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Electrosleep is a medically induced condition of deep sleep that does not require chemical anesthesia or medications.  Electrodes are placed on the skull and an electronic pulse matching the alpha rhthyms of the individual's brain is induced.

According to Rudy Wells, the Russians had perfected the use of electrosleep. (SMDM: The Six Million Dollar Man (1973))

Use of Electrosleep in Bionic Replacement[]

Electrosleep is the preferred method of inducing deep sleep for bionic replacement surgery.  Since electrosleep can be maintained indefinitely without the risks associated with chemical anesthesia, it is idea for the long period of unconsciousness required for bionic replacement.

Other Uses of Electrosleep[]

Oliver Spencer proposed using electrosleep to keep Steve Austin in a state of suspended animation between missions.


  • Electrosleep is first mentioned in Martin Caidin's novel Cyborg.