks before "Love Song for Tanya").
  • Jan 29"Angel of Mercy" (BW episode) – Jaime Sommers is sent to Costa Bravo, a country in civil war, with helicopter pilot Jack Starkey to rescue the American ambassador George Morehouse and his wife Judith Morehouse trapped in a facility known as Vector 4 Depot. They meet and save a child Julio. Jaime's students Andrew and Mark appear for the first time in this episode.


The Secret of Bigfoot (Two-part episode)


  • Oscar Goldman remains in California to rendezvous with Steve Austin to oversee a geological survey under way near the Californian San Andreas fault to test for any potential seismic activity ("The Secret of Bigfoot").
  • Feb 01"The Secret of Bigfoot" – Steve Austin encounters Bigfoot and a colony of alien scientists in the San Andreas mountain region. Shalon the attractive female alien who designed Bigfoot, Apploy the alien leader, Faler the rebellious-alien-to-be, the Bigfoot himself, Tom Raintree the OSI contact with the geological service, and Marlene Bekey the scientist land onto the stage in this episode which is the beginning of a saga in the bionic series.

Big Foot - First Encounter Sequence

The Secret of Bigfoot – The first encounter

  • Some time after "Angel of Mercy", Jaime calls Oscar on the phone. Upon realizing Steve's danger, she would like to come out to San Angelo. Oscar declines. The bionic couple are to meet up again in "Love Song for Tanya".
The Secret of Bigfoot - The vertigo tunnel

The Secret of Bigfoot – The vertigo tunnel

  • Feb 04"The Secret of Bigfoot (Part II)" – Oscar is seriously considering exploding a nuclear device to relieve the pressure and minimize the damage of an imminent earthquake. However, Steve may be killed in the blast as well. The aliens' priority is to preserve their hidden lair. Steve helps the aliens to restore their power supply and free them from the falling debris. However, his memory about the alien encounter is soon to be erased. Marlene Bekey and Tom Raintree exit the stage here.
  • Feb 08"The Golden Pharaoh" – Steve has 48 hours to locate a valuable statue before such is to examined by an Egyptologist. He lures the attractive Trish Hollander to lend him a hand.
  • Feb 14-15 – Jaime travels to Washington, and meets USSR gymnast Tanya Breski together with Steve and Oscar ("Love Song for Tanya"). Jaime will soon be back to Ojai, in preparation for a school picnic for her students ("A Thing of the Past"). She also expects a call from Steve.
  • Feb 15"Love Song for Tanya" – International peace is at stake when the USSR gymnast Tanya Breski develops a crush for her guardian Steve Austin. Steve introduces the hamburger, the hotdog, and the pinball to Tanya. Apart from dealing with her pubertal affection, Steve has to protect her against a subversive group aiming to do away with her.
Love Song for Tanya - Beginner's luck in pinball

Love Song for TanyaBeginner's luck in pinball

  • Feb 18 – "A Thing of the Past" (BW episode) – With his name changed and settling down in Ojai, Harry Anderson has established Harry's Service Station, a local garage, and deliberates to forget his past as Walter Krueger having witnessed hitman Mr. Stone murdering a nightclub owner some 14 years ago. Villains Glen Morgan and Raines recognize Harry and would like to deliver him to Stone for a generous sum of courier duty. Jaime steps in and saves the day. This episode marks the last appearance of student Gwen.
  • The bionic couple meet up again during "A Thing of the Past".
  • Feb 22"The Bionic Badge" – Officer Banner, an aging policeman, becomes a suspect when a series of thefts of atomic components occur on his beat, and it appears that he makes no effort to stop the robberies. Steve dons a policeman's uniform and becomes Banner's partner. Banner's strange actions during their nightly patrols lead Steve to believe there is something wrong with his partner's health. Meanwhile, time is running out before the atomic bomb can be assembled.
  • Feb 25 – "Claws" (BW episode) – While Jaime Sommers is left in charge of Susan Victor's wild animal ranch, she tries to save the life of a pet lion that is being stalked by irate ranchers. Recurring student character Mark makes his concluding appearance in the show, while Katie who assists in taming the lion Neil makes a head start.

Claws - Classroom Sequence

Claws – The feline into the classroom

  • Mar – By then, Julio should be in a foster home in the US ("Angel of Mercy").
  • Some time before Mar 03 – Jaime's students get to know about Col. Steve Austin, and are wondering whether Jaime and Steve are to be married ("The Deadly Missiles").
  • Mar 03 – "The Deadly Missiles" (BW episode) – Jaime is assigned to investigate an old friend of hers, J.T. Connors, whose ranch may be the launch spot of a missile that lands close to Los Angeles. Steve, relieved of his police duties from "The Bionic Badge" and not yet taking up volunteer work with the Big Brothers ("Big Brother"), delights in collaborating with Oscar to assist Jaime. Teddy and Katie, students of Jaime, make their last appearance in the show.
  • Jaime travels to Washington to meet up with Oscar. She meets Steve. They plan to see each other again in the anniversary of Helen and Jim.
Big Brother - Michael Salcido with a passion to be an aircraft pilot

Big Brother – Michael Salcido with a passion to be an aircraft pilot

  • Mar 07"Big Brother" – Steve helps the Big Brothers organization in their promotional campaign and decides to take one of the boys, Carlos Delgado, under his wing. Carlos is anything but cooperative, but Steve finally makes some progress when he takes him up in a jet.
  • Jaime travels to Ojai.
  • Jaime sustains an accident, leaving a small scar on her upper lip. The nature of the accident is unknown.
  • Steve travels to Brussels.
  • Oscar is being busily occupied with a Defense Department theft ("Bionic Beauty").
  • Mar 17 – "Bionic Beauty" (BW episode) – Jaime enters the Miss United States contest in the Ambassador Hotel to investigate an attempt of another contestant Miss Florida Sally Bartell to courier the Falcon Circuit out of the country. Helen Elgin takes up the role as Jaime's chaperon and undercover personal assistant. Apart from safely retrieving the Falcon Circuit, Jaime also takes up the throne of Miss United States herself, temporarily at least.

  • Jaime sings: Feelings, nothing more than feelings; Trying to forget my feelings of love. Teardrops rolling down on my face; Trying to forget my feelings of love. (Feelings, in "Bionic Beauty").
  • Mar 17 – Steve is being in Brussels investigating the loss of the Falcon Circuit. Whether he gets to listen to Feelings is unknown. Steve asks Oscar whether Jaime is seeing someone. Jaime asks Oscar whether Steve has asked about her ("Bionic Beauty").
  • Steve returns from Brussels back to Washington DC.
  • Late Mar – Carlos Delgado earns $20, and returns such to Steve. Carlos starts his first flying lesson ("Big Brother").
  • Mar 24 – "Jaime's Mother" (BW episode) – A mysterious woman turns up posing herself as Ann Sommers, mother of Jaime. An exhumation of the body buried in Ann Sommers' grave is ultimately necessary to straighten the truth. OSI agent Mark Russell (Russ) makes his first appearance in this episode.

  • Late Mar - early Apr – A military group takes over Taftan, a country in Southwest Asia. They seal off the borders, break off diplomatic relations, and invade the American Embassy. An OSI agent, holding a tape full of six months of top-secret information, dodges the military police long enough to drop off the tape at a predetermined place ("Winning Is Everything").
  • Early Apr – Enemy agents steal Dr. Frankus' formula for Cobalt 247. Knowing that the formula is too great a weapon for only one side to possess, Dr. Frankus tries to restore the balance of power by giving it to the OSI ("Fly Jaime").
  • Apr 07 – "Winning Is Everything" (BW episode) – Jaime poses herself as a navigator for Tim Sanders – a former race car champion with self-doubts after a near-fatal crash – in the Dasht-i-Ravar, an international race crossing a desert. She recovers the tape for OSI, while convincing Sanders that he could win, which he does. This episode suggests that when pressed, Jaime might accelerate herself up to running nearly 100 miles per hour.
  • Mid-Apr – An attempt is made to steal the code analyzer developed by Dr. Hatch ("The Jailing of Jaime").
  • Apr 14 – "Canyon of Death" (BW episode) – Jaime tactically deals with an Indian student named Paco with an inclination of storytelling. Paco declares that he has seen an astronaut-like being in the mountains, which is actually a self-contained Flying Suit. Recurring student character Andrew and fellow teacher Karie Stone appear for the last time in this episode.
Fly Jaime

Fly Jaime

  • May – The King of Burdabi is murdered presumably by regiment of air marshal Mahmud Majid. The King is going into the Orly Airport in Paris, when his plane is hit by a highly sophisticated altitude bomb. Majid then runs the country in the name of the young Prince Hassad, and seals off the country from western intervention ("The Thunderbird Connection").
  • May 05 – "Fly Jaime" (BW episode) – With the formula for Cobalt 247, Dr. Rudy Wells arrives at the airport in Manaus, Brazil, where Jaime is working as an employee of the airline so that she can accompany Rudy as his bodyguard. Connors and Reed conspire with a third person to board the plane and kill Rudy. This is a mirror remake of "Survival of the Fittest", with Jamie and Rudy substituting Steve and Oscar respectively. Jaime encounters Romero for the first time.
  • May 05 – Liza Galloway starts working to imitate the voice, mannerisms, and life history of Jaime ("Mirror Image").
  • May 12 – "The Jailing of Jaime" (BW episode) – Jaime is arrested and jailed for being sold out by Dr. Ellis Hatch who has created a vital decoder. This episode reinforces the special relationship between Oscar and Jaime.
  • May 19 – "Mirror Image" (BW episode) – Jaime discovers that her bionic limbs do not tan. She encounters plastic surgeon Dr. James Courtney and her double Lisa Galloway for the first time.

  • May 26 – "The Ghosthunter" (BW episode) – Jaime becomes a nanny for Amanda Cory, daughter of a scientist who believes that strange happenings are haunting his household. Could such be related to one of the ancestors of Amanda having died in jail in witch-hunting?
  • May 30"The Price of Liberty" – Scientist Dr. Robert Meyer sabotages the Liberty Bell and demands five million dollars. Steve aided by past criminal Neils Lindstrom races against minutes and seconds to disarm a sophisticated time bomb, and has to decide whether the dying words of Meyer are sincere.
Note: "The Price of Liberty" first aired way back in September 28,1975 during the 3rd season of SMDM. However, given that the dialog specifically states that it is a month before the Bicentennial Independence Day, we place this episode here.
  • Jun – Steve Austin grows a moustache.
  • Jul 04 – Jaime has a photo taken with Helen and Jim Elgin ("Deadly Ringer (Part II)").
  • Jul 04 – The Liberty Bell is on board the Bicentennial Fleet for celebration ("The Price of Liberty").


The Bionic Boy (Two-hour episode)


  • Jul - Aug"The Bionic Boy" – Andy Sheffield, a once-athletic youngster living in a small Utah town Kanab, has been selected by an OSI computer to receive an implant to restore his paralyzed legs. The surgery is a success, but Andy has another issue in mind to make the best use of his apparatus – clearing the name of his father through finding the burial ground of Red Clay Indians in the Haunted Mountains.
The Bionic Boy - Andy finds proof of red clay Indians

The Bionic Boy – Andy finds proof of Red Clay Indians

Note: "The Bionic Boy" was the 7th episode to air during the 4th season. However, given the late Spring through late Summer time setting of the story, we place this episode before the events on the SMDM and BW "The Return of Bigfoot".
  • Early Sep – A doctor who frequents the nightclub manages to convince comedian Billy Parker that he has a growth on his neck which has to be surgically removed. The operation is done by then ("Double Trouble").
  • Sep – The government signs a contract with industrialist Horton Budge on life support systems to be used on Mars. The specifications are pretty soft ("A Bionic Christmas Carol").
  • Sep – Jaime's bionic legs have covered 10,000 miles, and is due for a checkup ("The Return of Bigfoot").
  • Sep 01 – Philadelphia bomb squad captain Doug Witherspoon retires three months after helping save the Liberty Bell ("The Price of Liberty").


The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 4



The Return of Bigfoot (Two-part episode)


The Return of Bigfoot - Gillian

The Return of Bigfoot – Gillian

  • Sep 19 – "The Return of Bigfoot" – A series of burglaries point to the use of bionics. Steve falls under suspicion. Gillian, an alien, approaches Steve and restores his memory of "The Secret of Bigfoot" to gain his assistance. A rebel alien group led by Nedlick has damaged the power generator, and is drilling into an extinct volcano for geothermal energy. Steve is injured fighting the Sasquatch and receives a lethal dose of radiation. Jaime is the only one who can save Steve and stop the alien rebels seeking global dominion.


The Bionic Woman: Season 2


  • Sep 22 – "The Return of Bigfoot (Part II)" (BW episode) – Steve is beaten lies close to death in Rudy's facility. Jaime continues the investigation and then confronts Bigfoot on her way to retrieve Neotraxin (the alien drug of wonder) to save Steve Austin's life. The TLC works with anything it touches, and the bionic couple makes full use of such to minimize the impacts of a volcanic eruption. When they are desperate, the Sasquatch comes to their assistance. Shalon, Apploy, Faler, and Gillian make their final appearances here.
Nightmare in the Sky - Kelly Wood and Steve

Nightmare in the Sky – Kelly Wood and Steve

In This Corner - Jaime Sommers - Victory

In This Corner, Jaime Sommers

  • Sep 26 – "Nightmare in the Sky" – Steve Austin is reunited with glamorous astronaut/test pilot Kelly Wood, who survives what appears to have been an in-flight encounter with a World War II Japanese fighter. She reports the phenomenon to Oscar Goldman and Steve, who are in the control tower, but the men can only see Kelly's plane on the radar screen. Kelly flames out and apparently crashes. It is soon revealed that jet thieves are directing multiple lasers onto the sky, creating a holograph of a World War II fighter.
  • Around Sep 27 – By orders of Dr. Franklin, Peggy Callahan, secretary of Oscar, and Lynda Wilson, assistant of Dr. Wells, are put under surveillance by the Fembot Katy and Rawlins ("Kill Oscar").
  • Sep 29 – "In This Corner, Jaime Sommers" (BW episode) – Jaime Sommers goes undercover as Jessie Savage Sommers, a professional lady wrestler, in order to locate a missing OSI agent Wayne Haley. She will soon unmask a would-be Russian triple agent, the second triple agent we see in the series.
  • Oct – A plastic compound is accidentally produced in Rudy's laboratory. Rudy calls such adrenalizine as its actions mimic those of the hormone adrenaline. However, Rudy is unable to reproduce the accident which has made it ("Deadly Ringer").
  • Oct – Dr. James Courtney is still in prison. He is appointed to work in the drug testing ward of the prison hospital, where drug compounds are being investigated on volunteer convicts. He is amazed by the powers of the compound adrenalizine, and believes that such is the source of the super-human abilities of Jaime Sommers. He will soon take the substance himself and escape from prison (four months before "Deadly Ringer").

Adrenalizine Sequence

Deadly Ringer – The wonders of adrenalizine

  • Oct 03 – "Double Trouble" – Steve protects comedian Billy Parker unfortunately enough to have had an electronic remote-controlled device implanted into his brain. A foreign power manipulates the behavior of Billy via remote control. The aim is to fake him as the Prime Minister of the African country of Vorzana, and getting him to make a politically disastrous speech in the General Assembly of the UNO.

  • Oct 06 – "Assault on the Princess" (BW episode) – Jaime Sommers poses as a blackjack dealer aboard a luxurious sea-going casino in order to locate two missing energy cells that can be used as bombs. Romero turns up again in this episode, being as crazy for Jaime as ever.
Road to Nashville - Jaime sings

Road to NashvilleGood To Be Alive in the Country

  • Oct 17 – "The Most Dangerous Enemy" – Steve and Rudy fly to a remote island where Cheryl Osborne, a young scientist, has been working on a drug capable of converting an average person to become a genius, using a chimp as her experimental subject. Soon upon arrival, Rudy sustains an injury from a chim's attack, and curiously starts to develop high mental agility, aggressive temperament, and bionic-like physical strength. It is revealed in that the bionic legs of Steve can be temporarily inactivated by applying negative polarization to jam the servomechanisms.
  • Oct 20 – "Road to Nashville" (BW episode) – Jaime poses as a country singer to find a missing OSI agent, and to stop the passing of top-secret information. She demonstrates her dolce voice again, with the piece Good To Be Alive in the Country.
  • Oct 24 – "H+2+O = Death" – Steve covers himself as a defecting scientist in order to break up the Omega spy ring. He hopes to prevent the gang from stealing a device capable of separating water into hydrogen and oxygen. A Dr. Ilse Martin is said to be of Level 12 security clearance in this episode. Steve then wastes no time rushing to aid Jaime for the first crisis of the Fembot saga.


Kill Oscar (Three-part episode)


Kill Oscar - Generic fembots

Kill Oscar – Generic Fembots

  • Oct 27 – "Kill Oscar" (BW episode) – Steve returns to Washington DC to assist in the experimental Weather Control Device. Jaime returns to Washington DC for her bionic checkup. Her bionic ear is tuned up.
  • Dr. Franklin makes plans to build Fembots, infiltrate the OSI and then steal the OSI Weather Device. His financial patron Baron Constantine is initially unimpressed by the idea of female robots – both the technology and the applicability. Constantine is astonished to witness Katy, whom he is just talking with and well taken to be a human, being ripped her mask off and revealed to be a Fembot. He thus voluntarily calls his headquarters and approves the funding.

Kill Oscar - Dr

Kill Oscar – Dr. Franklin obtaining funds from Baron Constantine

  • Oct 28 – Franklin begins execution of his scheme to obtain the Weather Control Device. Lynda Wilson is abducted and replaced by a Fembot duplicate.
  • Oscar sends Steve Austin to White Sands to stabilize the Weather Control Device.
  • At night, Fembot Peggy Callahan replaces her human counterpart at her apartment.
  • Oct 29 – With the Fembot spies in place, they set up Oscar Goldman to be an easy open target for abduction. Goldman is kidnapped and held hostage along with Wilson and Callahan in Franklin's complex.

Kill Oscar - The final orders of Oscar in case he is captured

Kill Oscar – The final orders of Oscar in case he is captured

  • A video tape is found in the safe of Oscar. In the tape, Oscar orders that should he be captured, all action units of the OSI and the NSB should be mobilized to kill him as soon as possible. Any delay must be avoided. No rescue attempt must be made.
  • Chief Inspector Jack Hanson takes over the OSI and interrogates the top employees of the OSI regarding events leading to Oscar’s abduction. The Callahan Fembot is evasive and contradictory in her answers – arousing Jaime's suspicions. The Fembot also emits a high frequency auditory signal not picked up by normal people but detectable by the bionic ear of Jaime. Dr. Franklin soon tunes down the signal.
  • At night, Jaime goes to Callahan’s apartment, giving the appearance that she is apologizing. She then probes deeper about their past conversation hoping to get impostor to commit a significant error, which she does. Franklin commands the Fembot to capture Jaime and bring her in. A fight breaks out between Jaime and the Fembot. When Jaime attempts to escape through the front door, Katy is there waiting to intercept her. During their struggle, Jaime knocks the face mask off of Katy. Jaime attempts to escape through the back bedroom window. The extreme height causes severe damage to her bionic legs upon landing as she falls unconscious.

Kill Oscar - Jaime vs Fembots Sequence

Kill Oscar – Jaime's first nightmare encounter with the Fembots

  • The beaten Jaime is rushed to the hospital and begins to suffer another bionic rejection. Delirious, she tries to warn Rudy about the robots while he is in the process of starting a bionic shutdown and puts her to sleep.
  • Oct 30 – "Kill Oscar (Part II)" – Steve arrives in Washington and is devastated upon seeing Jaime in critical condition. Despite the warning from the NSB, Steve and Rudy conduct their own investigation on Oscar's abduction and Jaime's robot story and eventually locates Franklin's base via satellite.
  • Fembot Wilson spies on Rudy and Steve and sends information directly to Dr. Franklin's base. Franklin then prepares to set up a trap in anticipation of Steve's arrival.

Kill Oscar (Part II) - Steve vs Fembots Sequence

Kill Oscar (Part II) – Steve against the Fembots

  • Oscar is replaced by a robot for the second time in the show. He is brought back to the OSI, and he makes arrangements for the components of the Weather Control Device to be relocated from White Sands to Base Five.
  • Steve soon discovers that Oscar is replaced by a robot, owing to the heavy weight of the robot leaving deep footprints upon the carpet and breaking a pencil on the carpet.
  • Oscar robot then contacts the NSB and issues a warrant for Steve’s arrest on the suspicion of his being one of Franklin's robots.
  • Steve escapes from Hanson's attempt to arrest him. Dr. Wells has told him that the weakness of the robots are at the back of their necks. Steve braves to deactivate robot Oscar. However, Dr. Franklin has already acquired the weather control device.

Kill Oscar (Part II) - Steve vs Robot Oscar

Kill Oscar (Part II) – Steve against robot Oscar

  • Nov 03 – "Kill Oscar (Part III)" (BW episode) – Jaime makes a full recovery and teams up with Steve. A rescue plan for Oscar is however abandoned at the Pentagon.
  • With the Weather Control Device building up a hurricane-like protective shield, the US Air Force and Navy cannot penetrate the base of Dr. Franklin on Saint Emils Island.
  • The bionic couple demonstrate their strength to Admiral Richter, who orders a nuclear submarine Stingray to support their rescue procedure.

Kill Oscar (Part III) Sequence

Kill Oscar (Part III) – It's the activated Weather Control Device leading to lightening that destroys the Fembots.

  • Steve and Jaime are torpedoed to the Saint Emils Island. The Weather Control Device is activated, leading to lightening which destroys the Fembots. Dr. Franklin and Rawlins are taken into Federal custody. The deactivated Fembot duplicate of Callahan is recovered by the OSI and is eventually stored into an evidence vault.
  • Early Nov – An environmental group SLAG (Save Lungs from Awful Gunk) is trying to stop oil drilling in the Stoney Creek Reserve so as to preserve the beautiful unspoiled area ("Fires of Hell").
  • Early Nov – A fire occurs in an oil drilling plant in Stoney Creek Reserve. A desert whirlwind literally sucks the flames away from the well ("Fires of Hell").
Fires of Hell - Steve and the firefighters

Fires of Hell – Steve and the firefighters

  • Nov 10 – "Black Magic" (BW episode) – Jaime is sent to a remote island to impersonate the niece of the Carstairs family. When the family is sent on a scavenger hunt to find their dead brother's fortune, it's up to Jaime to locate it first and obtain the formula for a top-secret alloy.
  • Nov 10"Fires of Hell" – A crooked trio manipulate a conservation group into halting an oil drilling experiment at the Stoney Creek Reserve so they can get at the uranium underneath, and Steve is sent in disguised as an oil worker to find out what's up.
Note: "Fires of Hell" aired on Jan 30, 1977. However, Steve mentions that the date is the tenth of a month, with most events occurring on 10-13th. Steve is occupied with the Venus Probe from early Jan to Jan 16, 1977, and is engaged in "Carnival of Spies" on Feb 13. He is still with a mustache in "Fires of Hell". He shaves before "To Catch the Eagle". We move back in time. Steven is being trained with the Thunderbirds from Nov 28 to Dec 16, 1976. 10 Dec 1976 is thus impossible. We therefore move further back, and speculate that "Fires of Hell" occurs on Nov 10, 1976.
  • Nov 21 – "Vulture of the Andes" – Pilot Leslie Morales has come to the US from the country of San Lorenzo with wealthy sportsman Byron Falco, who has a plan to seize San Lorenzo with America's unwilling help. After Leslie has dropped a certain number of homing devices on vital targets, Falco will threaten to blow up American power plants unless the US furnishes him with military jets he would use to take over his homeland.
  • Steve is enjoying a vacation in Las Vegas.
  • Nov 24"Sister Jaime" (BW episode) – Jaime poses herself as a nun in a Catholic convent tailing an illegal diamond lead. Evidence of drug trafficking soon surfaces. The Bishop is visiting the convent, and Jaime has to maintain a good repute for the convent Mother and the convent as well.


The Thunderbird Connection (Two-hour episode)


  • Nov 28"The Thunderbird Connection" – The Thunderbirds are dispatched to Burdabi to intervene a murder attempt of air marshal Mahmud Majid on the teenage Prince Hassad. It is revealed that negative g causes dizziness for Steve owing to an old scar below one of his inner ears.
The Thunderbird Connection

The Thunderbird Connection

  • Dec – Several twenty dollar plates are stolen from the Treasury ("The Ultimate Imposter").
  • Dec 01"The Vega Influence" (BW episode) – Jaime and her associates find a biological research island center deserted, soon facing a meteorite which can control the mind. The last appearance of Michael Marchetti here.
  • Dec 16 – Steve completes his two and a half weeks of training in the Thunderbirds. He departs to Burdabi to carry out his mission of saving Prince Hassad ("The Thunderbird Connection").


Jaime's Shield (Two-part episode)


  • Dec 15"Jaime's Shield" (BW episode) – Jaime becomes a police cadet to investigate a foreign operative having joined the police academy. She meets Arleen, daughter of Commissioner Hart, who secretly joins the academy at the objection of her father.
Note: The events of this episode span for several weeks.
Task force - Callahan in restaurant

Task Force – The last appearance of Callahan in SMDM

  • Oscar flies to San Diego to supervise the delivery of the Cornet Project. He tells Callahan to arrange for his OSI contact Woronski, who has just returned from an assignment in Europe.
  • Dec 19"Task Force" – Steve trains with a gang planning to heist a 30-million-dollar US missile as it is being transported from San Diego to a Nevada testing site. Steve is being watched carefully, and finds no opportunity to warn Goldman that the security officer is an impersonator. When the OSI contact of Steve is in hospital for appendicitis, Callahan must act up to be the contact herself. Callahan finishes her last appearance in SMDM here (she will reappear in Jaime's adventures), and gets herself a boyfriend here.
  • Dec 23 – Oscar confirms having pre-Christmas lunch with Steve on Dec 24.

A Bionic Christmas Carol - SMDM action figure being sold

A Bionic Christmas Carol – SMDM action figures (first version) being sold

  • Dec 24"A Bionic Christmas Carol" – Steve gives up his Christmas vacation to investigate Horton Budge, a supplier of systems for space projects. He soon discovers that Budge, a cynical old penny-pincher, is the cause of low morale at his plant. Budge's nephew, Bob Crandall, is unable to properly support his wife and kids on the salary Budge pays him. It calls for more than bionic strength for Steve to warm the soul of Budge and to bring cheer to Bob and his family.
  • Dec – The first version of the Six Million Dollar Man action figure in being on display in a store ("A Bionic Christmas Carol").
  • Dec 25 – Steve flies home to Ojai to have Christmas dinner with his parents. Jaime presumably isn't there due to her current mission at the police academy.
  • Late 1976 – The name Kim Cross appears on a list of war orphans. According to the medical report, Kim has been totally uncontrollable in the orphanage in Saigon. Oscar contacts the Red Cross, applies a little pressure, and they brings Kim over to the US to be united with her father ("Beyond the Call").


  • Dr. Payton Jones working on a coding analyzer in the Cryptographic Department has his research funds cut by the OSI. The analyzer could decipher irrational bigram substitution codes in a matter of hours. He will soon contemplate selling his work to a foreign power ("Biofeedback").
  • By then, the Russians have succeeded bionics, which they term cybernetics, with lower animals. Their two attempts with humans have ended tragically in death ("Doomsday Is Tomorrow").
  • Dr. Rudy Wells is researching to find ways to dispose of atomic waste. One of his approaches is using one radioactive element to neutralize another. He believes that Strontium-90 may neutralize Uthenium ("Doomsday Is Tomorrow (Part II)").
Jaime and the King - Ali bin Gazim

Jaime and the King – Ali bin Gazim

The Infiltrators - Obsessive neurasthenia diagnosed for the US Amateur Boxing Champion

The Infiltrators – George Mason, the existing US Amateur Boxing Champion, will be diagnosed as having obsessive neurasthenia. Steve will then fill in as the runner-up to enter the tournament.

The Ghostly Teletype - Dr

The Ghostly Teletype – Dr. Arnold Brenner

  • The Secretary of State of the US fears that there might be an attempt on the life on Ali Ben Gazim, the King of Almain, a Persian Gulf nation, if the King supports the US's position on the price of oil ("Jaime and the King").
  • Millions of tourists have been looking at forgeries of national treasures including Master Hare by Reynolds and Religious Subject from the school of Morello at the Lincoln Gallery in Washington, passing such as genuine original paintings ("The DeJon Caper").
  • Pierre-Francois Lambert, a mediocre painter in his own right, but an extraordinary forger and all-around fraud, is believed to be working with Michael Beaumont. Beaumont is one of the top master criminals in the US, involving in drugs, espionage, and stock manipulation ("The DeJon Caper").
  • Alfredo Moreau, a Corsican godfather more powerful than a king, is seeking a DeJon from Beaumont, threatening to dispose of him should the piece not be promptly delivered ("The DeJon Caper").
  • Thomas Bearclaw lectures in the classes of Jaime ("The Night Demon").
  • A salvage worker Shoengarth finds the identification tag of Sam Goldman on the deck of the Handerson, under the bridge, when he is scraping. The Navy sends such to his next-of-kin, Oscar Goldman, 36 years after the disappearance of Sam Goldman ("Iron Ships and Dead Men").
  • Dockworker Bob Richards finds a cat on the Handerson when she docks. Bob names the cat Mike, not knowing her sex. When she has delivered a litter, Bob calls her Myrtle. Some guys tell Bob that it is against the law for a cat to live on a ship, and that if the Animal Society people find out, they might take the cats from Bob ("Iron Ships and Dead Men").
  • Boris Retsky is importing some of the top international sporting attractions in the US. However, he does not export the same number of athletes as he imports. Each show has left one person behind. A recent one is Ilsa Ribbenschweig, a member of the Bavarian Gymnast Team ("The Infiltrators").
  • Retsky is staging an international amateur boxing championship. Ilsa Ribbenschweig may be joined by one or more of the boxers to assassinate the leader of delegates of The Chinese Trade Commission in order to disrupt relations with China ("The Infiltrators").
  • Professor Ulrich Rau of East Germany, who designs the entire ground-to-air weapons system, is planning to visit the US. He will request the meet the famous American astronaut Colonel Steve Austin ("Carnival of Spies").
  • Plans are in place to turn a whole carnival into a surface-to-air missile launcher, with the control center being a Laugh in the Dark attraction, the launching arm being a centrifuge, the radar dish being a carousel, and the generator being the calypso ("Carnival of Spies").
  • Dr. Tamara Batalova has developed a device acting like a radar. It emits a high frequency radio signal that is capable of homing in on brainwaves. She is drugged and transported out of Russia. Whoever having arranged her exit makes certain that her government would think that she has defected ("The Privacy of the Mind").
  • Silver Cloud, the leader of the Mogoyon Apaches and a Harvard graduate of science, sends a highly radioactive ore sample which he has found in the Indian reservation to the OSI ("To Catch the Eagle").
Sharks - Morgan and Cynthia Grayland

Sharks – Morgan and Cynthia Grayland

The Deadly Countdown - Melissa MaGrath, Dave McGrath, Oscar Goldman, and Dr

Deadly Countdown – Melissa MaGrath, Dave McGrath, Oscar Goldman, and Dr. Rudy Wells

  • OSI agents Marsh and Swanson arrive at the reservation to investigate. However, the Indians throw every obstacle in the path of the agents to protect their religious forbidden grounds ("To Catch the Eagle").
  • Dr. Arnold Brenner is working on a process to slow down the aging of cells. He believes that in about 50 years, scientists will be able to extend the life cycle of humans to between 120 and 150 years ("The Ghostly Teletype").
  • Morgan Grayland and his daughter Cynthia have implanting devices on sharks and controlling them electronically ("Sharks").
  • Dave McGrath, Administrator of NASA, may be commended by President Jimmy Carter ("Deadly Countdown").
Note: President Carter's term starts on Jan 20, 1977. Conferment until August 1977 is possible. Otherwise, the one by Ford will be the last presidential commendation received by Dave McGrath.
  • Jason O'Neal places an advertisement in a hunting magazine, posing himself as the Bigfoot hunting guide ("Bigfoot V").
  • Hope Langston, anthropologist and with PhD candidature, is investigating Bigfoot in preparation for her thesis ("Bigfoot V").
  • Three men posing as a telephone repair crew take over $200,000 from the Bridgeton Bank and flee in a telephone repair van. It has been reported that the van is blown off the road by the high winds ("Killer Wind").
  • OSI has got a new Test Center in California ("Target: Steve Austin").
  • OSI has got a king-size security leak. Somebody out there, completely invisible, extremely well organized, has somehow managed to invade their internal security and attain their top secret code series ("Target: Steve Austin").
  • The OSI has left word that Steve is going to transport a new, highly-classified nuclear power unit to one of their experimental reactor stations out in the Southwest desert area. The unit, when activated, will become a power source capable of lighting a city the size of Los Angeles for five years. ("Target: Steve Austin").
  • Viktor Cheraskin completes inventing the anti-equilibrium device. The Russian authorities contemplate using such as a deadly antiaircraft weapon. Cheraskin defects. His wife is trapped in Russia. He refuses to give the device to the Russians or to the US ("Walk a Deadly Wing").
  • Edmund Dimitri has captured Cheraskin but Cheraskin has escaped from him. Dimitri makes a fool of himself in front of his superiors ("Walk a Deadly Wing").
  • To make a living, Cheraskin is working with an aerial circus in New Mexico. He flies with a wing-walker ("Walk a Deadly Wing").

Rodeo - Dr

Rodeo – Dr. Billy Cole and Jaime

  • Dr. William Cole has all the keys to the Minerva Code being developed by the OSI in his head. Planning is in place to kidnap him to East Germany ("Rodeo").
  • Dr. William Cole has 97 points in the cowboy standings, and would need only three more points to win the All Around Cowboy Silver Buckle. However, he will soon run into trouble in getting a hazer ("Rodeo").
  • All of the past hazers of William Cole use old Windfire ("Rodeo").
Dark Side of the Moon - Steve on an asteroid seeking dilanthium

Dark Side of the Moon – Steve on an asteroid seeking dilanthium

The Cheshire Project - Wilfred Damien

The Cheshire Project – Wilfred Damien

  • OSI is given to know that dilanthium, a valuable energy source, are present on some asteroids. They send Dr. Charles Leith, a Nobel Laureate in astrogeology, and Steve Austin to land on and explore one of the asteroids ("Dark Side of the Moon").
  • Upon landing, Leith claims that the amount is too small for fruitful mining, and states that he will write this entire expedition off as an exercise of futility. Steve strongly disagrees, as their sensors are showing a fair amount of delanthium. Leith would like to keep on mining the Moon, despite his earlier projects on the Moon having found nothing ("Dark Side of the Moon").
  • Wilfred Damien in New Orleans has been involved in dozens of thefts of military secrets, from the US government and others. He will soon develop interest in a radar-undetectable aircraft ("The Cheshire Project").
  • A presidential election is in place in an African country. All presidential candidates agree to return to the neutrality of their own village until the election is over. The election will be supervised by the UN. Leona Mombassa, widow of the late opposition leader, faces harm by the then dictator General Azzar ("African Connection").
  • A computer tape is stolen by KGB agents in East Germany. If decoded, the tape will be taken to Moscow, and the Russians will be able to break any of US's national security codes ("Motorcycle Boogie").
  • Callahan meets the greatest guy again. His is tall, at least for [Callahan] he is. He's dark, he's handsome, he's rich, and, he's a hairdresser. He is also so bright and he's well rounded, and he's got a degree in chemistry, a master's in electronics. He is just terrific ("Brain Wash").
  • An eastern customer is interested to buy information on bionics. DeMarko and his gang set off to kidnap Max and, subsequently, Max's computer programmer Valerie Breuer to be sold for $100,000 ("Max").

Out of Body - Tommy Littlehorse and Jaime

Out of Body – Tommy Littlehorse and Jaime

  • 1977 - early 1978 – Jaime brought Tommy Littlehorse, a car mechanic, to work in the OSI under Dr. Philip Jennings in developing the Rosebud bomb. She will soon engage in a romantic relationship with Littlehorse ("Out of Body").
  • JanDr. Takeuchi in Brigham Young University starts working on a serum which stimulates growth of T-cells strengthening defense against exogenous microbial pathogens. This serum might be of benefit to patients with various congenital and acquired immunodeficiency states. It is said to [enable the patients] better to receive organ grafts ("The Lost Island").
The Lost Island - Dr

The Lost Island – Dr. Takeuchi

  • Jan – Jaime is still on her undercover assignment at the police academy ("Jaime's Shield").
  • Jan 02"The Ultimate Imposter" – Wells develops a Digital Alpha Technique Application equipment and a control console that converts information from computer language. Joe Patton, Steve's longtime pal and a school teacher, volunteers to try the machine. He becomes the world's first computerized human. His first mission is to impose as chemist Lyle Montrose to rescue OSI undercover and his love Jenny.
  • Jan – Steve is working undercover in Brussels, investigating an expatriate American Ivan Karp. Karp deals in the buying and selling of top secret material, and may already have a coded list of all the OSI agents around the world. Once Karp has the decoder developed by Dr. Payton Jones, the cover of all agents will be blown. Steve and the OSI have traced Karp to Halderstadt, a small town in East Germany ("Biofeedback").
  • Jan – Major John Cross is reunited with Kim. Kim has not talked since the death of her mother. No physical cause is found. Psychologists say that it is a mental block. Major Cross asks for detached service. Oscar arranges for his leave, and gives him his choice of bases. Cross picks the Ventura Air Force Base ("Beyond the Call").
  • Jan – The parents of Danny Lasswell, both being archeologists, are being in the Amazon ("Danny's Inferno").



Death Probe (Two-part episode)


  • Jan"Death Probe" – Former friend of Steve Irina Leonova, the Russian scientist, designs the Russian Venus Space Probe. It crashes in Wyoming. It is constructed with a new alloy, unknown to scientists in the US. Irina arrives with equipment to shut down the probe, accompanied by the KGB's Major Popov who has a missile to pierce the probe's shell. However, the probe has been shot by a local farmer, and is already in a total override mode – functioning as if it has landed in the hostile environment of Venus and being near to a volcano. Steve confronts the probe, and is injured.
Death Probe (Part II) - Close combat with metal rods

Death Probe (Part II) – Close combat with metal rods

  • Jan"Jaime's Shield (Part II)" (BW episode) – Jaime and Arleen have graduated in the academy, and are assigned to the Fifth Precinct. They discover and must terminate an assassination plot against a visiting foreign diplomat.
  • Jan 12"Biofeedback" (BW episode) – Jaime's bionic powers are augmented by the body-mind-spirit abilities of Dr. Darwin Jones, back from meditation exercises with monks in Tibet, to halt his brother Payton from selling a system of code retrieval to a foreign country. Jaime is thus unavailable to assist Steve in his efforts against the death probe.
  • Jan 16"Death Probe (Part II)" – Programmed to destroy all obstacles, the mechanical space monster cannot be demolished by conventional explosives and nuclear weapons are too risky. Steve, nursing a damaged right arm, is sent to divert the probe from its course and lead it to extinction. Steve, Rudy, and Irena will decide to use the pressurized interior of the probe to destroy it. We see the last appearance of Irina Leonova is in this episode.

Death Probe (Part II)

Death Probe (Part II) – As the probe is built for navigation in Venus with a higher atmospheric pressure, its internal pressure should be high. Elevation thus increases the external/internal pressure difference, and causes it to be destroyed.


Doomsday Is Tomorrow (Two-part episode)


Doomsday Is Tomorrow - Dr

Doomsday Is Tomorrow – Dr. Elijah (background) meeting Dr. Margueritte Perry (impersonated by Jaime Sommers), Dr. Rudy Wells, Dr. Toshiro Kurosawa, and Dr. Victor Evtuhov (impersonated by Dmitri Muskov) (from left to right)

  • Before "Doomsday Is Tomorrow", Steve returns to space aboard Skylab. He is thus not being able to help Jaime during this crisis.
  • Jan 19"Doomsday Is Tomorrow" (BW episode) – An elderly Dr. Elijah Cooper creates a Doomsday Device – a cobalt bomb surrounded by a new isotope known as Uthenium J which is extremely toxic to humans and prides at a radioactive half-life of 507 years. The device will be activated by any airburst of a nuclear bomb anywhere on Earth, save underground testing and peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

  • Cooper invited four leading scientists to witness that he does possess the equipments as claimed. Air Force One carries Oscar, Rudy, and Jamie to the facilities of Dr. Cooper. Jaime impersonates as one of the scientists. They are given to know that the device is controlled by a computer known as Alex 7000. Unfortunately, a Middle East military leader Satari is not convinced that such a doomsday device is in position, and proceeds to test a nuclear weapon in his country.
  • Jan 26"Doomsday Is Tomorrow (Part II)" (BW episode) – Dr. Cooper succumbs, and the Doomsday Device is activated by Alex 7000. Jaime battles for her life and the life of all humanity to stop the launch of the device. Alex 7000 communicates with Jaime all along, insisting that any effort to stop the detonation is bound to be futile. Jaime's bionic leg is injured, and Service Module 54 – a remote module of Alex 7000 – helps to repair her leg.
  • Oscar authorizes a B-52 to drop a Strontium bomb directly on top of the Device, in an attempt to neutralize the effects of each other. The outcome of the plan of Dr. Cooper turns out to be unexpected, and so is the threat of Alex 7000. In the end, the determination, intuition, and ingenuity of the Bionic Woman pay off.

  • Steve returns from his mission at Skylab.
Danny's Inferno - Danny Lasswell inventing a new rocket fuel

Danny's Inferno – Danny Lasswell experimenting on a new rocket fuel

  • Jan"Danny's Inferno" – When teenager Danny Lasswell accidentally invents a new form of thermochemical energy that could eliminate the need for oil, Steve is called in to protect the boy from would-be kidnappers. But since he has not accurately written down the formula, he is questioned by OSI scientists who want to duplicate it and learn how to control and harness it.
Note: Although "Danny's Inferno" was aired on Jan 23, Steve should still be at Skylab on Jan 23. Otherwise, he will have rushed to aid Jaime during her "Doomsday Is Tomorrow" crisis. We therefore believe that Steve returns from Skylab after Jan 26, and "Danny's Inferno occurs afterwards.


Deadly Ringer (Two-part episode)


Deadly Ringer (Part II) - Jaime Visits Lisa

Deadly Ringer (Part II) – Jaime visits Lisa

  • Feb 02"Deadly Ringer" (BW episode) – Dr. James Courtney believes that Jaime's super-human powers stem from adrenalizine, a plastic substance accidentally produced by Dr. Wells in limited amounts. Lisa Galloway haunts Jaime once again. Her place behind the bars is exchanged with Jaime's place in the OSI and in the army school. A plan is soon in place to convert the face of Jaime to that of Lisa by plastic surgery. The first appearance of students Terry and Arty here.

The Infiltrators - Steve

The Infiltrators – Steve

  • Feb 06"The Infiltrators" – After several foreign amateur athletes defect to the US, Steve goes undercover as an American amateur boxing champ to infiltrate a suspected assassination team made up of expatriates. George Mason, the existing US Amateur Boxing Champion, is diagnosed as having obsessive neurasthenia. Steve fills in as the runner-up to enter the tournament. The ring is after a fuel chip developed by NASA for the Interstellar Space Probe, costing $30 million. Steve is thus not available to lend a hand to Jaime in her "Deadly Ringer" crisis.
  • Steve travels to Arizona.
  • Feb 09"Deadly Ringer (Part II)" (BW episode) – With adrenalizine, Lisa convinces Oscar that she is the Bionic Woman. Lisa would like live as Jaime for good. Jaime obtains trust from Oscar that she is the genuine Jaime by her bionic ear powers. Jaime saves herself, saves Lisa, and establishes the individuality of Lisa too. The last appearance of Lisa Galloway, Dr. James Courtney, and student Terry here.
  • Steve travels to Los Angeles.
  • Feb 13"Carnival of Spies" – Professor Ulrich Rau, an East German scientist, fakes a heart attack and slips away from a high level scientific conference, just a few days before the test flight of the US new B-1 bomber. Surprisingly, Rau heads for a traveling carnival that has set up operation within a few miles of the bomber's testing site. Mystified by Rau's choice of entertainment, Steve attempts to cut through a tight web of security in order to learn Rau's mission.


To Catch The Eagle

To Catch the Eagle

DeJon Caper - Portrait of Jaime

The DeJon Caper

  • Feb 20"U-509" – Henry Bulman, a retired submariner from Her Majesty's Royal Navy, reactivates an abandoned Nazi U-boat and discovers a forgotten cache of deadly nerve gas. He decides to extort $20 million from the US by threatening the lives of some 30,000 Americans. Assigned to stop Bulman or call his bluff, Steve dives to the submarine, bionically resists the water pressure, and boards the craft. We have the first appearance of Admiral Josh Prescott here.
  • Feb 23"Jaime and the King" (BW episode) – Jaime is assigned to Monte Carlo to tutor Ishmail, a difficult young prince in order to protect his father, King of the Persian Gulf country of Almain, from assassins.
  • Feb 27"The Privacy of the Mind" – Steve disguises himself as a neurophysicist Dr. Berman to work with Russian scientist Dr. Tamara Batalova. With Dr. Batalova's radar-like device, human thoughts can be collected and processed. Theoretically, these data could then be organised into patterns, unscrambled, and translated by the computer developed by Dr. Berman. They are thus expected to develop a device conjointly which can accurately read the mind of any person, any time, and anywhere.
  • Steve shaves.
  • Mar 06"To Catch the Eagle" – Two OSI scientists are captured by medicine man Iron Fist seeking the best use of a radioactive ore on consecrated Indian land by himself. Steve is assisted by a Native American Indian Little Deer to rescue the scientists.
  • Oscar travels to the west coast to observe the tests on the new Mark Nine Guided Missile.
  • Mar 11"Beyond the Call" (BW episode) – Jaime tries to befriend Kim, a withdrawn American-Vietnamese girl, who hasn't spoken a word since her mother's death in Vietnam. Major John Cross, Kim's father, plans to steal the top-secret Mark Nine missile guidance system. Student Arty and Helen Elgin make their final appearances.
Note: The episode "Beyond the Call" aired on Mar 09, 1977, which was a Wednesday. Oscar mentions at the start of the episode that it is a Friday. We thus move the date of the episode to be Mar 11, 1977.
  • Mar 16"The DeJon Caper" (BW episode) – Jaime travels to Paris with art forger Pierre Lambert to catch a master criminal Michael Beaumont in the act of switching a forged DeJon painting with a real one at the Musée de Rousseau. Jaime and Lambert later board a boat of Corsican mafioso Alfredo Moreau in Cannes and expose Beaumont as a fraud.
  • Mar 23"The Night Demon" (BW episode) – When a sacred Indian burial ground is disturbed, an ancient curse releases Masau'u, a demon creature also called Black Wolf, to exact revenge. Lyle Cannon assisted by Hawkins tricks Thomas Bearclaw to sell his land at below the true value with the use of a planted Masau'u figurine, a holographic projector, Hansen weed, and an elaborate Night Demon costume.

Iron Ship and Dead Men - Jaime and kitten

Iron Ships and Dead Men – Jaime and the kitten

  • Mar 30"Iron Ships and Dead Men" (BW episode) – Jaime investigates the disappearance of Sam Goldman, elder brother of Oscar, during the Pearl Harbor attack together with the disappearance of a quarter of a million dollars.
  • It turns out that a civilian dockworker Duke happens to be alone with Sam on the deck when the Japanese attack commences. Sam and Duke must leave the deck, and the closest cover is a hole in the bulkhead. Sam is killed by a bullet into his back and straight out. Duke discovers cash of thousands, may be half a million, of dollars, in the case brought by Sam. Duke picks it up and runs, but is soon hit on his leg.
  • Duke must find a way to hide the money for later retrieval. He resorts to throw the case of money into a pump hole. Ship recovery work later seals Sam and the case of money in the bulkhead of the ship. Duke relocates to LA, establishes his bar Duke's in San Pedros in Los Angeles, and waits for 36 years until an opportunity arises for him to retrieve the money.
  • Oscar cleans the name of his well respected brother and countryman, and says goodbye to Sam Goldman at a long overdue funeral at sea.

Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman – Lyle Stenning

  • Apr – Rod Kyler leaves Tami Cross in Acapulco without telling her why. He will soon be diagnosed as having an acquired type of immunodeficiency ("Fembots in Las Vegas").
  • Apr – A novel type of transistor surfaces in the market, and will soon be engineered into the Fembots ("Fembots in Las Vegas").
  • Apr – A new terrorist organization Fortress emerges ("Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman").
  • Steve Austin accepts a mission to infiltrate a terrorist this new threat Fortress.
  • During a mission in France, both Steve Austin and Oscar Goldman are under siege in a French château while Lyle Stenning bombards them with grenades.
  • Steve's mission against Fortress leads to the capture of Lyle Stenning, the Fortress leader.
Note: Although these events were never televised, the ongoing dialog from "Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman" , which first aired in May of 1987, specifies that defeat of Fortress and the capture of Stenning take place ten years prior. Considering that both SMDM and BW go through a six week hiatus with no new episodes during the latter half of their Spring season, we could estimate that the events of Fortress most likely occur during this lost month. As such, Fortress is not the last mission of Steve during the period of time in the regular TV series.
Note: It is not mentioned that Jaime has been requested to assist in this nationwide threat of Fortress. However, Oscar remarks to Jaime that "You're no stranger to Fortress either" in "Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman", implying that Jaime might have had her input during the Fortress crisis in 1977.
The Ghostly Teletype - Madame Marka

The Ghostly Teletype – Madame Marka

Once A Thief - Concluding Scene

Once a Thief – Ralph and Jaime

  • May 15"The Ghostly Teletype" – While Steve is researching, a formula he is reading mysteriously disappears from the page. He is accused of stealing the formula, and is to be arrested for espionage. Further exploration reveals that a pair of twins Margaret Wagner and Davey Wagner who are getting old prematurely might be involved. It also appears to Steve that a Madame Marka, mentalist, performing in the Funambules Theater, Los Angeles, has been helping and guiding him. However, the theater manager later recalls no mentalist having performed there.
  • May 28"Once a Thief" (BW episode) – When a bumbling crook – Carl "Inky" Inkervoya – films Jaime using her bionics, he blackmails her into helping him rob a bank. Fortunately, this undercover capacity puts Jaime, with the collaboration of Oscar and the police, in a good position to infiltrate and dissolve a massive crime ring.
Note: Although "Once a Thief" initially aired on May 04, we move such to May 28 as it is specifically mentioned in the episode that it occurs in Memorial Day weekend.
  • Mid-end 1977Korami, a hostile middle-east nation, uses information regarding the novel alloy stolen from the Russians, and starts to re-create an even more deadly probe. This nation will soon attempt to trade the control of the ultimate probe for two nuclear warheads ("Return of Deathprobe").
  • Jul – The first unit of the electronic deep sea distant warning system of the OSI is installed for testing. It suddenly stops sending signals ("Sharks").
  • Jul – Rod Kyler needs to confine himself in an isolated sterilized room ("Fembots in Las Vegas").


The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 5



Sharks (Two-part episode)


  • Aug"Sharks" – The nuclear submarine Stingray which has been employed to torpedo Steve and Jaime to the Saint Emils Island in "Kill Oscar (Part III)" comes from the Navy into the hands of the OSI. Steve is captured while investigating an unusual power failure of the submarine. The FBI soon picks up a suspect who may have planted an explosive device on the submarine. The device may be related to a theft incident in the Boston Navy Yard in 1976.
Sharks - Cynthia Grayland Signalling the sharks

Sharks – Cynthia Grayland alerting the sharks

Sharks (Part II) - Steve pushing the entire submarine Stingray

Sharks (Part II) – Steve pushing the entire submarine Stingray

  • Aug"Sharks (Part II)" – It becomes clear that the nuclear submarine is commandeered for the purpose of piracy and extortion by Morgan Grayland working previously in the Navy. Morgan has built his undersea base with ability of controlling sharks. Steve is still under capture. Rudy is trapped in a bathysphere in the deep. Morgan sustains a minor heart attack. The command is then taken over by Alex Parker who has hired the crew in the first instance.
  • An idea strikes Oscar – employing magnetic picket mines as he did in World War II. Such would buy time to prevent an overwhelming naval attack which would definitely kill Steve and Rudy as well.
  • Picket mines are sunk surrounding the Stingray. Parker threatens to open the bathysphere thus killing Rudy, and forces Steve to employ his bionic bowers to push the entire submarine away from the picket mine zone. Once outside the mine zone, further location of the nuclear-equipped submarine will be difficult.
  • Steve fingers a hole outside the oil tank of Stingray while pushing it, and oil is leaking out slowly. Not before long, the oil leak is discovered by Oscar as the signature dead of Steve.
  • Parker threatens to fire the first nuclear missile aiming at Charleston, South Carolina, unless all ships are moved out of the area. Back in the base, the now-fragile Morgan launches a surprise strike at Parker, to be echoed by efforts of Steve immediately.
  • Morgan, his daughter Cynthia, and Steve dive out into the open sea. Parker in the base releases the sharks to attack them. The sharks are now not manipulated by human signals, and Steve manages to kill a shark, injury another, save Rudy in the bathysphere as well as bringing all to the sea surface. Parker and his gang are captured. Morgan has a good chance of recovering from his heart disease, and he and Cynthia face charges. The Stingray is recaptured.
Note: The dialog during the two-part episode specifies that it is still summer.
  • Aug – Carl Franklin regularly visits his father. His visits stop then ("Fembots in Las Vegas")
  • Aug – While in prison awaiting trial, Dr. Franklin becomes ill. Before he has the chance to stand trial for his crimes, Franklin succumbs to his illnesses and dies in prison. ("Fembots in Las Vegas")
  • Late Aug – Max the bionic dog (quoting Oscar) has taken a nosedive in every measurable way ("The Bionic Dog").
  • Sep 01 – Julian Richman is released from prison ("Deadly Countdown").
  • SepTammy Cross is abducted and replaced by a Fembot ("Fembots in Las Vegas").


Deadly Countdown (Two-part episode)


Deadly Countdown (Part II) - Dr

Deadly Countdown (Part II) – Dr. Leah Russell

  • Sep"Deadly Countdown" – A group headed by Gordon Shanks has constructed its own missile control center and plans to kidnap a rocket when it is launched. The rocket carries the new electronic brain of the US missile defense system, which Shanks will sell to a foreign power.
Deadly Countdown (Part II) - Steve

Deadly Countdown (Part II) – Steve

Deadly Countdown (Part II) - The rocket

Deadly Countdown (Part II) – The rocket

  • In a bid to gain time, Shanks hires Julian Richman to kill Steve and delay the rocket launching. Julian Richman has been caught by Steve Austin for stealing components at NASA, which has landed him in the Florida State Penitentiary for 12 years.
  • Richman, with access to the Kennedy Space Center, conceives a scheme to eliminate Steve in the high altitude test chamber. Steve escapes with his bionic powers. He becomes strongly attracted to the beautiful Dr. Leah Russell, a British scientist who is to accompany him on a mission to link up two space satellites. The countdown proceeds. An explosion occurs, and Steve is injured.
  • Sep"Deadly Countdown (Part II)" – Dave McGrath, mission director at the Kennedy Space Center, has remarked to Steve that he causes the explosion and the premature abortion of the mission. However, Steve is being under heavy sedation.
  • Upon his grey cells awakened, he confronts McGrath. McGrath confessed that his daughter, [[Melissa McGrath|Melissa}, has been kidnapped, and that her captors have threatened to kill her if he does not abort the mission.
  • Steve, injured during the launch pad explosion, is convinced that the kidnappers will not allow Melissa to live. He follows Edgar Webster and saves Melissa. Countdown resumes. However, the guidance computer is being reprogrammed. NASA cannot hold the countdown.


The Bionic Woman: Season 3



The Bionic Dog (Two-part episode)


  • Sep 10"The Bionic Dog" (BW episode) – Jaime discovers the secret existence of the world's first bionic being, and has just five days to save him from death. Max the bionic dog is being diagnosed by Rudy as suffering from bionic rejection. Jaime believes that Max should be loved. She establishes a deep bond with Max, and takes the unique canine under her angel wings.
  • Back in Ojai, the bionic powers of Max comes to the first practical use through using his bionic jaw to halt a sliding motorcycle with a girl trapped inside. Such bears stark similarity to Steve saving a boy from the scene of a vehicle accident when his bionics are coming into the first real world application.
  • We have the last appearance of Jim Elgin in this episode.
Rodeo - Jaime securing the part as a hazer

Rodeo – Jaime securing the part as a hazer

Bigfoot V - Left eye becoming organic

Bigfoot V – His right eye is still bionic, while his left eye is becoming organic.

  • Sep 17"The Bionic Dog (Part II)" (BW episode) – When Max, the world's first bionic dog, runs off in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Jaime and an old flame Roger Grette follow him into a raging forest fire. Jaime discovers the inner fears of Max, helps Max to overcome his fear, loves Max, and saves him from destruction.
  • Sep"Rodeo" (BW episode) – OSI computer scientist Dr. William Cole insists on riding in the Templeton Frontier Days Rodeo. He is also due to perform a critical analysis of Max's bionic structure. Jaime is thus sent to secretly look after him, playing the part as his hazer.
Note: Although "Rodeo" was the 5th episode to air during the 3rd season of BW, early dialog in this episode during Max's test suggests that this episode was set shortly after the events in "The Bionic Dog (Part II)".
  • Oct 09"Bigfoot V" – Steve Austin and Rudy Wells travel back to San Andreas mountain region in northern California to investigate the latest Bigfoot sighting. The trouble comes when Hope Langston, a PhD candidate with thesis in Bigfoot, goes into the mountains for a field trip too.
  • Steve soon finds out that when Shalon's people return to their asteroid in space, Sasquatch wishes to remain on Earth. He is being in a state of regenerative hibernation. The right side of his body is still bionic, while his left side of the body is slowing becoming organic. When the process is complete, he will awaken, and be biologically compatible with Earth's environment. However, he is not to be disturbed before awakening. Steve races to replace Sasquatch into his base within 12 Earth hours. This concludes the Bigfoot saga in The Bionic World.
  • Oct – Lambda 14, a weather satellite, flies into orbit. It is expected to function for eight to ten years ("Sanctuary Earth").
  • Mid-Oct (around six weeks before "Max") – OSI implants a computer transmitter developed by Valerie Breuer into Max ("Max").

Killer Wind - the SMDM powering the cable car

Killer Wind – Steve powering the cable car

  • Oct 16"Killer Wind" – While Steve Austin and Rudy Wells are flying back to Washington from California they get caught in an oncoming tornado. During the crisis, two locals join Steve when he attempts to rescue a group of students in a stalled cable car halfway up a mountain. They must rescue the students before a tornado gets to them. However, one of the men is a criminal and the plan is put in jeopardy.


Dark Side of the Moon (Two-part episode)


Dark Side of the Moon (Part II) - Steve locked in the ore carrier

Dark Side of the Moon (Part II) – Steve locked in the ore carrier

  • Oct"Dark Side of the Moon" – Dr. Charles Leith attracts no suspicion when the Moon's orbit changes, as his government-sponsored space expedition is supposedly on an asteroid. However, he leaves an antenna on the asteroid to relay communications to Houston Mission Control, and goes to the Moon with permission from NASA or from the OSI, in search for dilanthium there.

Dark Side of the Moon - Bess Fowler

Dark Side of the Moon – Bess Fowler

  • Also in the crew is Bess Fowler, a analytical chemist with high affinity to Steve. She has been invited to join the crew by Dr. Leith.
  • The expedition and the incurring explosions on the Moon deviate the Moon from its original orbit. Worldwide weather changes are soon noted, with typhoon in Northern Japan, a hurricane along the Eastern Seaboard, tornadoes through the Midwest, and tidal waves in Australia causing massive destruction in Sydney Harbor.
  • Austin takes off to the Moon to investigate, and is therefore unavailable to help Jaime in the "Fembots in Las Vegas" crisis.
  • Oct"Dark Side of the Moon (Part II)" – Soon after landing on the Moon to investigate the cause of its change in orbit, Steve is captured by Dr. Leith. Steve discovers that Dr. Leith is using a radio relay to the asteroid to fool the NASA into believing that they are communicating with Dr. Leith on the asteroid.
Dark Side of the Moon (Part II) - Steve immobilized by a cold rod

Dark Side of the Moon (Part II) – Steve immobilized by a cold rod

Dark Side of the Moon (Part II) - Mirrored solar energy thawing the rod assisted by Bess Fowler

Dark Side of the Moon (Part II) – Mirrored solar energy thawing the rod assisted by Bess Fowler

  • Leith locks Steve up in a suspending ore carrier. Steve frees himself, puts on his space suit, travels back to the bright side of the Moon, and reports the plans of Leithg to Oscar.
  • Eric, who follows the instructions of Leith, disrupts the communication of Steve and Oscar. Leith discovered that Steve is bionic. He claims that he is on the verge of discovering dilanthium deposits that will provide Earth with a badly needed energy source. He declares that if Steve will not use his bionic powers to help him, he will use nuclear explosives in his mining operations that will cause even greater destruction on Earth.
  • In return for the help of Steve, Dr. Leith allows him to talk to Oscar Goldman for 30 seconds. Steve conveys that the operation of Leith is established on the dark side of the Moon, that one megaton nuclear device will be detonated. There is no way to stop the blast. OSI should compute the alternation in the Moon's orbit and locations of maximum effect on Earth. Evacuation procedures should be started immediately.
  • Steve is then immobilized onto a cold rod, which deactivates his bionics. Prior to such, Steve has already hinted to Bess Fowler that solar energy can be reflected by a mirror to thaw the rod, which Bess then executes and frees Steve.
  • Steve finds out that there is no way to stop the blast. He suggests using a shaped blast to channel all the force of the explosion in one direction. The Moon will also be moved to its original orbit then. Rudy talks Steve through the procedure of reshaping and repositioning the bomb. Steve and Bess take shelter seconds before the bomb go off. Fortunately, the direction of the blast is perfect, and the Moon goes along its original orbit.


Fembots in Las Vegas (Two-part episode)


Note: The events "Dark Side of the Moon" and "Fembots in Las Vegas" were aired on TV a month apart. Steve is not included in the list of demands of Carl Franklin for revenge the downfall of his father, and Steve does not lend a hand to Jamie. A highly likely explanation is that Steve is not being on Earth then. We therefore postulate that these four episodes overlap with one another in October.
  • Oct"Fembots in Las Vegas" (BW episode) – A new line of Fembots emerges under the control of Carl Franklin, son of the deranged Dr. Franklin, in a scheme to steal America's first Directed Energy Ray Weapon created by Rod Kyler. As a starter, Carl remotely activates Fembot Callahan being locked in a vault in the OSI.
  • A space telescope will be launched in Vandenberg Air Base. Before then, Oscar would like to spend a night in Las Vegas, hoping that he might have an opportunity to meet Rod Kyler. He calls Callahan to bring along the Kyler proposal on the Directed Energy Weapon to Las Vegas the coming morning. Fembot Callahan then captures and replaces the real Callahan.

Callahan Capture Sequence

Fembots in Las Vegas – Capture of Callahan

  • Oscar enjoys in riding a convertible in Vegas with Jaime. While Oscar is trying to arrange a meeting with Kyler, Jaime picks up a high frequency signal associated with Fembots. Oscar glues his eyes on Vegas girl Tami Cross, lady friend of Kyler, performing on the stage, and pushes Jaime to sneak into the backstage to reach Cross.
Fembots in Las Vegas - Rod Kyler meeting the Tami Cross Fembot

Fembots in Las Vegas – Rod Kyler meeting the Tami Cross Fembot

Fembots in Las Vegas - Dr

Fembots in Las Vegas – Dr. Wells examining a Fembot

  • Jamie puts on the costume of a showgirl, and discovers that Tammy is a Fembot.
  • Kyler fetches Tami to see him in the penthouse. Jaime tails her. Kyler discloses that back in Acapulco, he has been diagnosed as having an acquired immunodeficiency disease, with no cure. He just wishes to say goodbye. Fembot Cross leaves.
  • All along, Carl Franklin is remotely commanding Cross, and instructs Cross to pass a cassette of Kyler's voice to Fembot Gina. Carl recognizes Jaime through his monitor.
  • Carl instructs Cross to lure Jaime into a theater. Jamie endures a harsh fight with Fembot Cross in the theater. Jamie hits for the streets. Cross chases, and is run over by a car.
  • Rudy examines Fembot Cross, remarking that a transistor has only been in the markets for the past six months. Oscar reveals the Dr. Franklin does have a son Carl Franklin.
  • Fembot Callahan arrives in Vegas, and meets up with Jaime, Oscar and Rudy. Fembots Callahan, Gina, and Billie gather in Kyler's hotel. Meanwhile, Oscar and Jaime force their way to see Kyler in the penthouse holding a Federal Court Order. The army of Fembots soon assaults Kyler's penthouse, injures Oscar, and breaks the isolation glass of Kyler.
  • Fembot Gina calls Kyler's lab in the voice of Kyler, instructing the delivery of the Directed Energy Weapon to another Fembot Nancy covering as an Air Force Lieutenant. Jaime buys time for Kyler to get to and start the roof helicopter by fighting with the Fembots. Jaime jumps, holds, and takes off.

Fembots in Vegas - Jaime Flying Away Sequence

Fembots in Las Vegas – Jaime taking off

  • By the time Kyler and Jaime reach the lab, Nancy with her crew has already captured the Directed Energy Weapon. Jaime briefs Oscar on the plan of Kyler to launch the weapon into space. Oscar calls Vandenberg Air Base, but the call is intercepted by yet another Fembot Ellen Andrews.
  • Oct"Fembots in Las Vegas (Part II)" (BW episode) – Fembot Ellen Andrews takes control of the Communications Center in the base. Ellen also hoists a Red Alert to the Air Force Police, sealing the base from all outside communications.
  • The Fembots replace the space telescope and installed the weapon into the nose cone of the rocket, which is then duly launched.
  • Carl seeks revenge for the death of his father, and demands Jaime, Oscar, and Rudy as ransom for the stolen Directed Energy Ray Weapon which he now has complete control.
  • Kyler conjectures a plan for the weapon to fire at its targeting unit. Jaime reaches the base of Carl and distracts the Fembots. Rudy inserts a programmed tape into the targeting unit of the Mission Control computer, and Oscar deactivates the Fembots. Jaime faces another challenge, and has to rescue Oscar, Rudy, Callahan, Cross, and herself in time.

Fembots in Vegas (Part II) Sequence

Fembots in Las Vegas (Part II) – The final duel

  • Apart from Carl Frankin leaving the stage, we also see the last appearance of Rod Kylor in this episode.
  • OctAntonio Pineda, South American diplomat and a close friend of Oscar, disappears at the height of an Embassy bribery scandal. He seeks political amnesty and criminal immunity from Oscar, in exchange for information that will lead to the criminal prosecution of four South American diplomats ("Brain Wash").
Rollback - The gang

Rollback – The gang

Rollback - Rand Hendricks and Maureen Wright

Rollback – Rand Hendricks and Maureen Wright

  • Mid-Oct – The computer and the Maxicomp homing device have been working perfectly well since then ("Max").
  • Oct 29"African Connection" (BW episode) – In order to prevent a ruthless African dictator from remaining in power, Jaime must secretly switch a rigged computer element with one that will give fair results in an upcoming election. She is escorted by World War II veteran Harry Walker.
  • Late Oct – Oscar appears before a Congressional Appropriate Committee. He explains how OSI spends the taxpayer's money, as OSI is a semi-secret organization. He demonstrates exhibits from old cases to substantiate his claims ("Fembots in Las Vegas").
  • Late Oct"Rollback" – The OSI has learned that Rand Hendricks, manager of the Rockets roller derby team, will receive $10 million from an international syndicate for top secret information to be delivered on Halloween. Steve's assignment is to find out what Hendricks is after, where it is, and how he plans to get it. As a first step, he wins a place on Hendricks' team. Hendricks, who knows Steve's true identity, makes it easy for Steve to get a false clue about where the burglary will take place.
  • Strange enough, however, Hendricks trains his team on individual tasks – Curtis in the team is interested in glassblowing, Randal is on target practice, Brady is training to become a plumber, while Taylor (cover name of Steve) is to excel in throwing darts. They dress themselves to attend a Annual Halloween Charity Ball.
Date With Danger - Emily Patternon

Date With Danger – Emily Patternon

  • The target of Hendricks is then declared – Steve has to break into Oscar Goldman's Office in the OSI. Worse still, Oscar and all his crew are preparing for an ambush around the Pentagon which they have been tricked into believing such being the target.
Note: Although Rollback is aired on Oct 30, the start of the story seems to be several days before Halloween on Oct 31. We thus revise the date to late October.
  • Nov – Azzar is all ready to make his acceptance speech for presidency in an African country. The real election results are flashed. His mouth is hanging open when the regular army arrests him. Leona Mombassa becomes the President, and waves goodbye to her college sister Jaime Sommers ("African Connection").
  • Late 1977 – The parents of Princess Aura rule the planet Zhorla on the other side as the Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Zhorlans are being attacked by soldiers of the Ulonans. Many Zhorlans die defending the planet. The Zhorlans then launch a counterattack, which will determine which planet will be victorious ("Sanctuary Earth").
  • The parents of Aura fear for her safety. They are afraid that she would be captured and held hostage in the war. They thus send her to head for Pon which is a planet of legal sanctuary. Aura will be safe on Pon, but not on Earth, as Earth is not a sanctuary ("Sanctuary Earth").
  • Late 1977 – Emily Patterson, one of the absolute best computer modelers and programmers in the business, purchases a dating service company Datamate from George Cloche who cannot make a good go of it. She will soon re-program a computer in the company with the clients that have already resigned ("Date With Danger").
  • George Cloche is still renting an office in close vicinity to Datamate. He rarely uses his office. He comes in to Datamate once in a while with a phony excuse to get his mail. Most of his mails are advertisements only. Emily Patterson believes that he is just making an excuse to date her ("Date With Danger").
  • Nov - Dec – Edmund Dimitri, Russian agent, brings Vera, the wife of Viktor Cheraskin, to US ("Walk a Deadly Wing").

Motorcycle Boogie - Evel Knievel

Motorcycle Boogie – Evel Knievel and Jaime

  • Nov 05"Motorcycle Boogie" (BW episode) – Jaime enlists the help of motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel in an attempt to retrieve a computer tape stolen by the KGB in East Germany.
  • Nov 05, 4:00 PM – Evel Knievel jumps over 11 cars and one van in front of an audience of 50,000 in West Germany to advocate motorcycle safety ("Motorcycle Boogie").
  • Nov – Oscar is planning for a confidential meeting with Antonio Pineda, delivering guarantees and identity papers to him. Only Bill and Tex at Observation, Russ, and Callahan are supposed to learn about the meeting ("Brain Wash").
  • Nov 12"Brain Wash" (BW episode) – While Callahan is having her hair shampooed, Jaime overhears her revealing top-secret information which endangers Oscar's life. The storyline in this episode is very similar to such in "The Winning Smile".

  • Nov 26"Escape to Love" (BW episode) – Scientist Dr. Arlo Kelso and his son Sandor defect from an Iron Curtain country Vestia. Dr. Kelso is wounded and has made it, but his son has not. Sandor is sensitive, timid, and frightened. He freezes while trying to escape. Jaime is assigned to bring Sandor to the west. However, Sandor threatens to foul-up his own rescue when he falls in love with Jaime. Some of the storyline here mirrors "Love Song for Tanya".
  • Nov 27"Target: Steve Austin" – Steve and OSI agent Joan pose as a couple honeymooning in their motor home. The vehicle actually contains a nuclear power unit to be delivered to a test station in the Southwest. Their honey is soon to be spoiled by an impersonator.
Over The Hill Spy - Portrait of Jaime

Over the Hill Spy

The Cheshire Project - Jenny Fraser and Steve

The Cheshire Project – Jenny Fraser and Steve

  • Dec 03"Max" (BW episode) – Max, the world's first bionic dog, is kidnapped by foreign agents, while Jaime lays helplessly in a hospital bed undergoing a bionic check-up. Max proves himself to be a capable OSI agent with his loyalty, wit, and his bionic limbs and jaw.
  • Dec 15 – The team of Boris Slotsky steals the cipher chip from the International Code of the US. With it, Slotsky can decode every message that the OSI has transmitted in the preceding six months, including the identification of some of the OSI's top secret agents. Slotsky will meet a Russian courier at the Hotel Terranova to deliver the chip. The lives of at least 20 secret agents are being at risk ("Over the Hill Spy").
  • Dec 17"Over the Hill Spy" (BW episode) – An elderly Soviet spy Boris Slotsky threatens US security, so Oscar must convince a retired OSI agent Terrence Quinn to work with Jaime and identify his Russian counterpart. Unfortunately, Quinn lays Jaime unconscious, and goes solo.
  • Dec 18"The Cheshire Project" – A radar-undetectable airplane piloted by Steve's one-time girlfriend, Jenny Fraser, has disappeared. Steve learns that Hal Martin, an engineer with knowledge of the aircraft's revolutionary radar-foiling device, has been in communication with Wilfred Damien, known to have been involved in thefts of military secrets. Steve then sets out on a search mission over the desert, hoping his bionic vision will discover some clue that an extensive Air Force search had missed.
Note: At some point after the events of "The Bionic Dog" and prior to the events of "Dead Ringer" and "Date With Danger (Part II)", Jim Elgin and Helen Elgin apparently both died for reasons never revealed. Their deaths are never addressed directly on either series, but later dialogue suggests they are deceased.


The Madonna Caper - Countess Korischeva

The Madonna Caper – Countess Lysandra Korischeva

The Madonna Caper - The Byzantine Madonna

The Madonna Caper – The Byzantine Madonna

  • Dr. Rudy Wells is developing an inexpensive and recyclable booster fuel. It utilizes an in-tandem precipitation process with post manufacture combination. Put simply, the fuel is manufactured in two parts and then combined. Test data suggests that it's going to have an important impact on the future of deep space travel ("Just a Matter of Time").
  • A sophisticated plan is in place for General Winston Hayden, Sergeant Chapman, Donna Huffman (under the influence of drug), and their associates to capture the formula of the booster fuel ("Just a Matter of Time").
  • A scholarship should have been endowed by Thomas Bearclaw for the study of Indian lore in the Carnegie Tech ("The Night Demon").
  • The energy source of aliens from Planet Zana is expected to be depleted then ("The Lost Island").
  • An exhibition of Russian masterpieces of fine art is taking place at the National Gallery in Washington. It is viewed by US and USSR governments as much more than a vehicle for cultural exchange ("The Madonna Caper").
  • The exhibition is arranged by Countess Lysandra Korischeva, world-renowned curator and art restorer, and a descendant of a Latvian royal family ("The Madonna Caper").
  • Countess Korischeva is preparing to sell the Byzantine Madonna to a collector Chilton Kane at five million dollars, to buy the freedom of hundreds of unjustly imprisoned people. Her people are dying, losing their sanity in wretched prisons every day, having been imprisoned for political and religious reasons ("The Madonna Caper").
  • Dr. Margaret Winslow is practising as an eminent parapsychologist in Washington DC ("Dead Ringer").

Dead Ringer - Parapsychologist Dr

Dead Ringer – Parapsychologist Dr. Margaret Winslow

  • The security of the OSI has been breached. A number of national defense secrets has been compromised. Joe Canton, OSI communication chief, is in charge of all computers, including budget items and funds. Canton may be guilty of embezzlement and espionage ("Date With Danger").
  • Canton seems to have stolen half a million dollars. OSI tracks the money through computers, through five banks, three dummy corporations, and a laundering operation that is pure genius ("Date With Danger").
  • OSI has developed a remote guidance system capable of controlling tanks from ten miles off safely. This capability makes it a major advance for NATO's ground defenses ("The Moving Mountain").
  • OSI has also developed a smart missile, soon to be stolen by Santos ("The Moving Mountain").
  • The Russians have developed a self-powered, heavily armored, and mobile missile launching vehicle, code named Gora, meaning Mountain. It is thus a Moving Mountain, soon to be stolen by Santos too ("The Moving Mountain").
  • Five Thousand Dollars of the OSI is transferred to another account. The target account is untraceable. The OSI operations account is controlled by the highest security computer system. The safety of top secret computerized data is at stake as well ("All For One").
  • The research library in the South Costal University in California has a terminal that is hooked into the Library of Congress. Someone related to the university has devised a program, that through the Library Congress, gives him access of the banks and businesses throughout the country. ("All For One").
  • A modern Robin Hood is stealing from the rich and giving to the poor in the South Coast University, to the extent of having helped 38 underprivileged students through college ("All For One").

The Pyramid - Chris Williams

The Pyramid – Chris Williams

  • A plan collaborated by scientists from 22 countries is in place for chemical dispersal carried by a rocket to replenish some of the loss of the ozone in the atmosphere ("The Pyramid").
  • Rudy is experimenting with artificial crystalline forms, and has had some success with radioactive isotope U-96. When perfected, Rudy believes that it will be useful for interstellar communication ("The Pyramid").
  • Oscar attempts to negotiate between two Middle East powers, and would like to be blessed with the support of the Russians. Terrorists are said to oppose such negotiations ("The Antidote").
Deadly Music - Dr

Deadly Music – Dr. Henry Klempt

Deadly Music

Deadly Music

Which One Is Jaime - Jake Stratton

Which One Is Jaime – Jake Stratton

  • Earth is entering a new 11-year cycle of Sunspot activity. The greatest concentration of recorded solar activity is expected in this cycle ("Sanctuary Earth").
  • A new submarine detector device is developed and to be tested by the OSI. An Anton Dasovic is conspiring to steal the device ("Deadly Music").
  • Dr. Henry Klempt, working for Dasovic, has isolated a sound, the "Deadly Music", that drives sharks to attack the source. Dasovic gets Klempt to rig a transmitter that can be attached to a divers wetsuit ("Deadly Music").
  • Someone is snooping around asking about a female OSI agent who has unusual physical capabilities. Oscar decides to protect Jaime by occupying her with a fake mission ("Which One Is Jaime?").
  • Meanwhile, Roger Fowler, ring leader, delivers $100,000 to Jake Stratton, professional kidnapper, as down payment to abduct Jaime, alive and in good condition, for investigating her bionic capabilities ("Which One Is Jaime?").
  • OSI develops Rosebud, the most devastating bomb ever devised. It is designed and built by Dr. Jennings. However, tests prove that Rosebud is dangerous and unpredictable. Washington soon orders it dismantled ("Out of Body").
  • A local group of conspirators in New York City are tied in with a military group in Dalpor and plan to take over the country when the King is dead ("Long Live the King").
  • A criminal Blondie Malone is being safely tucked away in a maximum security prison ("Rancho Outcast").
  • The town of Hidalgo in the country of San Rafael is a notorious refuge for criminals, extortionists, murderers, and gangsters ("Rancho Outcast").
  • Deputy Director Parr has been trying to discredit Oscar and the OSI. Parr tries to get the National Security Bureau to take over all the government undercover operations ("On the Run").
  • A metal alloy is being developed by the OSI. It is strong. However, it soon develops metal fatigue after two to three weeks. Rudy and Dan Kelly are modifying the formula with the addition of extra cobalt, hopefully to solve the metal fatigue problem ("Return of Deathprobe").
  • Early 1978 – Princess Aura is travelling to Pon in her spacecraft. To get to Pon, she has to pass by the Sun of the Solar System. A solar storm causes the spacecraft to go off course. Aura sees the weather satellite. She moves alongside it, gets inside by condensation, and forces it to land ("Sanctuary Earth").
Sanctuary Earth - Condensation

Sanctuary Earth – Condensation

  • Jan – Several men soon break into a mill, take over at gun point, add a newly processed steel alloy to the melt, and leave. The processed alloy is then stolen. Dan Kelly is responsible for the theft ("Return of Deathprobe").
  • Jan – The Korami Ambassador Mahmoud to the US is abducted. The abductors offer release of hostage upon release of Dan Kelly ("Return of Deathprobe").
  • Jan – A satellite costing eight million dollars is sent into orbit. It will soon get lost somewhere near Hawaii. The satellite is neutron-powered, and loaded with top secret classified material. The neutron core of the satellite is shielded. If the neutron core cracks despite the shield, the hazards on humans are unknown. For animals, the neutron flux causes a mutation. The animals will gain in strength, and will become very aggressive and antisocial ("The Lost Island").
  • In the wrong hands, this satellite could be a doomsday weapon, capable of releasing the greatest concentration of radiation ever put together ("The Lost Island").

  • Jan 01"Walk a Deadly Wing" – Humanistic Viktor Cheraskin has invented the anti-equilibrium device to immobilize foot soldiers so that they can be captured without injury. However, he has refused to allow the USSR or the US to have it, for fear it might also be used as a deadly antiaircraft weapon. Steve is sent to win his trust.
Walk a Deadly Wing - The anti-equilibrium device

Walk a Deadly Wing – The anti-equilibrium device

The Pyramid - Ky

The Pyramid – Ky

  • Jan 07"All For One" (BW episode) – When Dr. Thomas Tharp, University Professor, notifies the OSI of a computer thief, Jaime enrolls in college to stop a young computer whiz who has been stealing thousands of dollars from the OSI. The computer-generated character profile is that the person is a genius, highly educated, PhD is likely, worked for the government or a bank at some point in time, and is a teacher or an alumnus [of the South Costal University].
  • Jan 14"The Pyramid" (BW episode)Chris Williams debuts, investigating a pyramid and an alien with Jaime. Jaime discovers that the Illizi Cave Drawings (since 6000 BC), Hieroglyph (since 3400 BC), the Mayan Jaguar Gods (dates uncertain), Stonehenge (3100 BC - 2000 BC), Nazca Lines (400 AD - 650 AD), and the Easter Island Statues (1250 AD - 1500 AD) are constructed by Earth people as taught by Ky and his people.
  • The sodium-chemical chain used in an ozone-seeding rocket will conflict with the electromagnetic propulsion system of the aliens' ship, leading it to explode. The aliens will then retaliate. Jaime has to attain an artificial crystal and lend her nuclear power source so that Ky could warn his people not to reach Earth ("The Pyramid").
  • Jan 21"The Antidote" (BW episode) – A deadly progressive poison will kill Jaime unless she reveals the location of a secret conference in exchange for the antidote. Dmitiri Zhukov, a Russian diplomat, is also poisoned, and found dead. Max has a blast surfing through land mines and laser beams looking for Rudy to save Jaime.



Return of Deathprobe (Two-part episode)


Return of Deathprobe - Laser against bulldozer

Return of Deathprobe (Part II) – The probe beams laser against bulldozer armed with a novel alloy.

  • Jan 22"Return of Deathprobe" – It is revealed that the Korami Ambassador Mahmoud actually kidnaps himself. A ultimate deathprobe is constructed. Steve and Oscar are introduced to the probe, the sound of which Steve recognizes before it comes around a hillside. Steve is thus occupied and cannot come to the rescue of Jaime in her "The Antidote" crisis.
  • Jan 28"The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming" (BW episode) – While working on a project to locate and track UFOs, Dr. Rudy Wells and Ray Fisk are abducted by a flying saucer. Jaime makes her way down to find Oscar, where he tells her what he saw. Casey, a reporter at the scene, sees Jaime talking to Oscar and begins following her.
Note: Jaime is so occupied with "The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming" that she cannot assist Steve in the "Return of Deathprobe" crisis.

  • Jan 29"Return of Deathprobe (Part II)" – Ambassador Mahmoud, the cousin of King Faoud of Korami, demands two nuclear warheads from the US. The King believes that Mahmoud and the neighboring Sheikdom of Qabai are conspiring against him. The King demands Mahmoud to be arrested and sent home in chains. Otherwise, Korami and her allies will attack Qabai.
Return of Deathprobe - Drilling a tunnel

Return of Deathprobe (Part II) – The probe drilling a tunnel

  • Meanwhile, a bulldozer armed with a novel alloy is summoned to antagonize the probe. However, the probe wins with an eye brink of laser. Steve succeeds in tricking the probe to fall into a pit. However, it starts drilling its way towards a city.
  • A magnetic trap is set up to confuse the orientation of the probe, and Steve wraps the probe with a net to be elevated by a chopper. The chopper dislodges the probe into a pit, leaving the probe to be digested by hydrochloric acid finally.


The Lost Island (Two-hour episode)


The Lost Island - Torg

The Lost Island – Torg and followers

  • Jan 30"The Lost Island" – Steve, searching for a satellite lost in the Pacific, rescues a young woman named Da Nay from drowning. She tells him that the satellite has landed on the island where she lives, which is protected by an impenetrable force field that also renders it invisible from a distance.
The Lost Island - Walter Jenson and the Zanans

The Lost Island – Walter Jenson (center) and the Zanans

The Lost Island - Da Nay

The Lost Island – Da Nay

  • Da Nay promises to lead Steve to the island, provided that Steve helps her to acquire an immunity serum from the Brigham Young University to save her alien tribe from Planet Zana who have no immunity against infectious diseases on Earth.
  • Steve soon discovers that Da Nay's father is Walter Jensen who has been missing in the Pacific region for 20 years. Unfortunately, the lost satellite has fallen into the hands of a group of several aliens in the tribe, and the neutron flux from the damaged satellite is rendering them strong, aggressive, and antisocial.
  • Feb"Just a Matter of Time" – Bewildered Steve Austin returns from an orbital test flight to learn six years have elapsed and that he's under arrest for treason. Steve attempts to establish his innocence by proving that his space capsule has been caught in a time warp. But the authorities still maintain he has defected to the Soviet Union and has been brainwashed.
Note: Although "Just a Matter of Time" was aired on Jan 08, 1978, the reading on the electronic watch of Steve clearly reads Feb 16, 1978. We thus put this episode in Feb 1978 with an exact date unspecified.
  • Feb 06"The Madonna Caper" – Steve foils a museum's security system so that Countess Lysandra Korischeva can retrieve a microdot – containing vital information on the Warsaw Pact missile deployment system – concealed in a painting. However, the Countess also switches a fake for the five-million-dollar masterpiece, which she sells to crime lord Chilton Kane. When Oscar Goldman learns of the substitution, he orders Steve to get it back before the imminent visit of a Russian art expert.
  • Two enemy agents slip into the US. Both are scientists experimenting in bionics ("Dead Ringer").

Jaime Playing Piano and Singing