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“Fembots in Las Vegas (Part II)”

S3 E4

Production 47422
Original Airdate: 1 October 1977
Carl Franklin, unmasked
Produced by
Arthur Rowe
Written by
Arthur Rowe
Directed by
Michael Preece
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
James Olson as Rod Kyler
Jennifer Darling as Peggy Callahan
Melinda Fee as Tami Cross
Special Guest Star(s)
Michael Burns as Carl Franklin
Jeannie Wilson as Nancy
Nancy Bleier as Gina
Lorna Sands as Billie
Lisa Moore as Ellen Andrews
Douglas Hale as Launch Director
Paul Tinder as Asst. Launch Director
Ted Schliesman as Lt. Rogers
Broadcast Order
Season 3
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"Fembots in Las Vegas" "Rodeo"
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Fembots in Las Vegas

Carl demands Jaime, Oscar, and Rudy as ransom for the stolen energy ray weapon that he has launched into orbit and now controls.



Episode collage

Fembot showgirls

a behind the scene production photo of (Lindsay Wagner) and several Fembot extras on the set of Fembots in Las Vegas

Filv pp



Rudy: Hi, Jaime, you look beat.

Jaime: I am. Rudy, these fembots, they're, they're like arguing with a Mack truck. I mean, it's just so frustrating and so frightening to know that you're never ever gonna win.

Rudy: I know...

Kyler: For the first time in my life I'm hoping to find a defect in one of my designs.

Oscar: There's a plane waiting [for you] at McCarran.

Kyler: I've got a jet at my strip that'll get us there a lot faster. I'm in this with you.

Jaime: Let's go.

Kyler: Sommers, this time, why don't you get into the seat before we take off?

Jaime: The seat? I knew I was doin' something wrong - I could just feel it.

Oscar: Like I always said, Rudy: you can't win them all... but it hurts when you finally lose the big one.

(Oscar and Rudy have left a video-taped message for Jaime)

Oscar: Jaime, by the time you see this, Rudy and I will have already left. Franklin demands that Rudy, you and I turn ourselves over to him.

Rudy: Even he might figure two out of three ain't bad.

Oscar: Now this is an order: I don't want you to try and follow us. Is that clear?

Rudy: And that's the way I want it too, Jaime. Now do as you're told this time!

Oscar: Now, you'll have your chance, just as soon as Research figures out some kind of a plan. I guess that's about all. So long, Babe.

Jaime: My clothes, please. (Kyler just looks at her) Rod, I have never started a mission naked before, but there is always a first time. (Kyler thinks about this, then hands her her clothes) Thank you.

Rudy: Unfortunately, there are fembots crawling all over this place. How are we going to get near the target unit?

Jaime: Oh, I can draw them away; that's alright. You guys do what you have to do with that tape, and I'll meet you on the highway.

Oscar: Jaime, you can't fight fembots.

Jaime: Who said anything about fighting 'em? I'm just gonna run like crazy!

Jaime: Look, even your father knew when he was beaten. Now you happen to be in the same situation, I -

Franklin: Not exactly the same. My father was afraid to die. I'm not. I'm perfectly satisfied taking his three greatest enemies with me.

Franklin: My father gave me a soul - his!"

Callahan: Oscar, what's going to happen to the energy ray weapon?

Oscar: We're going to leave it up there as space garbage. It can't do any harm.

Jaime: (sarcastically) Yeah, that's what you said about the fembots.

Oscar: Well, we're pretty certain this time, Jaime. We're sure - or we think we're sure - they were all destroyed in the explosion.

Callahan: "Think?" Oscar, how sure is pretty sure?

Oscar: Well, it's... uh...

Jaime: Usually, that means something between a "positive maybe", but an absolutely certain "I hope so".




  • Directly after the Callahan fembot slams Jaime head first into a metal pole, she moves in for another attack -- accompanied by the bionic sound effect.


  • Jaime enters a hanger trying to escape capture but the fembots have just crashed through the door and are running after her. It appears that the fembot actors are mimicking slow motion running. This is peculiar because the shot is already being filmed in slow-motion.
  • When Jaime staggers out of the hangar, she's holding her stomach as if she were injured there -- but it was her head that was hit.