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John "Paco" Little Bear
John littlebear
Played by Guillermo San Juan
Occupation Student, Ventura Air Force Base School
Family Elora Mitchell, aunt
BW Canyon of Death

John "Paco" Little Bear was a Native American student in Jaime Sommers’ classroom at the Ventura Air Force Base School.

He took great pride in that heritage, and built a “burial pier” on the Indian Burial Grounds for his Grandfather. Each week Little Bear goes to the Burial Grounds to honor his Grandfather.

When Little Bear joins his new class late in the day, the teacher and other students quickly learn that he tells many lies, including the reason for him being late due to a “ghost bear” that spooked his horse, Tanima.

Suspicious of the stories being told, Jaime meets with Elora Mitchell, Little Bear’s Aunt. She tells Jaime that his claims of living on a reservation are false. Jaime also finds that Little Bear’s Grandfather is buried in the county cemetery, not the in the Burial Grounds. Mrs. Mitchell shows Jaime a book entitled “The Real West” by Marcus Carter. The Aunt tells Jaime this is where Little Bear gets all of his information on his culture, the book is his bible.

Jaime makes Little Bear a deal, if she can track and find him, then he would stay in school and stop lying. Little Bear leads Jaime into the desert, where they stumble upon a plot to steal the OSI’s top secret Flying Suit. When Little Bear witnesses Jaime using her bionics to protect them from falling rocks, he believes her to be a spirit. Both are able to escape death and interrupt plans to steal the suit. Little Bear realizes that his stories do not make him a “good Indian”, and that he needs to learn his true culture. However, he still believes his teacher to be a spirit.