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Played by Janice Whitby
Occupation Fembot
SMDM Kill Oscar (Part II)
BW Kill Oscar
Kill Oscar (Part III)
Fembots in Las Vegas (Flashback footage)

Programmable, obedient, and as beautiful or as deadly as he chose to make her, Katy was a fembot created by Dr. Franklin. Designated as Fembot #1, she served as both Franklin's assistant and operative going out on important missions for him. It is speculated that Katy had more sophisticated artificial intelligence than the other fembots as it appears she even developed her own personality. Unlike the other fembots, Dr. Franklin is seen confiding in Katy telling her his opinion on Baron Constantine or his plans to raid Rudy Well's files after taking over the OSI. Katy also questioned Dr. Franklin's orders and cautioned him about using the Weather Control Device to unleash a hurricane on Saint Emil Island. She was really quite remarkable.

During the violent electrical storm on Saint Emil Island, Katy was destroyed by a lightning bolt while crossing a dam in pursuit of Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers; she was the last surviving Fembot. Franklin reacted to her "death" with genuine sadness, emphasizing the likelihood that she was a more advanced Fembot than the others.

Dynamite Entertainment Comics[]

A story arc launched in The Bionic Woman in early 2013 introduces a new version of the fembots, and features a version of Katy as a main antagonist. Unlike Kill Oscar which depicted Katy as a unique model, the comic arc indicates there are numerous fembots using her likeness, one of whom becomes an ally of Jaime's temporarily. Commonality with the TV version of Katy includes the fact the Katy who befriends Jaime has a distinct personality compared to the other models.