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“Fires of Hell”

S4 E16

Production 45107
Original Airdate: January 30, 1977
Episode Collage
Produced by
Allan Balter
Written by
Orville H Hampton
Directed by
Ed Abroms
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Charles Aidman as Congressman Bert Lomax
Ken Swofford as Roy Palmer
Bruce Glover as Sheriff Buck Burgess
Heather Menzies as Alison Harker
Don 'Red' Barry as Howie
Melinda Claire Naud as Susie
Bob Neill as Driver
Natt Christian as Worker
Larry Watson as Firefighter
Broadcast Order
Season 4
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"Danny's Inferno" "The Infiltrators"


A crooked trio manipulate a conservation group into halting an oil drilling experiment at the Stoney Creek Reserve so they can get at the uranium underneath, and Steve is sent in disguised as an oil worker to find out what's up.



Oscar: We've got to save that well, do you hear me, we've got to save it. Do whatever it takes, anything at all.

Roy Palmer: What it's going to take is a miracle.

Steve: Hi Oscar.

Oscar: What are you doing in here?

Steve: Cooling off, like the man said.

Bert Lomax: Well I guess we'd better be getting back. Unless uh, you have something you want to say Oscar.

Oscar: No Mr. Lomax, I think you've just about said it all.

Oscar: Now wait a minute, that nitro is unstable. One slip.

Steve: Well then pick up the pieces and have me rebuilt.

Oscar: Now you listen to me pal. No more stunts like that nitro explosion. I swear I thought my heart had stopped.

Steve: Well if it ever does, I'll make sure you get a bionic replacement.


  • Some footage of the oil well fires appears to be from the 1968 film "Hellfighters" starring John Wayne.
  • Since the episodes have been remastered for the DVD release, this previously obviously grainy stock footage fits much more seamlessly.


  • At the end of the episode, Oscar & Steve visit Alison & Susie at the Environmentalist compound, using a 1970s lime green Ford Bonco


  • In the bar fight, Steve deflects a punch with his left arm not only bionically, but complete with the bionic sound.
  • During the scene where Steve throws the back pack of nitro, you can see a stream of water from a fire hose. This indicates it was probably a clip from "Hellfighters."