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Dusty Springfield (birth name Mary O'Brien, 1939-1999), was an English singer who reached the height of her popularity in the mid-1960s with Motown-influenced recordings such as "I Only Want to Be With You" which earned her the nickname "The White Queen of Soul", although she also recorded straight pop and blues as well. Her other famous recordings included "Son of a Preacher Man" and the Oscar-nominated "The Look of Love" which was introduced in the 1967 comedy film Casino Royale and later revived by the Austin Powers movies.

In 1973, Springfield recorded a song entitled "Six Million Dollar Man" which was used as the theme song for the second Six Million Dollar Man telefilm, Wine, Women and War, A brief rendition of the song is heard over the opening credits and a longer version plays out over the closing credits. The song was clearly intended to be an ongoing theme, as it was utilized again for the closing credits of the third telefilm, The Solid Gold Kidnapping, but when the weekly series began, the theme song was abandoned and replaced by Oliver Nelson's instrumental theme.

Springfield's work on the telefilms was followed by a career slump that lasted into the 1980s when, thanks to support from the pop group Pet Shop Boys, she enjoyed a career comeback that included major hits with the PSB collaboration "What Have I Done to Deserve This" and the top-20 solo hit "Nothing Has Been Proved" from the 1989 film, Scandal. Springfield continued to record, and receive career accolades, into the mid-1990s when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She died from the disease in 1999.

Due to both Wine, Women and War and Solid Gold Kidnapping being reedited for syndication, the only episodic version of The Six Million Dollar Man that retains Springfield's song is Part 2 of "Solid Gold Kidnapping" which features it over the closing credits in lieu of Nelson's theme; Springfield is also credited at the end of Part 1, even though her song is not heard in the episode.

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