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John Hopper
SMDM 107 Eyewitness Hopper twins
Played by Gary Lockwood
Occupation accomplice
Family Hopper, twin brother
SMDM Eyewitness to Murder
Steve Austin, Fugitive

John Hopper is the identical twin brother of professional assassin, Hopper. The only thing that distinguishes them is the mole on John's left cheek.

"Eyewitness to Murder"[]

When Steve Austin nabs Hopper after eyewitnessing him shoot and kill a young associate of renowned state prosecutor, Lorin Sandusky, everyone is shocked when the assassin produces an airtight alibi — he was being interviewed on a live TV talk show at the time of the murder. What nobody knows is that it's actually John Hopper on the show. And so the assassin brother is set free. Later, Steve figures it out and nabs both brothers.

"Steve Austin, Fugitive"[]

The name "John" is retconned to apply to the assassin brother, who has died in prison. The other Hopper brother is retconned to have escaped at the end of "Eyewitness to Murder" and now he's out for revenge against Steve Austin. His ploy is to frame Steve for murder — which proves effective — even as Steve recieves help from Oscar Goldman's newest secretary, Callahan.