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The Dominion of Balinderry is a mountainous island nation on the verge of a civil war. The NATO Strategic Defense and Science Council had proposed to locate a base in Balinderry that would house hardware important to NATO's mission in Western Europe. The civil unrest in Balinderry created uncertainty about the security of base within the country.


Cold War Europe

  Balinderry's inclusion in NATO is uncertain.

Often referred to simply as Balinderry by its natives, the Dominion of Balinderry is a fictional region located in northwest Europe presumably under the control of another, unnamed country. It had two main groups vying for its control.

One group was affiliated with this unknown ruling country. They were militarily protected by the Dominion Army, and politically in control of the top positions in the civil government.


Crego Dam, Balinderry

The other group opposed this rule as "foreign". While not in possesion of a formal military force, they nevertheless posed a threat to the Dominion Army in the form of various units of the paramilitary Independent Balinderry Army (IBA).

The United States, though officially neutral in the internal strife, nevertheless attempted to be an honest broker between the two sides. The US Consul to the Dominion, Frederick Collins, was leading a diplomatic dialogue with Unit 10 of the IBA that seemed to offer the promise of a negotiated peace between the IBA and the Dominion Army. These peace talks were suspended, however, when it appeared that Unit 10 had kidnapped his wife.

Steve Austin went to retrieve her from captivity in Balinderry against the public wishes of the US State Department. In so doing, he learned enough about the inner workings of the IBA to help put the Consul's peace plan for Balinderry back on track (Outrage in Balinderry).

Known Natives and Residents of Balinderry[]

  • Julia Flood
  • Sylvester Slayton
  • General Carmichael
  • Captain Abbot
  • Commander Ten, mysterious leader of the I.B.A. Unit 10 (link contains spoilers)
  • Dan
  • Lord Breen
  • Jessica


  • Balinderry is a thinly-veiled analogue for Northern Ireland. In addition to the similar political situation, they would appear to share the same geography. "Dominion" is a term used in the British Empire referring to autonomous self-governing territories under the Crown, the first such country to use the term being Canada in 1867.
  • At one point during the Consul's formal briefing on the peace talks, a map of the area is flashed up on screen. Although the narrow spacing of the concentric circles highlighting Balinderry makes it hard to pinpoint exactly where the region lies, it is plausible to read its location as Ireland.
  • A similarly named town actually exists in County Londonderry/Derry. As the Derry/Londonderry naming dispute is itself a touchstone of the Ulster conflict since "the troubles," of the 1960s, this is a name choice with some historic resonance.