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Viewer and cartridges

In 1975, Kenner added the Six Million Dollar Man Movie Viewer to it's growing line of toys for the franchise. It played film cartridges which would snap into the movie viewer. When looking through the viewfinder, one would turn the crank on the side to see the film forwards, or backwards.

The viewer itself was blue, while the film cartridges themselves were red. The viewer came with one cartridge .... " The Bionic Man in Action", and many more became available, sold seperately, in the next two years.

In 1976, Kenner added a Bionic Woman Viewer.

Cartridges Available[]

The Six Million Dollar Man[]

  • The Bionic Man in Action
  • Colonel Steve Austin Adventures
  • The Crash… and the creation of the Bionic Man
  • Bionic Feats

The Bionic Woman[]