Kenneth Johnson is an American television producer, director and writer who served in all three capacities for the Bionic franchise in the 1970s. His most significant contribution (beyond serving as producer) was as the creator of the character of Jaime Sommers, which led not only to the Bionic Woman spin-off series, but some 30 years later Johnson's character would be revived for a reimagined series by NBC (although Johnson would not receive screen credit for the new version).

The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman were the first of numerous sci-fi and fantasy-related series that would bear the Johnson stamp over the years. His other produced works include: Cliffhangers!, The Incredible Hulk (which he developed for TV), V (original mini-series only), and Alien Nation. He also directed numerous episodes of the military drama, JAG.

Most recently, Johnson has been working on reviving his original concept for V, a miniseries he conceived in the early 1980s about an alien invasion of earth. Johnson was involved in the initial two mini-series but not the subsequent weekly series. In February 2008, a novel written by Johnson entitled V: The Second Generation was published and there were reports that Johnson was attempting to sell the rights for a possible movie or TV adaptation. In 2009, a reimagining of V debuted on NBC; unlike the original weekly series, it managed to be renewed for a second season, scheduled to begin in late 2010.


  • Kenneth Johnson graduated from the Department of Drama at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. This is the same CarnegieTech in which Jaime Sommers earned her degree in education. [1]
  • Prefers to be called "Kenny"
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