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Dr. Martin Davis
SMDM NightmareSky13.2
Played by Donald Moffat
Occupation scientist, criminal
SMDM Nightmare in the Sky

Dr. Martin Davis is a scientist who used laser technology in an attempt to steal the $15,000,000 XJ-7 aircraft. 

Davis had gone missing months before the attempted theft.  Presumably he had faked his disappearance.  Davis bribed Larry Stover to assist him in acquiring the XJ-7.  Using the code name "Blue Fox," Davis was a secret partner of aircraft builder Larry Stover, who went by the code name "Red Max."

Davis and his crew used a holographic projector to project an image of a pursuing plane, a Mitsubishi Zero, to corral the XJ-7 to a designated location.  Once in position, a second device known as the Ignition Breaker was used to cause engine failure.  Once the XJ-7 was forced to land, Davis and his crew captured it from the pilot.


Nothing is known of Martin Davis' background prior to disappearance. Davis was presumed dead at the time of the incident involving the attempted theft of the XJ-7. Months earlier, his plane had crashed in the desert where he had set up his base of operations. 

Davis has the resources and skill to use advanced laser technology and hire a crew to assist him in the theft of the XJ-7. It is unknown if Dr. Davis is the inventor of the Holographic Projector and Ignition Breaker, or if he is using technology created and developed by others.  According to Larry Stover, Dr. Davis coined the term "Ignition Breaker." 

After capturing Steve Austin, Davis make a curious statement when greeting him.  He says, "It's been a long time, Col. Austin."  Steve Austin does not acknowledge any history between Davis and himself.  The meaning of this comment is unclear.  It is possible that Davis worked with Steve in conjunction with Steve's military or OSI assignments. When Major Kelly Woods mentioned Martin Davis' name and description to Steve Austin this prompted him to contact Oscar Goldman for verification of Davis' disappearance. Presumably, the OSI had information about Davis and his plane crash.  It is also possible that Dr. Davis simply recognizes Col. Austin as one of the astronauts who walked on the moon.


Dr. Martin Davis is proficient in the use of laser technology in at least two applications.  The first is a Holographic Projector that can project a three-dimensional image via converging laser beams.  The second is a device that Davis calls the "Ignition Breaker," which can cause engine failure in vehicles and aircraft and also disable some radio transmissions.