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Emily Patterson
Date With Danger - Emily Patternon
Played by Elaine Giftos
SMDM Date With Danger

Date With Danger (Part II)

Emily Patterson is born in 1952. In late 1977, she becomes one of the absolute best computer modelers and programmers in the business.

In "Date With Danger", Patterson purchases a dating service company Datamate from George Cloche who cannot make a good go of it. She will soon re-program a computer in the company with the clients that have already resigned.

George Cloche is still renting an office in close vicinity to Datamate. He rarely uses his office. He comes in to Datamate once in a while with a phony excuse to get his mail. Most of his mails are advertisements only. Emily Patterson believes that he is just making an excuse to date her.

Meanwhile, an OSI computer comes up with evidence that Steve Austin's friend Joe Canton, OSI communications chief, is guilty of embezzlement and espionage. Steve attempts a readout of the computer's memory core, suspecting that an unauthorized input may have been made by an outside machine. However, the computer inexplicably self-destructs.

A partial phone number subsequently leads Steve to Datamate. Steve narrowly escapes a hit man hired by the computer, only to be confined as a dangerous psychotic due to a hospital computer's error. Steve is rescued by Patterson.

The rogue computer soon attempts to cause the demise of the man who builds it and anyone else who knows of its existence – including Patterson.