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Helen Elgin
Played by Martha Scott
Occupation homemaker
Family Carl Austin, first husband (deceased)
Jim Elgin, second husband
Bill Elgin, brother-in-law
Steve Austin, son
Jaime Sommers, ward
(later, daughter-in-law)
Michael Austin, Grandson
SMDM The Coward
The Bionic Woman (episode)
The Bionic Woman (Part II)
BW Welcome Home, Jaime
Welcome Home, Jaime (Part II)
Bionic Beauty
Jaime's Mother
Deadly Ringer (mentioned)
Deadly Ringer (Part II)
Beyond the Call
The Bionic Dog (mentioned)

Helen Elgin is the mother of Steve Austin, and the legal guardian of Jaime Sommers.

Helen's first husband, Carl Austin, died while flying on a secret mission during World War II. Widowed, she gave birth to their son Steve on February 5, 1942. Years later, while Steve was still a young boy, she began dating and married Jim Elgin. The Elgin's became the legal guardians of Jaime Sommers upon the death of her parents, James and Ann Sommers, in an auto accident when Jaime was just sixteen years old.

When Steve bought the old Marsden Ranch, Helen was overjoyed that her son bought a home in Ojai, and took the opportunity to play matchmaker for her son and Jaime, who also happened to be back in town. Helen had liked Jaime ever since the day she walked Steve home from school because he was sick, and took every chance to provide reminders to Steve of the feelings he once had for his childhood friend. After the two became engaged, Helen joked that she thought she'd never see that day, then immediately began making plans for the wedding.

Soon after the engagement, Helen accidentally observed Steve and Jaime as they were bionically running. Steve was forced to explain his accident, as well as his and Jaime's bionic replacements. As difficult as it was to hear, Helen was thankful for the procedure that kept her two loved ones alive, realizing that the two were indeed made for each other.

Helen was devastated when she thought Jaime had died, yet life moved on as the Elgin's bought a new home and made plans to travel. She is not present in Ojai when Steve brings Jaime there after her resurrection; she is away visiting Steve's aunt Bernadine, in Bakersfield at the time (The Return of the Bionic Woman). When Jaime returned to Ojai to plant some roots, Helen readily offered Jaime the use of the coach house on the Elgin's new property.


  • It is never revealed to whom Bernadine is related, Helen or Jim.
  • Helen is mentioned in "The Bionic Dog" (September 10, 1977) but in "Dead Ringer" (February 13, 1978) Steve states that he has no living family.