Character played by: Malachi Throne
Joseph Wrona
Job/Career or Title Crime Boss, Counterfeiter
SMDM  The Bionic Woman
The Bionic Woman (Part II)
BW  none
Reunion  none

Joseph Wrona is known as "The Onassis of Organized Crime", but is also a philanthropist who holds a charity tennis tournament at his estate in Hungary.

The OSI becomes interested in Wrona when he arranges to take possession of a plate stolen from the Denver Mint. His plans are interrupted when Steve Austin recovers the plate. Wrona vows that even if it takes the rest of his life, he will find the agent and kill him.

After seven months of searching, Wrona happens upon the announced engagement of Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers in the newspaper, and promises a special wedding present. With the charity tennis tournament as a cover, Wrona acts the part of a gracious host to the engaged couple. However, Wrona never does anything half way, and when Steve is separated from Jaime (unknown to him it's because she's in his study stealing a second plate), Wrona takes his opportunity to take revenge. An unexpected malfunction in Jaime's bionics causes the distraction Steve needs and he breaks away from Wrona and escapes with Jaime.

Accompanied by his aide, Timberlake, Wrona pursued the bionic couple into the wilderness. Wrona and Timberlake split up to take different sniper positions. Wrona ends up taking a position in Timberlake's line of fire, and as a result is accidentally shot in the back and presumably killed.

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