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Lew Palter

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Lew Palter as 1st class passenger Straus in "The Titanic", the co-founder of Macy's dept. store

Appeared as Cab Driver[]

The Six Million Dollar Man

Guest Starred as Announcer[]

The Bionic Woman


Among actor and acting teacher Lew Palter’s films are Titanic and First Monday in October. His TV guest appearances include an episode of Gunsmoke (1968, with Mills Watson), The Brady Bunch (1974, with Christopher Knight and Don Fenwick), Charlie's Angels (1977), and The Incredible Hulk (1980, with Jack Colvin and Stack Pierce). Lew Palter holds a PhD in Theatre and has been a well respected acting instructor for decades. He currently teaches at the California Institute of the Arts.


  • In Titanic (1997), Palter portrays 1st class passenger Isador Straus, the co-founder of Macy's Department Store.
  • Palter can be seen sitting at the captain's table during the diner scene. He can also be seen lying in bed with his wife, Ida, as water swirls around them and they meet their fate together. Another scene with the Strauses was cut from the film, the scene showed Mrs. Straus (Elsa Raven) refusing to board a lifeboat, as she did not want to leave Isador.

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