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“Iron Ships and
Dead Men”

S2 E21

Production 45442
Original Airdate: 30 March 1977
ISaDM - new job
Produced by
Kenneth Johnson
Written by
James D. Parriott
Directed by
Mel Damski
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
Ed Walsh as Dean Zanetos
Theodore Wilson as Warner Williams
Ray Young as Bob Richards
Special Guest Star(s)
Stephen Elliott as Duke
Peter Lempert as Sam Goldman
Mikhail Kulik as Young Duke
Broadcast Order
Season 2
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"The Night Demon" "Once a Thief"

Jaime boards an old World War II destroyer as a member of the salvage crew to investigate the discovery of dog-tags bearing the name of Oscar's long-lost brother, Sam.



Oscar: Jaime, I... I don't know how to ask this...

Jaime: Oscar... you don't have to ask me. I would love to help you. Listen, I have my frustrations too, y'know. I mean... I have all these incredible abilities, my bionics, and I never get to use them for anything except the OSI or cleaning the house. And just once, it would make me feel very good if I could help a friend or something like that. Please let me help you.

Oscar: Thanks, babe.

Jaime: (smiles) Okay, what can we do? Can you get me a job maybe as a salvage worker or something?

Oscar: Well I... eh.... I, eh, already have.

Zanetos: Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute, you're not Hymie Sommers?

Jaime: It's Jaime.

Zanetos: Oh, come on! What is is with those front office fools? I mean, I expect a big strong Mexican fella, somebody who can pull his own weight. What do they send me? A girl with a funny name.

Bob: Nobody tells me much around here. Duke'd probably know.

Jaime: Duke?

Bob: Duke. You mean you don't know Duke? (Jaime shakes her head) He runs Duke's. That's where all the guys go after work. You know, he hears 'em talk and stuff.

Jaime: Yeah? (picks up Myrtle the cat) You eh, you gonna go there tonight?

Bob: I don't know. Do you?

Jaime: I don't know. I was kinda hoping maybe somebody'd ask me.

Bob: You eh, you wouldn't wanna go with me, huh?

(Jaime nods)

Jaime: (screams and jumps out of her hiding place) Hi, guys. Guess... guess who just found a skeleton in your closet?

Duke: You know lady, you're pretty smart and then again you're pretty dumb.

Bob: I guess all this time you was just trying to find his brother, huh?

Jaime: Yes, but the reason I came here doesn't change the fact that we became friends, you know. Okay?

Bob: (smiles) Steel was always too heavy for you anyway. You're too skinny.


  • A line was added in the original UK airing in 1977, this was after Jaime questioning who 'Myrtle' is. It cuts to the next scene with a smiling Jaime saying "Myrtle is a cat". [citation needed]
  • Oscar mentions he was 9 years old during the Attack on Pearl Harbor, at the time of this episode that would mean Oscar is 45 years old.


  • When the skeleton is revealed at the beginning, it is fully intact when, after 36 years, it should have been in pieces.
  • During the funeral scene at the end, the ship is supposed to be out at sea, but you can see a shallow water buoy floating nearby during a couple of shots, as well as the reflections of buildings in the water. Also, all the shots of the funeral not involving Oscar, Jaime or Bob are stock footage.