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Mike Power
Occupation Scientist, Soldier, Spy, GI Joe Member
SMDM G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero vs. The Six Million Dollar Man

Toy History[]

Mike Power Atomic Man is a 1975 action figure produced by Hasbro as part of its Adventure Team line of 12-inch figures. In an attempt to capitalize on The Six Million Dollar Man, Atomic Man was strikingly similar; he was an atomic-powered cyborg with a bionic-style right arm that rotated (powering a mini-helicopter), an atomic right eye which reflected light via a lens on the top of the doll's head (tapping a finger over the lens gave the illusion that his eye was blinking), and an atomic-powered left leg. A brief comic strip was published as an advertisement for the toy. In the storyline, which details Power trying out for a place on the Adventure Team, it is established that he can lift 10,000 pounds, run 200 mph, and see through six feet of solid steel. To increase interactivity for children, the UK version of the figure also came with an “Atomic Pacemaker” that children could pump to power him up. The UK version was also taller, came with the life-like hair, and had a black jumpsuit similar to Steve’s red suit.

Comic History[]

Despite being toy rivals in the 70’s, many decades later, the pair would eventually meet in the comic G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero vs. The Six Million Dollar Man. When Steve Austin was kidnapped and brainwashed by Cobra, Oscar and the Joes were forced to turn to the only man who stood a chance in stopping him… Mike Power. Mike was retired but agreed to help, to save both his fellow Joes but also the countless innocent civilians in danger. Although he admitted to being a huge fan of Steve’s, he didn’t hold back and gave the bionic man a solid and even fight. Eventually Mike was able to remove the brainwashing devices on Steve. Once the mission was over, and the world saved, the two cyborgs made amends and went to grab drinks together.


Born severely disabled, Mike spent years developing new Atomic Powered limbs for himself, to not only allow him to function as normal, but to turn him into a superhuman. The original comic displayed his atomic feats were much greater than the bionics displayed in the series. However, unlike the bionic men and women, his atomic parts were completely visible and see through. His heart implant was also protrusive and visible.

  • Arm: The original GI Joe comic he came with states he can lift over 10000 pounds. In the crossover comic he is more comparable to the Tv series bionics and was able to give Steve Austin an even fight. He was able catch a bionic punch and counteract Steve, sending him flying backwards.
    • Flight: His atomic hand was able to spin superhumanly fast, and using a bladed device in his arm, he was able to fly like a helicopter.
  • Legs: Originally he was said to have only one atomic leg, but given how this was completely impossible for his enhanced leg and human leg to keep up with each other, the toys and comics were eventually updated to give him two legs. It was stated his atomic legs could run up to 200mph well above, his bionic counterparts. They also have super strength, as he was able to deliver superhuman attacks to Steve Austin with them.
  • Eye: In his original appearance it was stated he had “X-Ray vision” and could see through “6 feet of solid steel”. It also acted as a signaling device for his teammates.
  • Pacemaker: With an Atomic powered heart, Mike has limitless endurance and stamina. He also has a high tolerance to fatigue and alcohol.