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“Danny's Inferno”

S4 E15

Production 45106
Original Airdate: January 23, 1977
Episode Collage
Produced by
Allan Balter
Teleplay by
Tom Greene
Story by
Tom Greene
Directed by
Cliff Bole
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Frank Marth as Bill Brunner
Mills Watson as Lazarus
E.J. Peaker as Glennis Lasswell
John Hoyt as Dr. Spruger
Special Guest Star(s)
David Opatoshu as Dr. Monica
Lanny Horn as Danny Lasswell
Larry French as Fireman
David Buchanan as Policeman
Joe Brooks as Janitor
Broadcast Order
Season 4
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"Death Probe (Part II)" "Fires of Hell"


When teenager Danny Lasswell accidentally invents a new form of thermochemical energy that could eliminate the need for oil, Steve is called in to protect the boy from would-be kidnappers. But since he hadn't accurately written down the formula, he is questioned by O.S.I. scientists who want to duplicate it and learn how to control and harness it. Meanwhile, Danny is pursued by an unscrupulous land developer who wants to become a new energy czar of the world.



Oscar: You better confiscate the rest of the fuel.

Steve: Unfortunately its already been done. Someone's walking around with enough explosive to turn this city into a pancake.

Oscar: You realize, pal, somewhere locked up in that boy's head is a formula that's worth billions.

Steve: What troubles me is that someone else knows how much that boy's worth.

Dr. Monica: What kind of scientific measurement is a tablespoon? What were you making, lasagna?

Steve: Rudy, don't you have some chemicals he can use as a bluff?

Rudy: As a matter of fact, I do.

Oscar: Oh so you're in on this too!

Rudy: Oscar it's not a conspiracy. I'm just trying to help.

Oscar: Well I guess I'm outnumbered.

Steve: Well, whenever I sulk, I like to be alone too.

Danny: I'm not sulking, I'm reading.

Steve: What trouble are you reading yourself into this time?

Danny: Just Moby Dick.

Steve: Moby Dick. Well, that's a good, safe book for you.




When Steve leaps off the building with Danny on his back, he somehow fails to realize there is clearly a man in the background, who potentially witnesses the bionic jump.

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