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Da Nay
The Lost Island - Da Nay
Played by Robin Mattson
SMDM The Lost Island

Da Nay is the daughter of Earth anthropologist Walter Jensen and a Zanan lady.

In 1928, a group of Zanans is trapped on an island in the Pacific Ocean. They have no immune defense against microorganisms causing diseases on Earth, and protect themselves with a force field to prevent intervention by Earth people. Their energy source should last for around 50 years.

In 1958, Walter Jensen, famous anthropologist and amateur yachtsman, and his schooner Shara, are lost in the Pacific Ocean. Jensen with his boat reaches the shield of the Zanans, during an electrical storm. Somehow the storm neutralizes the shield, and he gets through. He lands on the island, badly injured. He is found by the Zanans, who are afraid to go near him.

Jensen is left for three days and nights. A Zanan lady cannot stand to hear his cries of pain any longer. She goes to him, feeds him, and takes care of him. They are in isolation for one year. Da Nay is later born to the couple. Da Nay herself has minimal immunity against infectious diseases on Earth.

The mother of Da Nay soon departs, presumably from infectious diseases.

In 1978, the US sent a satellite costing eight million dollars into orbit. It soon gets lost somewhere near Hawaii. The satellite is neutron-powered, and loaded with top secret classified material. The neutron core of the satellite is shielded. If the neutron core cracks despite the shield, it migh render exposed humans very aggressive and antisocial.

Meanwhile, Dr. Takeuchi in Brigham Young University is known to be working on a serum which stimulates growth of T-cells strengthening defense against bacteria and virals causing diseases on Earth people. The energy source of the Zanans is near depletion, and Da Nay is sent to the outside world in search of such serum.

Steve Austin, searching for the lost satellite, rescues Da Nay from drowning. She tells him that the satellite has landed on the island where she lives, and promises to lead Steve to the island, provided that Steve helps her to acquire the serum.

Steve soon discovers that Da Nay's father is Walter Jensen who has been missing in the Pacific region for 20 years.

Unfortunately, the lost satellite has fallen into the hands of a group of several aliens in the tribe, and the neutron flux from the damaged satellite is rendering them strong, aggressive, and antisocial. Da Nay is later captured by this group, and is forced to expose herself to the neutron flux.