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“In This Corner, Jaime Sommers”

S2 E2

Production 45416
Original Airdate: 29 September 1976
Jessie "Savage" Sommers runs from the ring
Produced by
Kenneth Johnson
Teleplay by
Robert McCullough
Kenneth Johnson
Story by
Robert McCullough
Directed by
Alan Crosland
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Norman Fell as Milt Bigelow
Marcia Lewis as April Armitage
Marj Dusay as Dr. Brandes
Marcia Shapiro as Mary Maddox
Lew Palter as Announcer
Bill Keene as Mr. Epstein
Brett Dunham as Wayne Haley
Bill Conklin as Man
Margaret Shocklee as Esther
Gene LeBell as Referee
Sandy Parker as Battling Betty
Broadcast Order
Season 2
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"The Return of Bigfoot (Part II)" "Assault on the Princess"

Jaime Sommers goes undercover as Jessie "Savage Sommers", a professional lady wrestler, in order to locate a missing OSI agent.


When a male OSI agent goes missing after infiltrating a "lady wrestling" club in Washington, Oscar asks Jaime to try out for the team so she can find out what happened to him.  Jaime reluctantly agrees, and quickly makes a friend in one of the stable, while another is secretly in cahoots with management in the form of "Mel Bigelow," (a.k.a. Norman Fell).  While Jaime and her new friend, April Armitage, train for an exhibition match that night, Bigelow contacts his boss, a Soviet agent inside the OSI!  Seeking to get closer to the back office operation, Jaime has April make an introduction, not knowing that Bigelow has already been tipped off to her identity. Jaime faints after being injected with a drugged dart and is hidden in a cage high above the arena. She nevertheless saves the day at the last minute, with April's help, unmasking the would-be Soviet triple agent and saving a gadget vital to national security as well.

Memortable Quotes[]

Oscar: Wayne Haley has disappeared trying to tell us something important. Now, you're the only female OSI agent that can handle this case!
Jaime: I don't suppose you'd consider putting Steve in a dress?

Jaime: "Mad Mary?" "Amazon April" and "The Spider Lady?" Oh, boy. Average girls next door calls for a stick of gum.

Bigelow: You looking for somebody?
Jaime: Yeah, I'm lookin' to get into the wrestling game. Eventually. I could be an apprentice or something.
Bigelow: Wrestling. What do you weigh — about 105? 110 if you eat a bunch of bananas?
Jaime: Okay, I'm not so big, alright? But I got some pretty fancy footwork and I got a darn good right arm.

Bigelow: You want to break in here, you got to show us that you're dedicated to learning the art of wrestling.
Jaime: Hey, man, I always wanted to be an artist.

Jaime: (climbing into the ring, mutters to herself) Oscar, I'm gonna break your glasses for this.

April: How did a little skinny thing like you ever learn to wrestle like that?
Jaime: Oh, I had this coach, his name was Rudy Wells, he kind of put my style together.

Oscar: Now wait a minute... "Joltin' Jesse" Sommers?
Jaime: Yup, don't you love it? Hey Oscar, they think I'm a regular Joe Frazier.
Oscar: Joe's a boxer, Jaime.
Jaime: Oh. well, whatever.

April: Aw, nuts, I forgot. "Mad" Mary lost the keys last week.
Jaime: Maybe that's what made her "mad".
April: Well, that and breathing.

Jaime: Are you sure Pocahontas started like this?
April: (laughing) You look great!
Jaime: I feel ridiculous!

Oscar: It's amazing, doctor, that a unit this small can be the brain to operate an entire surveillance satellite.
Dr. Brandes: Yes it is. It would have taken years longer to perfect it in my countries' laboratories.
Oscar: That's part of the reason why you defected, isn't it?
Brandes: It certainly was not for your vodka. There's not even a fireplace around to throw the glass into!

Jaime: (as 'Savage Sommers')I'm telling you, Jimmy, Battling Betty, she's gonna get the axe tonight. She really is gonna get the axe tonight. And if you're out there watching, sweetheart, I got a rhyme for you: If you show up tonight, you can trust that you're gonna eat my dust when I break you in half everybody's gonna laugh and say bashful Battling Betty's a bust!

Jaime: (locked in cage hanging high above the ring) Oh! I never thought I'd get to the top of the business this quick!

Oscar: But I've never been to a massage place, Jaime.  I mean—
Jaime: Well it'll be a whole new experience for you.  You're gonna love it.  Trust me.
Ocsar: Well you know what happens in Washington.  I mean you gotta be careful.



  • Jaime states her attitude toward violence and her reluctance to hurt people, intentionally or otherwise, with her bionics. This echoes Steve Austin's attitude as expressed in the Six Million Dollar Man pilot, when he tells Oliver Spencer that he doesn't want to kill people (something he would ultimately end up doing on a few occasions).
  • This episode is one of several (such as "Bionic Beauty") in which Jaime allows herself to be shown on television while undercover, despite the fact that she's a nationally known and recognized tennis player.
  • Jaime initially refuses the assignment from Oscar, though he quickly convinces her to take it.
  • Jaime asks Oscar if he'd consider "putting Steve in a dress," suggesting that Oscar reassign this misison to Steve Austin. Beyond the humorous intent of the line, it may also reflect the producers' confidence that The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman share an audience for whom further identification is unneeded.

Pop Culture[]

  • After Jaime is declared the winner in the ring, the second camera shot of the crowd shows a mustached man on the left side of the picture wearing a "Viva Knievel" tee shirt. Evel Knievel would later guest-star in the Bionic Woman episode, "Motorcycle Boogie".
  • Jaime displays her lack of knowledge of wrestling — and boxing — by accidentally referring to boxer Joe Frazier as a wrestler. Incidentally, the preceding episode, "The Return of Bigfoot Part II" featured wrestling star Andre the Giant.


  • Gene LeBell's last name is misspelled in the end credits as "LaBell".
  • The actress playing Fabulous Franci Fonzo is not credited.


  • The venue used for the Olympic Sports Auditorium is the Grand Olympic Auditorium, located in Los Angeles, California. The same training facilities and boxing ring were featured in "Look Alike."
  • When Jaime is first shown approaching the auditorium, a street sign seen behind her partially reads "Washington." This is because the location was adjacent to L.A.'s Washington Boulevard. The shot may have been set up this way to reinforce that it's in D.C.

Real World[]

  • The wrestling arena is called the Olympic Sports Auditorium, even though Washington, D.C. has never hosted the Olympic games. It was so named because the real-life arena used for filming is named the Grand Olympic Auditorium, which is located in Los Angeles, which did host the Olympics in 1932 (and would again in 1984). There was at one point a baseball team in Washington called the Olympics and their stadium was named for them, but this was an outdoor venue.
  • The marquee outside the Olympic Sports Auditorium reads "Wrest Fri Guererro vs Fargo." "Guererro" may refer to wrestler Gory Guerrero, who wrestled from the age of sixteen through the 1980s.[1]. "Fargo" may refer to wrestler Don Fargo, who wrestled from the early-1950s through the early 1980s.[2]



Oscar's new Office

  • Oscar gets a major remodel on his office in this episode. His new desk now includes a television and a built-in phone, as well as a large Map covering one wall.
  • Peggy Callahan is mentioned for the first time since Season 3 of The Six Million Dollar Man. Evidently Oscar no longer subscribes to the 30-day limit on his secretaries.
  • Oscar invokes Code Snow White.


  • When escaping from the cage suspended over the ring, Jaime doesn't jump all the way down but instead does so in stages, landing first on a small platform and then taking a second jump. This may indicate a limitation in bionic ability which foreshadows her disastrous high jump in "Kill Oscar."



  • When Jaime and April open the costume trunk, the suit of armor, etc. that can be seen is arranged differently when seen in the closeup of the contents.
  • The Sony logo on the mini TV in Oscar's desk is blacked out in one shot but then revealed in another.
  • The arena exterior and marquee shown in the night shots in the second half of the episode do not match the exterior and marquee seen earlier (such as when Jaime arrives and later during the press conference).


  • Jaime uses her bionic ear to listen in on Milt and Mary's conversation before her "audition," even though Jaime is shown standing only a few feet away from them.
  • At the end of her first wrestle with Mary, Jaime clamps her hand over Mary's mouth using bionic strength. While this may seem excessive it stands to reason that Jaime would not be able to restrain Mary in this manner without bionics. Still, it may appear to contradict her feelings expressed to Oscar about hurting anyone.
  • When Battling Betty hits her head against a turnstile, the sound effect is of metal clanging.