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Donald Harris
Played by Kip Niven
Occupation law school graduate
Family Carlton Harris, father
BW Welcome Home, Jaime (Part II)

Donald Harris is the son of Carlton Harris, and a recent graduate of Harvard Law School. His father Carlton is very proud of him, and brags to others that Donald graduated magna cum laude.

Donald stands to inherit great wealth from his father, yet he is idealistic and wants his father to concentrate his efforts on his more legitimate business ventures. When Donald meets Jaime Sommers, whom his father is trying to bribe, he develops a bit of a crush on her.

Donald becomes confused by his father's unscrupulous behavior and Jaime's willingness to sell out. When he decides to investigate the activities, Donald finds that his father’s business dealings are corrupt and violent. This led to his decision to help save Jaime from foreign buyers before taking some time off to collect his thoughts. Donald is considering joining a law firm.