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Madam Marka
The Ghostly Teletype - Madame Marka for character information box
Played by Jodean Lawrence
SMDM The Ghostly Teletype

Madame Marka is a mysterious lady fortune-teller. She claims to have been performing in the Funambules Theatre for decades.

In "The Ghostly Teletype", while Steve Austin is doing research on extending the human life span, a formula he is reading mysteriously disappears from the page. He is accused of stealing the formula, and threated with arrest for espionage.

Steve encounters Madame Marka. He does not believe in paranormal phenomena. However, as he has little lead to follow on to establish his innocence, he plays a wild card by consulting Marka. Marka gives him some clues which do help Steve in his mission to prove himself.

Steve would like to thank Marka. However, Marka is not to be found in or about the Funambules Theatre. Oscar Goldman enquires the manager of the theater who has been workin there for 37 years. He has no recollection of a Madame Marka having performed in the theater. His words are reliable as he has be handling all bookings for musical acts in the theater for the past 15 years.

The case is finished, but the paranormal phenomenon of appearance and disappearance of Marka defies explanation.