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Jean Manners
Played by Barbara Anderson
Occupation Nurse, bionics team member
SMDM The Six Million Dollar Man

Nurse Jean Manners is a character who appears in the original Six Million Dollar Man pilot telemovie. Portrayed by Barbara Anderson (who at the time the film was produced was a regular on Mission: Impossible), Manners is a nurse working alongside Dr. Rudy Wells. Her exact position is unclear; although she is initially depicted as a regular nurse who is assigned to Steve Austin's room in the days immediately after his accident -- and before discussion regarding bionics surgery -- she is later depicted as a member of Wells' bionics team and is present for much of Austin's recuperation.

As time goes on, Manners allows herself to step beyond the nurse-patient relationship and falls in love with Austin, feelings he initially returns. Prior to Austin receiving his first OSO mission, however, he requests Manners be reassigned to another patient, as he fears becoming too close to her. She confronts him with this afterwards (having overheard the conversation) and declares her love for Austin. After the successful completion of his first mission, Austin is reunited with Manners. However, she is absent from the next film, Wine, Women and War and never appeared again in the series.


  • While Nurse Manners appeared only in the first telefilm, another character, Carla Peterson is introduced later in the series in such a way as to indicate that she was present for the events in the first telefilm, filling the role of Nurse as Manners did. This creates some confusion, as the character is both named differently and is portrayed by another actress, Maggie Sullivan, yet her past background with Steve is essentially that of Manners. It could be speculated that, for reasons unknown, Manners changed her name.


  • Although the pilot film predated the introduction of the Level 6 security clearance, it is presumed that Manners would qualify for such security clearance given her close knowledge of Austin's bionics.