“Jaime's Shield (Part II)”

S2 E11

Production 45424
Original Airdate: 22 December 1976
JSp2 - motorcycle
Produced by
Kenneth Johnson
Written by
James D. Parriott
Directed by
Barry Crane
Guest Cast
Guest Star(s)
George Maharis as Bob Welton
Diane Civita as Arleen Smith/Arleen Hart
Rebecca Balding as Parker
William Bryant as Captain Jetton
Archie Johnson as Sam Hart
Linden Chiles as Herb Partnow
Michael Santiago as Baxter
Amapola Del Vando as Premier Rinja Gabrin
Amy Joyce as Rosignano
Larry Frank Ellis as Dispatcher
Norma Ransom as Old Lady
Broadcast Order
Season 2
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"Jaime's Shield" "Biofeedback"
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Jaime's Shield

After graduating from the police academy, Jaime discovers that foreign agents are plotting to kidnap a visiting diplomat by impersonating the police force.




Oscar: I hate to tell you to be careful...
Jaime: But you will.
Oscar: Be careful. There's only one thing more dangerous than being an undercover agent.
Jaime: Being a schoolteacher.
Oscar: Being a cop.

(Jaime, Arleen, and Rosignano are greeted by whistles and catcalls their first day on the job)
Captain Jetton: Alright, alright, settle down or I'll call your wives! These ladies are trained police officers and are to be treated as such - got that, you goons?

Welton: Are you police persons gonna stand around and gab all day long or are you gonna go to work?

(After bending the blade of the knife in the Industry Street Mugger's hand)
Jaime: Now drop the knife, or I'll do the same thing to your fingers.

Oscar: (on phone in office) If you need me, call my secretary and leave a message, huh
Jaime: (on phone in police station) Thanks a lot, Snow White. Goodbye. (laughs)
Oscar: Goodbye, Dopey.

Oscar: Parker... the one we least expected.
Parker: Who else, Mr. Goldman?

Commissioner Hart: You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves to let this happen.
Arleen: Isn't that a little like the pot calling the kettle black, commissioner?




  • When Jaime and Welton are first seen in the patrol car together, there is a panning shot of the Sylvan Street street sign, then of a patrol car on the road, presumably Jaime and Welton. The patrol car is in the right lane. They are then shown at a stop light, and the car is in the left lane. The same panning shot is reused later, on the next day, just before Jaime and Welton respond to assist One Charlie Ten.
  • An exterior shot of the 5th Precinct Station shows the front door to be intact, shortly after Welton crashes the motorcycle through the door.
  • As Jaime Sommers is capturing the "Industry Street Mugger", she bends the blade of the knife and threatens to do the same to the guy's fingers. Sergeant Welton is amazed at the condition of the knife, so Jaime bends it around like a pretzel bionically to prove that it was a cheap piece of tin. The big problem with that is that, even thirty years ago, you needed evidence to convict a criminal, so there's no way she would've gotten away with manhandling said evidence, let alone throwing it away.
  • When Weldon exits the precinct and hops on a motorcycle to rescue Jaime, there is an unexplained loud thunderclap or gunshot sound heard.


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