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Irina Leonova
Played by Jane Merrow
Occupation Scientist
Family Vasily Zhukov, fiancé
SMDM Doomsday, and Counting
Death Probe
Death Probe (Part II)

Irina Leonova (Russian: Ирина Леонова, Irina Leonova) is a Soviet officer and scientist. She was engaged to marry Cosmonaut Vasily Zhukov who died in the crisis following an earthquake at Kamkov Island. Prior to Vasily's death she met his friend, American Astronaut Steve Austin.

Two years later, the Soviet Venus Probe, her own design, accidentally crashes in northern Wyoming, and she arrives in the US undercover to locate the probe before the Americans do. Accompanying her is KGB agent Major Popov. While searching for the Probe, she meets Steve again and they renew their friendship — and more.