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Harry Anderson
Harry anderson2
Played by Donald O'Connor
BW A Thing of the Past

Harry Anderson is the school bus driver for the students at the Ventura Air Force Base School. Since he also drove Jaime and Steve Austin to school in their youth, he presumably drove for the local public school system as well. He is also the proprietor of the eponymous Harry's Service Station.

Biographical Information[]

Harry Anderson moved to Ojai, California approximately fifteen years prior to Jaime's bionic replacement surgery. But most people in Ojai don't know much about his past, because he never really talked about it.

Before that time, he went by his real name, Walter Krueger. Krueger lived in Chicago, Illinois working as a comedian at a nightclub. One night, he witnessed his boss getting killed by Mr. Stone, a Mob hitman. Krueger found out that his boss had been working with the Mob, but that he had also been stealing from them. So, Krueger didn't wait around for the police. And after a few months, the police stopped looking for him. But Stone never did.

Since moving to Ojai, and changing his name, Anderson has led a quiet life. He never married, and was afraid to let people get close to him and care about him, because he never knew if his past would catch up with him.

Anderson soon opened his own Service Station and became a school bus driver. He fondly remembers driving both Jaime Sommers and Steve Austin to school when they were teenagers.

So, when school teacher Jaime Sommers planned a picnic field trip for her students, Anderson was there to drive them to the park. In addition to bringing the baseball equipment, Anderson also barbecues the self-proclaimed "World Famous Anderson Hamburger," insisting that he loves to cook.