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Mel Bristol
Bristo guards
Played by Terry Carter
Occupation OSI Agent
SMDM The Solid Gold Kidnapping

Mel Bristol, played by Terry Carter, is an OSI agent working for Oscar Goldman in the third and final Six Million Dollar Man pilot telefilm, The Solid Gold Kidnapping. Bristol first appears as one of the agents responsible for guarding diplomat William Henry Cameron at a Paris hosptial, but he is knocked out and Cameron is kidnapped. Later, Bristol works closely with Goldman as they prepare a gold shipment for a possible ransom payoff. Bristol spends much of the telefilm travelling with the gold, occasionally checking in with Goldman and using OSI influence to sneak the 66-crate shipment (labelled "ball bearings") past customs officials. Despite his efforts, however, a switch occurs during the shipment and the gold is lost to the enemy until Steve Austin is later able to track down the cargo ship carrying the gold.

Bristol's role in the OSI appears to be fairly high-ranking (despite his apparent incompetence), but other than this one appearance he never appeared in the regular series. Bristol is one of several characters in the telefilms given "try outs" as potential ongoing supporting cast in the series proper. Others (also similarly discarded) were Jean Manners, Harry Donner and Cynthia Holland.


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