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Mgunda was a fictional so-called "new African nation", located between Nairobi, Kenya and the fictional nation of Katara. It was having regular border clashes with Katara.

Katara and Mgunda copy

Map of Katara and Mgunda (Speculative)

The country once provided air support to a secret US mission involving Steve Austin. After landing in Nairobi, he was taken to the Kenya-Mgunda border. From there, he flew to a location inside Mgunda. The Mgundan military then air-lifted Steve across the Mgundan-Kataran frontier, after which he parachuted into Katara. (Little Orphan Airplane)

Known Mgundans[]

  • Captain Braco - Mgunda Air Force
    Capt Braco

    Captain Braco. Note the flag of Mgunda in the background.


  • Mgunda's military assistance to the US is curious in light of a treaty between the major powers which foreswore the major powers from getting involved in squabbles between "new African nations".
    Mgunda Airstrip

    Mgunda airstrip. Note the flag of Mgunda on the jeep and in the background.

    It may suggest that either Mgunda is not so "new", or that the US was playing situationally loose with the treaty.
  • The nation may be an analogue for Tanzania, the real-life nation across Kenya's southern frontier. Like Katara, Mgunda is a relatively rare example of a wholly fictional country on The Six Million Dollar Man.


  • In the subtitles of the DVD for this episode, Mgunda is spelled with a "y" as Mygunda.