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“Date With Danger (Part II)”

S5 E20

Production 47320
Original Airdate: 27 February 1978
Date With Danger (Part II) - Emily Patterson and Steve
A collage of images from the episode
Teleplay by
Wilton Schiller
John Meredyth Lucas
Story by
Wilton Schiller
Directed by
Rod Holcomb
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Robert Walker Jr. as Cloche
Luke Askew as Arnold T. Banner
Elaine Giftos as Emily Patterson
Peter Mark Richman as Dr. Walter Ellis
Noah Keen as Joe Canton
Hank Brandt as Fowler
June Dayton as Psychiatic Nurse
James B. Smith as Col. Sumner
Millie Berg as Ward Nurse
Jack Lukes as Non-Driving Policeman
Vincent Howard as Telephone Supervisor
Wm. Wheatley as Janitor
Sal Ponti as Emergency Room Intern
Paul Tully as Ralph
Raymond (Bud) Davis as Pete
Broadcast Order
Season 5
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"Date With Danger" "The Moving Mountain"


Steve narrowly escapes a hit man hired by the computer, only to be confined as a dangerous psychotic due to a hospital computer's "error." The rogue computer attempts to cause the demise of the man who built it and anyone else who knows of its existence--including Emily Patterson, ace computer operator who is helping Steve.


Steve: I hate to ask you to stick your neck out.
Emily: I'm a born neck sticker-outer. I come from a long line of giraffes. What do I do?

Emily: Whatever happened to the fish and chips you promised me?
Steve: Sorry about that.
Emily: Or the wine.
Steve: I had an appointment with my psychiatrist.
Emily: Excuses, excuses.

Emily: Is it really dead?
Steve: I drove a stake through its heart.

Emily: Its an incredible machine. Whatever else you say about Cloche you have to admit he was a computer genius.
Steve: Well, Frankenstein was a pretty bright guy but look at the trouble he caused.

Emily: I'd rather think about the fish and chips.
Steve: And that bottle of wine.
Emily: I thought you'd never mention it again.
Steve: You'll have it if I have to squeeze the grapes myself.



  • Several characters are introduced and removed seemingly at random. Cloche was set up as a sort of criminal/technological mastermind, but ultimately had nothing to do with the resolution. The assassin was left floundering in a pile of boxes in an alley and presumably would still be trying to kill Steve.
  • When Steve is in the psych ward, he identifies himself as the astronaut Steve Austin - and the staff don't believe him and even tease him about it. Fame sure is fleeting. Earlier in the series Steve was often recognized from people who saw him on the news.