Mike Jahn, also credited as Michael Jahn (usually in non-American editions), is the author of several novelizations adapted from episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man.

Jahn's books are notable for attempting to combine the television series continuity with that of Martin Caidin and his original Cyborg series of novels. As a result, Jahn bases his description of Steve Austin on that established by Caidin: Austin's left arm (not his right as on TV) is bionic and includes a deadly CO2-powered poison dart gun, his legs include a storage compartment for equipment and a radio transmitter, one of his ribs is an antenna, and his skull hs been replaced by a super-hard alloy. This results in several cases in the novelizations deviating noticeably from the televised versions.

Each of Jahn's novelizations included a standalone chapter that served to recap the events surrounding Austin's crash and bionic rebuilding (which incorporated the aforementioned aspects from Caidin's version). Some of this content was later borrowed by Eileen Lottman for her The Bionic Woman novelization, Extracurricular Activities, even though it copied some of Jahn's Austin-specific information.

Jahn wrote the following Six Million Dollar Man books:

Aside from Caidin himself, Jahn is the most prolific writer of Six Million Dollar Man fiction.

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