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Dr. Harkens
Dr harkens
Played by Katherine Helmond
Occupation doctor
BW "Deadly Ringer"
"Deadly Ringer (Part II)"

Dr. Harkens is a prison surgeon at the Delaware Federal Penitentiary. She has a colleague, Dr. Mitchell, and assistant named Weber. Together they conspire to murder Jaime Sommers and bury her with the face of Lisa Galloway.

Knowing that the real Jaime Sommers has replaced convict Lisa Galloway, Harkens explains to Warden Cooper that Galloway is "completely schizophrenic", and advises that facial reconstruction take place immediately.

When Jaime meets with Cooper, Harkens prevents Jaime's claims from seeming legitimate by provoking Jaime to state her true identity, then indicating that the declaration is evidence of her mental instability. After Weber sedates Jaime, the Doctor asserts that the only solution is to operate, and that Jaime will be held in an isolated, padded room for her safety. In the padded room, the illusion of mental instability is reinforced with Jaime being subjected to drug-induced hallucinations.

Before transporting Jaime to the operating room for facial reconstruction, Harkens and Weber discuss the surgery and the plan to murder her. But when Jaime is left alone, she makes her escape. Harkens knows that Jaime must be found before she can prove who she really is. When Jaime's true identity is discovered, Dr. Harken and Weber are both arrested, and admit to being paid by Dr. James Courtney.