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Margaret Winslow
Dead Ringer - Parapsychologist Dr. Margaret Winslow
Played by Linda Dano
SMDM Dead Ringer

Dr. Margaret Winslow is an eminent parapsychologist practising in Washington DC. Dr. Rudy Wells gets to know her in scientific meetings.

In "Dead Ringer", Steve Austin repeatedly sees a glowing double of himself. Upon futile efforts to provide a scientific explanation, Rudy refers Steve to consult Winslow.

Winslow notes the history of Steve sustaining an accident while piloting the lifting body. She postulates that Steve might have had a period of clinical death before successful revival. She calls Rudy, who confirms that Steve has indeed been clinically dead for 52 seconds after the accident. Details of the subsequent bionic surgery, however, are not disclosed to her.

Winslow believes that the body spirit can leave the body upon clinical death, only to return later signaling that death is near. She quotes two cases – a Miss Evelyn Thomas and a Mr. Willie Jones. Both has been clinically dead for a certain period of time, and found dead months later in apparently good health.

Steve subsequently explores her hypothesis, as well as other possible reasons, with the help of Winslow.