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Howlitt Report

The Howlitt Report is a top secret document including intelligence that has application to the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

Lisa Galloway, surgically altered to resemble Jaime Sommers, infiltrated Oscar Goldman's office and made photographic copies of the report.  These photographs were delivered to Dr. James Courtney.  (BW: Mirror Image)


The Howlitt Report contains information on the threat potential of certain nations or regions.  The potential for military development of the nations regarding their airpower and nuclear capability is analyzed.

The Howlitt Report mentions two codes.  The first, MOTHER LODE, refers to Strategic Air Command Deployment.  The second, LEFT BANK, refers to Alien Defense.  Presumably, this second code is a reference to the defense capabilities of foreign powers.  It is unlikely that Alien Defense refers to military defenses against extraterrestial threats, however that option cannot be entirely dismissed.

Four pages of the Howlitt Report have been seen.  The first page includes a list of nations and their threat potentials.  The second page includes details on regional arms strength.  The third and fourth pages are a global map with codes.  The meaning of the codes is unknown.

First Page[]

The first of the known pages from the Howlitt Report contains information on the following nations: Arrubica, Taftan, Comorota, and Brunedie (spelling uncertain).  Infortmation on a fifth nation is visible but the name is unknown.

Taftan was the location of a recent military junta in which the American Embassy was invaded.  Jaime Sommers was instrumental in recovering OSI intel following the junta (BW:Winning Is Everything).  Nothing outside of the Howlitt Report is known about the other nations mentioned.  Comorota is presumably in Africa.

A transcript of this page is viewable here.File:Howlitt Report 1.pdf

Note: Words or question marks in brackets represent type that is difficult to read.

Second Page[]

The second page is a table of arms according to regions.  The regions include the South Pacific, North Africa, and Southeast South America.  There is also a mention of the Janson Report dated April 12, 1974.  The second page concludes with recommendations in code.  Mention is made of Mother Lode and Left Bank.

A transcript of the second page is viewable here. File:Howlitt Transcript 2.pdf

Note: Words or question marks in brackets represent type that is difficult to read.

Third and Fourth Pages[]

The final pages of the Howlitt Report are a global map with codes regarding SALT, MOTHER LODE, and LEFT BANK.  It is classifed Top Secret for Class 6.


Howlitt Report Map