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Mrs. McKay
Played by Dorothy Green
Occupation OSO Senior Official
SMDM The Six Million Dollar Man (Pilot)

McKay turns the floor over to Oliver

Mrs. McKay is a senior member of the OSO, seen repeatedly during the original telefilm, The Six Million Dollar Man (Pilot). Her exact position is unknown, nor is it known whether she is senior, junior or equal to Oliver Spencer. Her position at the head of the table during Spencer's initial briefing on his Cyborg program seems to indicate seniority.

Novel vs Telefilm[]

It is not unreasonable to conclude that Mrs. McKay is intended to be Jackson McKay, from Caidin's novel, Cyborg, but this is never clearly established.

Syndicated Version[]

In the syndicated edit of the original telefilm, The Moon and the Desert, McKay gains an additional line where she contradicts Spencer, insisting on "R&R" as opposed to Austin being "ready for us now." In the original edit, the R&R suggestion seems to be in support of Spencer. As it plays in The Moon and the Desert, Spencer appears to have been overruled by McKay, sending Austin and Manners on the picnic rather than getting Austin to work.