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The Bionic Man, Vol.1 No.1 Chapter One: Flight of the Daedalus. Based on a story by Kevin Smith. Script by Kevin Smith with Phil Hester. Art by Jonathan Lau. Colors by Ivan Nunez. Lettering by Simon Bowland.

Steve Austin is back and acclaimed film maker Kevin Smith unleashes his high octane vision in this new series from Dynamite. Featuring 28 pages of story/art in an action-packed first issue! Kevin Smith is joined by Phil Hester, artist Jonathan Lau, and cover artist/character designer Alex Ross (the team who brought you The MAIN Green Hornet series), Smith unleashes Bionic Man into the 21st century as only he can.
A mysterious figure infiltrates and destroys a cybernetic research facility, stealing data and brutally murdering a team of scientists. Meanwhile, test pilot Colonel Steve Austin flies an experimental stealth bomber, the Daedalus.
  • Jaime Sommers makes a cameo appearance; in the Kevin Smith continuity, she is Steve's lover at the time of his crash, and already a schoolteacher.
  • In Kevin Smith's original movie script, the villain is Barney Hiller, but Hull was created for this comic adaptation.
  • The main cover for this issue pays homage to the cover of issue #1 of Charlton Comics' The Six Million Dollar Man magazine.
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Several variant covers were released in limited quantity.
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